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Serena Williams sleek 14,500 square foot Miami home

As we hit peak Australian Open fever in Melbourne we take the opportunity to peak into the home of one of its biggest stars Serena Williams, a sleek modern property north of Miami, designed in collaboration with big sister Venus.

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Five years in the making, the sprawling waterfront home was completely gutted to usher in a more minimalistic palate, inspired by Williams love of modern art and technology and perhaps a developing romance with, now Husband, Reddit cofounder Alexis Ohanian.

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While restraint is evident in the white walls and clean lines throughout, an extravagant final addition of baby Olympia’s custom designed pink castle bed featuring slide has become somewhat of the highlight of the home, in contrast to the casual but elegant comfort that pervades.

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Not for lack of space the home’s noticeable absence of a tennis court helps Serena seperate work from home life, instead opting for an elegant infinity pool and the occasional bout of competitive karaoke in the hidden performance space, concealed by a bookshelf in the formal sitting room turned gallery.

Inside Pretty Little Liars star Shay Mitchell’s LA Oasis

After first encountering the glamorous 1920’s home via photos in her 20’s, Pretty Little Liars star Shay Mitchell instantly fell in love on her first real life visit to the warm Mediterranean inspired villa.

With several remodelling  attempts Mitchell describes how this latest incarnation, brought about to welcome her partner Matte Babel and their daughter Atlas, finally feels like her.

Interior decorator and friend Chad Wood guided the process, starting by bleaching the old redwood floors and lightening up the palate with monochrome and warm whites plus a pop of dusky pink in Atlas’s luxurious new room. The mostly neutral palate lets Mitchel’s second hand and antique finds shine including a Moroccan lantern found in Marrakesh in lieu of a more typical chandelier in the formal sitting room.

A speakeasy inspired living room and wall to ceiling bookshelves in pewter grey with bold floral wallpaper completes the look and creates the perfect relaxed yet sophisticated home, designed for entertaining (when she ever finds the time!)
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2020 Christmas Decorating Trends

2020 has been a challenging year for all, but with travel restrictions set to ease just in time for Christmas we can look forward to being reunited with family and friends around the Christmas table.

To take the pressure out of planning and decorating we have scoured the best festive trends and bring you our top three for 2020, to ensure you have a beautiful celebration, plus put together a handy decorating checklist to get you started.


After spending more time indoors this year it’s no wonder decorating has turned to bringing the outdoors in. Bring in soft greens and the beautiful scent of pine with a real Christmas tree and hand made wreath to soften your space or use branches and dried flowers to create your own tree and baubles.


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The most important part of Christmas is spending time with your loved ones. Create a cosy and inviting setting with jewelled tones and pops of decadent gold combined with moody decorations to draw everyone closer together.


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Traditions bring us together. Create a Christmas with memories of childhood and heritage with traditional decorations and old world materials like glass ornaments and flickering candles.


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Dulux Colour Forecast 2021

Our homes unwittingly became the epicentre of our world this year. While we hurried to set up home offices and download the myriad of online meeting applications to keep connected to the outside world, we also had a chance to look inwards at our most familiar surroundings in a new light.   More than ever we need our home to soothe and support and provide comfort.

The annual Dulux colour forecast looks at global design trends set to emerge in the coming year compiling on trend colours into four distinct palates. It’s no surprise that palates of Retreat and Nourish predominate with calming blues greens and greys to accent a neutral palate designed to restore and comfort while pops of warm reds and pinks in the Reset palate look to a more optimistic future. Read on for all the details.


Create a tranquil and restorative environment with blues, greys and warm whites to inspire flexibility and creativity.

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Simple yet warming neutrals, yellows and greens look to nature to create moments of reflection and calm.

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Optimistic pinks, reds and earthy browns evoke a retro feel with nods to travel and play looking to a brighter future as we adapt to the new normal.


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