Be Inspired: Global Fusion

In recent years the global chic look has grown in popularity largely due to the internet. With a simple click of our mouse we can purchase furniture, accessories and art from around the world. Designs from Morocco, India, China, Italy and Sweden are at our fingertips, but with so much variety you really need to take care with putting this well-travelled look together. In this article Bernie reveals how to master global fusion.

To get this style right the key is not to swamp your home with too many accessories. The global fusion trend is more restrained than the eclectic bohemian look. There is an art to mixing Moroccan lanterns with African bowls and pieces of traditional Asian-inspired furniture, and when it’s done correctly the results are spectacular.

Global Fusion Tips

  1. For a fresh, contemporary twist, keep the colour palette quite neutral especially if your worldly goods are bright and colourful. Steer away from the jewel tones you find in bohemian rooms. After all you want your furnishings to take centre stage.
  2. Ideally some of the pieces you incorporate should tell a story about your life, so keep an eye out for special artefacts on your travels and the work of local artisans. Don’t worry you can always fake this look too!
  3. When it comes to flooring Bernie recommends using natural materials such as wood, brick, tile or even renewable bamboo. If you happen to have carpet, throw down a hand woven rug. There are many striking Middle Eastern and Afghani designs to choose from, as well as plush Chinese, Indian and Pakistani rugs. To keep the look contemporary opt for a rug made from natural materials like sea grass or bamboo.
  4. Have some fun with your textiles – you’ve got a vast array to choose from, such as Geometric African mud cloth to divine Chinese silks in a rainbow of colours. You can incorporate a variety of textiles in every room of your house. For instance in a dining room place a table-runner made from bright Japanese kimono fabric.
  5. The global fusion look also gives you the freedom to get creative with your accessories. Japanese fans look wonderful on walls, as do Tibetan tapestries and framed ethnic jewellery. When placing your ornaments on sideboards or coffee tables group them together by colour, shape or material for high drama.
  6. Also add pizzazz to your next dinner party by serving your dishes on a mix of exotic ethnic crockery. Woven African baskets also make great storage units – throw in the kids’ toys or a stack of magazines to keep your lounge room clutter-free.
  7. Finally when you’re selecting furniture Bernie recommends mixing contemporary furniture that has clean lines with a few special accent pieces such as a traditional ornate Chinese cabinet.

Bernie believes that her clients’ homes should express their soul. The space should be infused with tales of their travels and reflect a life well-lived. The key is to make a home truly biographical by pulling from the homeowner’s rich life experience.

Ferrari Interiors are experts at designing spaces that incorporate their clients’ prize possessions regardless of stylistic considerations. It is the love for a favourite piece that lends a touch of personality. Taking existing possessions collected on travels and using them in exciting ways gives them a new lease on life.

For advice on how to create a contemporary global chic look in your home, contact Bernadette Ferrari on 0417 088 602 to arrange a consultation.