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2021 Design Trends

We can all agree that 2020 was a pivotal eye opener in the way we live and use our homes. Predicted trends changed and we adapted to becoming homebodies with the mindset of comfort, tranquillity and Zen. With 2021 well and truly rolling we have put together some current design trends that are thriving. 

Organic Lines –

Curves, bends and bows are currently dominating interiors through furniture, art and décor. We are choosing to incorporate soft edges and organic shapes into our homes to highlight comfort and ease. With notions to the Art Deco period and the 60s we are adopting these styles and revamping them in a contemporary way.

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Soft Textures –

Soft materials such as faux fur, velvet, mohair and boucle are being included in homes to create a cosy and relaxing environment. The addition of these textures can easily be done with cushions, scatter throws and blankets. Textured occasional chairs are a great option to add a focal point in a room.

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Earth Tones –

Warm earthy tones are a neutral choice that emulate nature and the environment. Colours such as beiges, sands, nudes and terra cottas are all prominent choices which can promote tranquillity and bring nature indoors.

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Natural Materials –

Natural materials and nature are continuing to make it into our homes. With most of us being deprived of the outdoors during the Covid-19 lockdown, many of us chose to surround ourselves with nature. Seen through the huge craze of plants and greenery in 2020 which is continuing in 2021. Additionally, rattan, clay, stone, glass and cork are all materials on the rise.

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In conclusion people are becoming more mindful with their homes and creating spaces that evoke calm and relaxation. What’re your thoughts on these interior design trends? 

Inside Arielle Charnas’s New York Apartment

We take a glimpse into social media guru and influential fashion blogger Arielle Charnas New York city apartment. With breathtaking views onto Madison Square Park, the mother of two shows off her traditional yet modern aesthetic.

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The four-bedroom apartment combines high ceilings and generously sized rooms that are open and striking. Favouring neutral colours, beige and greys are seen with energetic pops of colour scattered throughout pairing the combination of neutral and vibrancy.

The bedrooms of daughters Ruby and Esme have a foundation of neutral greys and whites with playful additions of pink leopard-print carpet and glowing pink neon sign.

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The master bedroom entails bold greys, warm creams, blacks and whites. A chrome four-poster bed acts as a centre piece complementing the low-lying pendants above the bedsides.

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Should I hire an Interior Designer?

It’s a question that occasionally comes to mind when overwhelmed by the task of moving into a new home or wanting to refresh your very own living room. It can be daunting to give control to a stranger and invite them into your personal space to tweak and change the walls you reside in. Don’t stress, it’s not as daunting as you may think. 

Interior Designers come with a bundle of perks, tips and tricks which will make your life a whole a lot easier and relieve the stress which may come with such design projects. Interior designers are there to help guide, encourage, teach and assist you to ultimately bringing your vision to life.

Here are 5 perks of hiring an interior designer:

Professional Expertise

With years of knowledge and learning fundamental skills to put together beautiful spaces, designers live and breathe interiors. Discovering new global and local trends, constantly visiting showrooms and finding the latest new products for your home. Interior Designers are equipped with the knowledge to bring your imagination and ideas to life.

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Trade Secrets

A major bonus of hiring an Interior Designer is their contact list and insider network of trades people. Trying to find a reliable contractor or subcontractor for your kitchen renovation? Interior Designers will have a list of trustworthy trades at their fingertips for you to use to save time and ensure quality is at a professional level. Same applies to furniture suppliers, you’ll be the first to get your hands on that sofa you’ve been eyeing off for your living room.

Time Saving

Many of us are time poor, with the support of an Interior Designer the grunt of the project is taken care of. Designers will know how to effectively manage tasks and order them to minimise obstacles that may arise in the design process. Site delays can be avoided by detailed plans prior to the commencement of the project.

Tedious tasks can take time that you could be prioritising elsewhere. Measuring out rooms, researching and sourcing furniture, floor plans, keeping track of deliveries and coordinating installations are all taken care with the help of your Interior Designer.

Styled by Ferrari Interiors
Fresh Perspective

Knowing exactly what you want to do in a space is great, but it can also lead you to dead ends and rabbit holes. Interior Designers can provide creative solutions that you may have never thought of, with a fresh set of eyes and a different perspective, designers can identify the complete potential for a space. Designers will be able to pinpoint the difficult areas of your project and suggest ideas that can maximise your overall vison.


Interior Designers know how to successfully manage a budget, ensuring all aspects of the project are thought through. Unexpected costs may arise that you didn’t know were possible. Chances are an Interior Designer knows exactly what needs to be done to ensure your design project is successful and within budget. Designers will have all the necessary skills and details to map out tasks accordingly and record all your budgeting needs.

With the ability to work within a range of budgets you are not required to have endless amounts of cash to secure an Interior Designer. Small changes in a home can have major impact, whether it’s a fresh coat of paint, new art or additional décor items to update your home, Interior Designers do not require tens of thousands of dollars.

Styled by Ferrari Interiors

Interior Designers are ultimately there to help assist and support your vision and end goal. Providing their expert knowledge, skills and contacts to help you save time, stress and frustration. The benefits of a professional Designer can completely transform your home and the way you think about design.

Glamping in Luxury at Victoria’s Peninsula Hot Springs

Longing for a getaway? A weekend of unwind and bliss? You don’t have to look far to experience complete serenity.

Thermal heated polished-concrete floors, spacious ensuite, king-sized bed and your very own private deck are all inclusions in your ultra-luxe glamping tent. Located at Victoria’s Peninsula Hot Springs you can escape and immerse yourself in one of many geothermal mineral pools.

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Relax, unwind and soak with around the clock bathing to ensure you are not restricted to when you want to dip. With 10 luxurious glamping tents scattered around the property you are a quick walk to and from the many hot springs at your disposal.

Soaking under the stars or treating yourself to one of The Peninsula Hot Springs wellness experiences. Ranging from clay rituals, guided meditations or yoga classes you are not limited to how you prefer to unwind and relax.

Why not take time for yourself, your loved ones or friends and seek out a night of rejuvenation. Glamping packages start at $650 a night for two people.

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