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What’s new in the world of design: July 2017

In this month’s wrap up of the latest and greatest in design, we have a strong theme of colour. From the Pantone colour predictions for 2018, to an intensely colourful and unconventional supermarket, a stunning new agate-inspired tile range to an amazing sea of colourful orbs that change in hue when touched – installed at the National Gallery Singapore, we are spoilt for choice when it comes to colour this month. Read on.

Cologne’s colourful Solera supermarket.

Sevillian entrepreneur Pepa Bascón brought in creative consultancy Masquespacio to reimagine the way shoppers experience her Spanish produce supermarket in the heart of Cologne. Being a Spanish supermarket and in recognition of the growing Spanish gastronomie movement in Germany, Masquespacio used a distinctly Mediterranean flair throughout the interiors. This is certainly one of the most colourful and fun loving supermarkets we have ever come across…

solera+interior+cologne solera+lockers solera+supermarket+demonstration+kitchen solera+supermarket+employee+door solera+supermarket+lockers solera+supermarket+reach+in+cooler solera+supermarket+sampling+station
Images from here.

The Campana Brothers’ Bisazza CEMENTILES range, Brazilian Agata
We love to keep up with the latest in tile design, and the new collection by Bisazza is something special. ‘CEMENTILES‘ is “designed to celebrate the decorative style of the past through expressive artistic language that reveals the creative genius of each of the project designers”. The latest designers to collaborate with Bisazza for this forward thinking range – and add their names alongside Tom Dixon, Jaime Hayon and more – are the Campana Brothers.
Fernando and Humberto Campana were inspired by the formations found inside the Agate Geode gemstone. The contemporary pattern of the tiles see the interior rock layers laid bare, showing off its natural petrified deposits. The Campana Brothers said they “wanted to create a dialogue between the layers found in the interior of the rock to compose a colourful and versatile collection that can be applied in a vast array of environments.”

Bisazza CEMENTILES are made entirely by hand using high-strength cement blended with coloured oxides. Brazilian Agata is available in four colour choices: green, yellow, red and blue.

Brazilian-Agata-Blu-Cementiles-1-1020x700Brazilian-Agata-Verde-1020x1298 Brazilian-Agata-Rossa-1020x1298

Pantone Colour of the Year Influences for 2018
While we still have several months until the official 2018 Pantone Colour of the Year is announced, this didn’t stop the executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, Leatrice Eiseman, sharing the most influential colours of 2018. Speaking at the International Home and Housewares Show in Chicago, Eiseman revealed the eight palettes for home and interiors that we’ll be seeing in the year ahead, saying that the institute has distilled the ‘complex universe of colour concepts into eight distinctively designed palettes’. Explore below.


A progression from the 2017 Colour of the Year, Greenery, Verdure is a symbol of health and a reference to natural vegetal colours, plus berry-like purples and blues.


A combination of the contrasting sides of the colour wheel, this palette draws on blues and oranges and using what you already have to decorate.


Bright, quirky and fun, this colour palette includes hues such as ‘Lime Popsicle’, ‘Green Flash’ and ‘Minion Yellow’.


Soft pink remains a key colour from 2016 and this year, and will be used for understated, pared-back interiors. This is all about desaturated tones and is the opposite of Playful.


2017 is seeing a huge focus on earthy tones, particularly terracotta. This focus will continue into 2018 with earthy, rosy deep tones that ’embrace many difference cultures’.


Another key focus in design this year is metallics. They are brushed metals rather than the glossy, polished versions we have seen in years before. Think a sophisticated palette of black and gold.


Using power for drama, power and strength is what this colour palette is all about. Turn up the deep reds, oranges and plums for a huge amount of depth and sophistication.


Finally, a nice fit with the ‘Intricacy’ palette is this one: Tech-nique, with Eiseman citing ‘iridescent, pearlized and translucent’ finishes being the new go-to. This palette includes tones like bright turquoise, pink, and purple.


Top row: Vedure, Playful, Discretion, TECH-nique. Bottom row: Far-Fetched, Resourceful, Intricacy, Intensity.
Image from Pantone.

Teamlab’s ‘Homogenizing and Transforming World’

Combining futuristic aesthetics, strong use of colour and interactive technology, Teamlab has launched its fifth and largest iteration of its art installation: ‘Homogenizing and Transforming World‘. On show at the National Gallery Singapore until October 8th 2017, this installation allows visitors to surround themselves in a sea of colourful orbs that, when touched, change in colour, and in turn alter the hue of the entire room. Teamlab said this project is about humans being “intermediaries for information, and the instant the information spreads, the world unites — transforming it in an instant”.

teamlab-homogenizing-and-transforming-world-national-gallery-singapore-designboom-02 teamlab-homogenizing-and-transforming-world-national-gallery-singapore-designboom-04 teamlab-homogenizing-and-transforming-world-national-gallery-singapore-designboom-010

Images from here.

