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What’s new in the world of design: August 2017

Continuing our luxury theme for August, we have sought out the best in new luxury products, places and events from around the world. The first is right here in Melbourne, but then we’ll take you to Paris and beyond – enjoy!

1.The House of Dior – National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne

In celebration of the 70th anniversary of Dior, the National Gallery of Victoria is putting on what is sure to be a captivating exhibition: The House of Dior: Seventy Years of Haute Couture.

Exclusive to Melbourne, this exhibition is a collaboration between the NGV and the House of Dior and will see more than 140 garments on display, dating from 1947 to 2017.

The exhibition will explore the story of this famous and leading fashion house through a series of themes, featuring works by the seven designers who have played key roles in shaping Dior’s renowned ‘look’: Christian Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Marc Bohan, Gianfranco Ferré, John Galliano, Raf Simons and Maria Grazia Chiuri.

A highlight is sure to be Christian Dior’s iconic spring 1947 New Look collection and the displays of Dior’s signature ball gowns.

The exhibition opens on 27 August.

EXHI043246 EXHI043247 EXHI043248

Images: NGV

2. Gucci Décor

Gucci has announced it is entering the interiors market, with it’s new line, Gucci Décor, due to be released in September.

All of the pieces feature decorative detailing: a look that has become synonymous with the brand. Expect to see crockery, soft furnishings – including silk and vinyl wallpapers, furniture and even four signature scents for incense and candles, developed by creative director Alessandro Michele.

gucci-decor-collection-211-1200x800 gucci-decor-collection-161-1200x800 gucci-decor-collection-011-1200x800

Images: Gucci

3. Jackalope, Mornington Peninsula

Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, is the lucky owner of a new 46 room boutique hotel. ‘Jackalope‘ opened earlier this year with a dark, bold and sensory-rich aesthetic. The concept hotel brings a unique collaboration with furniture designers Zuster – with the strong, luxe furniture pieces beautifully at home in the space. Architects Carr Design Group and landscapers Taylor Cullity Lethlean were responsible for the design, while Fabio Ongarato Design created the brand identity. A seven-metre-tall ‘Jackalope’ sculpture by Melbourne artist, Emily Floyd, greets guests at the entry to this impressive hotel.

Jackalope-Hotel-in-Mornington-Peninsula-by-Carr-Design-Group-Yellowtrace-08 Jackalope-Hotel-in-Mornington-Peninsula-by-Carr-Design-Group-Yellowtrace-10 Jackalope-Hotel-in-Mornington-Peninsula-by-Carr-Design-Group-Doot-Doot-Doot-Yellowtrace-13

Images: Jackalope

4. Le Roch Hotel & Spa, France

Designed by French interior designer Sarah Lavoine together with architect Vincent Bastie, the new five star Le Roch Hotel and Spa in Paris is a clever and captivating mixture of modern and historic French design. Bold, jewel-toned colours take centre stage in the boutique hotel, with plenty of velvet, patterned carpet and metallic accents. The hotel is very warm and welcoming, with fireplaces, shelves of books and expansive sofas to nestle into. Whether staying the night or booking into the restaurant or spa, Le Roch is a new must-see when in the capital of France.

le-roch-hotel-spa-16-810x540 le-roch-hotel-spa-1-810x540 le-roch-hotel-spa-14-810x540

Images: Design Milk

How to: 5 ways to style a luxurious bedroom

We spend half of our time in our bedrooms, so it’s important that they are a space we enjoy and feel good in. Yet while a lot of fun can be had decorating kids’ rooms, sometimes the adults’ bedrooms can get a little forgotten. Not to worry – we have put together our five best tips to help you bring some love back into your room and create a hub of luxury and class.

1. Layer the bed

A fantastic way to add a sense of sophistication to a bedroom is to carefully layer the bed with complementary throws and cushions in rich fabrics, colours and textures. Plush, velvet cushions are always high end, as is a touch of faux fur across the bed.

2. Add soft lighting

The best way to kill the mood is to have bright lighting, and in bedrooms in particular, soft lighting is a must. If you can, install a dimmer setting onto your main lighting in the room, and regardless, be sure to add a beautiful, statement lamp or two. Mirrored bases look really glamerous, as do metallic versions, so have some fun.

3. Be bold with patterned wallpaper

Another way to introduce an extra level of luxury to the bedroom is the use of wallpaper, and in particular, textured or patterned wallpaper in dark tones. Wallpaper really does add a sense of drama to a room that paint just can’t quite achieve.

