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2021 Design Trends

We can all agree that 2020 was a pivotal eye opener in the way we live and use our homes. Predicted trends changed and we adapted to becoming homebodies with the mindset of comfort, tranquillity and Zen. With 2021 well and truly rolling we have put together some current design trends that are thriving. 

Organic Lines –

Curves, bends and bows are currently dominating interiors through furniture, art and décor. We are choosing to incorporate soft edges and organic shapes into our homes to highlight comfort and ease. With notions to the Art Deco period and the 60s we are adopting these styles and revamping them in a contemporary way.

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Soft Textures –

Soft materials such as faux fur, velvet, mohair and boucle are being included in homes to create a cosy and relaxing environment. The addition of these textures can easily be done with cushions, scatter throws and blankets. Textured occasional chairs are a great option to add a focal point in a room.

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Earth Tones –

Warm earthy tones are a neutral choice that emulate nature and the environment. Colours such as beiges, sands, nudes and terra cottas are all prominent choices which can promote tranquillity and bring nature indoors.

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Natural Materials –

Natural materials and nature are continuing to make it into our homes. With most of us being deprived of the outdoors during the Covid-19 lockdown, many of us chose to surround ourselves with nature. Seen through the huge craze of plants and greenery in 2020 which is continuing in 2021. Additionally, rattan, clay, stone, glass and cork are all materials on the rise.

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In conclusion people are becoming more mindful with their homes and creating spaces that evoke calm and relaxation. What’re your thoughts on these interior design trends?