Ellen Pompeo’s barn style Hamptons home

The Grey’s Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo didn’t know the challenges she was in for when she purchased a Hamptons barn eight years ago.

In love with the history of the Sag Harbour  property – which was built by a female civil rights activist lawyer – Pompeo planned to build on the original footprint of the cabin, and create a larger cabin next to it.

However, at the same time, a home in Malibu that she had her eye on came onto the market. Despite the excitement in laying claim to this property, it meant the Sag Harbour project needed to be scaled back. Pompeo engaged an architect and designer to transform the existing cabin into a holiday home, leaving the extra build for a later date.

Yet, with their aesthetics not aligning, Pompeo parted ways with these two professionals and got started on tackling the decorating herself. Some time later, the actress and hobby decorator met Estee Stanley, of Hancock Design, and Brigette Romanek, and it was then that she felt ready to give the home the attention and work it deserved.

Pompeo wanted something very different to her other properties, which include her midcentury Malibu home, two Mediterranean homes and two modern homes. Using lots of timber, an eclectic mix of furniture and a black, white and mustard colour palette, the result is modern, young and fresh – and very different to the traditional Hamptons aesthetic. Take a look…

AD---Ellen-Pompeo_Foyer65213-new AD---Ellen-Pompeo_Kitchen_604 AD---Ellen-Pompeo_LivingRoom65106-new AD---Ellen-Pompeo_LivingRoom265123-new AD---Ellen-Pompeo_MasterBedroom65089 AD---Ellen-Pompeo_Patio65154 AD---Ellen-Pompeo_Pool65169-new2 AD---Ellen-Pompeo_Porch65192 AD---Ellen-Pompeo_SittingRoom_609

Images by Architectural Digest, from here.

L.A.’s very cool new Museum of Ice-Cream

Who said museums had to be serious? Los Angeles’ latest museum is far from it. The Museum of Ice Cream pays homage to all things sweet and features 10 rooms each with a unique dessert theme. Its mission? To “design environments that bring people together and provoke imagination”.

The first stop of the tour will see you in a room full of phones, where you’ll receive a call from none other than Seth Rogen to give you a run down of the experience ahead. From there, you’ll work room by room through the exhibit, where you’ll experience the ‘mint chocolate’ room, with its mint planters growing in cacao chip soil; a pool of sprinkles for you to dive into to; and the banana room with giant, scratchy, sensory walls to reveal that unmistakeable confectionary banana smell, to name a few.

With admission limited to 20 people per half-hour and tickets frequently selling out, you’ll need to be quick to experience this unconventional museum, and we’re certain it’s something you won’t forget in a hurry! Take a look…

Museum_IceCream_042017_030_MD Museum_IceCream_042017_085_MD Museum_IceCream_042017_100_MD Museum_IceCream_042017_072_MDMuseum_IceCream_042017_106_MD Museum_IceCream_042017_123_MD Museum_IceCream_042017_136_MD Museum_IceCream_042017_148_MD Museum_IceCream_042017_159_MD Museum_IceCream_042017_166_MD Museum_IceCream_042017_240_MD Museum_IceCream_042017_264_MD Museum_IceCream_042017_281_MD Museum_IceCream_042017_291_MD Museum_IceCream_042017_034_MD

Images by Jennifer Chong from here.

De Gournay and Ken Fulk’s Central Park zoo-inspired wallpaper

Known for wallpapers, fabrics and porcelain that are pieces of art themselves, de Gournay has now collaborated with San Francisco interior designer Ken Fulk to create a magnificent new wallpaper collection.

de Gournay said the range was “imagined as the interior of a 1960’s doyenne of Upper East Side polite society”, and features “a menagerie of animals from the city’s zoo abounding within her exquisite garden, having escaped their lesser lodgings in Central Park”.

The motif is based on 19th century European wall-coverings, which showcased elaborate narrative vistas. With this attention to detail and being painted by hand by de Gournay’s in house artisans, each panel can take up to 150 hours to complete.

So take a look below and see if you can spot the leopards, tigers and giraffes, zebras, elephants, flamingos, parrots, monkeys and even a polar bear!

This new motif will be a permanent addition to de Gournay’s design library and available to order from its showrooms worldwide. Please contact Bernadette if you are interested in finding out more.

8 BLOG POLAR BLOG6.1-GALLERY4.1 GALLERY10.1 GALLERY 11.1 GALLERY 12.1 GALLERY 1199473-1_og 1199478-1_og

Images from de Gournay.