4. Opt for darker colours

While we can often be scared of using darker colour tones in the fear that they might make a room feel smaller, that rule goes out of the window when it comes to styling a luxurious bedroom. Dark greys, blacks, coffee and chocolate tones are much more sophisticated and warm compared to whites and pastels. So don’t be afraid of going all out with rich dark colours in your bedroom – after all it is a place to unwind and let the head fall heavy.

5. Choose an upholstered bedhead

Compared to a timber frame, an upholstered bedhead gives another element of depth and layering, and creates an added softness to the bedroom. Try a velvet or linen finish, and add studs for an extra touch of luxe.

Header image: from here.


Celebrity Insider: Brooke Shields’s luxurious New York townhouse

With luxury living being our focus this month, we had to share Brooke Shield’s home. The actress / model / author / producer and now jewellery-designer undoubtably has an eye for style.

When Brooke’s childhood home in the Upper East Side was sold, tens of pieces of furniture full of memories went into storage. Her mother was an obsessive comber of flea markets, filling their home with eclectic pieces from many different eras and influences of design. Brooke was determined to give her two daughters the same urban New York upbringing, rich in layers, cultures and texture that she had experienced.

After much looking, Brooke found a four-storey, 1910 brick townhouse that had undergone a 60s addition. The house needed gutting but Brooke could see her family making it their own.

She called on decorator David Flint Wood and Brooklyn design/build firm MADE to help her bring the old into the new and work out which sentimental pieces in storage would make the cut into the new home. Their job was to salvage as much of the house’s original details as possible and then incorporate the best pieces from the huge storage container of furniture, while sourcing new pieces that would make the home sing.

The result is a mix of furnishings and materials such as colonial, Asian, neoclassical, French Empire, Chinese, Anglo-Indian, Edwardian – which together are eclectic yet very confident and sophisticated.

The team say the home now feels like a place that has been lived in for generations. Take a look…

brooke-shields-new-york-townhouse-1 brooke-shields-new-york-townhouse-3 brooke-shields-new-york-townhouse-4 brooke-shields-new-york-townhouse-5 brooke-shields-new-york-townhouse-6 brooke-shields-new-york-townhouse-7 brooke-shields-new-york-townhouse-8 brooke-shields-new-york-townhouse-9 brooke-shields-new-york-townhouse-10 brooke-shields-new-york-townhouse-11 brooke-shields-new-york-townhouse-12 brooke-shields-new-york-townhouse-13 brooke-shields-new-york-townhouse-14 brooke-shields-new-york-townhouse-15

Images: Architectural Digest

Inside the luxurious, new Casa Cook Kos

When Casa Cook opens a new hotel, the design world and luxury getaway seekers sit up and listen. New in the Casa Cook stable of unique, laid back but highly luxurious beach hotels is Casa Cook Kos.

You only need to take a quick glance to know it’s a Casa Cook. Rich, earthy tones, clean lined furniture, natural materials and a breezy, open layout gives Kos that same low key, high comfort style the brand has become known – and loved – for (in fact, we covered Casa Cook Rhodes here).

The team say that Casa Cook Kos takes its inspiration from traditional Greek island architecture, giving it a village-like feel with one and two-storey cubist houses grouped around gardens and patios. As you can see in the images below, the buildings are contemporary and minimalist, influenced by the centuries-old Greek architectural style.

Guests can make the most of the Casa Cook Spa, which has been carefully curated to bring in therapies from not only ancient Greece, but ancient Kos itself. For example, the spa’s signature treatment, the ‘Hippocratic Anatripsis Massage’ is a special therapy inspired by the physician Hippocrates, who resided in Kos. Meanwhile, the design of the spa makes liberal use of natural materials such as wood and stone, brought together with a muted colour palette that carries through to the accessories.

There is also ‘TO KIMA’ – Casa Cook’s Beach Club, which is inspired by the ancient Greek idea ‘parea’, meaning the celebration of people coming together. A thatched roof, open walls and tropical-meets-mid century style means there is no mistaking you are on holidays in a beautiful climate and equally gorgeous resort.

Take a look!

170713_casa_cook_kos_to_kima_beach_club_kitchen 170713_cck_to_kima_beach_club_open_kitchen 170713_cck_to_kima_beach_club_restaurant 19958956_1853012335018158_1271459376009627449_n 19961248_1853013051684753_7814902813504342935_n 19961330_1853011915018200_4201919007284542774_n 19961633_1853011978351527_485014890482039168_n 19989455_1853011958351529_2381022949892876954_n 19989788_1853012398351485_2095805561515442524_n 19990119_1853011521684906_5074049414780033293_n20106424_1853011905018201_7426245848115239497_n 20106808_1853012451684813_1292657202820201342_n 170713_casa_cook_kos_to_kima_beach_club_bar

Images: Casa Cook