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Create a staycation at home

The holiday season is upon us and this is normally the time that we are starting to plan or pack for our holiday adventures.  With international boarders closed and some state boarders still closed or quite restricted, it is time to ditch your travel plans and create a staycation at home.  Let’s take a peak at some beautiful inspiration for ways to transform your home into a holiday oasis.

Homes to love


Create an outdoor living space with lots of seating to ensure you can entertain close friends and family all summer long.  A styled outdoor area can make your house feel much bigger than it is.  Image from here.


Homes to love 2


Turn your bathroom into a spa.  If there is one space in your house to invest in, the bathroom is it.  Textured tiles and cool tones can make your bathroom feel like an expensive spa.  Adding small touches, like a hanging plant, and a spot to group a candle, soap, and vase will automatically create a spa like feel.  Image from here.




Invest in some lounges.  Lounges create a resort vibe without a big price tag.  You can place a lounge just about anywhere, a porch, next to a pool or garden patio.  A striped umbrella is the perfect accessory to make you forget you are at home, and give immediate holiday vibes.  Image from here.


Screen Shot 2020-10-21 at 9.56.32 pm


Bring happy hour home.  An elegant bar cart, a tray for bottles, decanters, and a set of fancy glasses is all you need to create happy hour at home.  You may not be able to relax at your favourite beachside bar, but you can bring the bar home to you.  Image from here.


Vogue Living


A small outdoor space can deliver a big impact with an abundance of flowers and a good outdoor rug.  Flowering vines are great outdoors to add colour, and a rug can warm up the space.  This would be a beautiful space to have a staycation at home.  Image from here.


Homes to love 3


Dining alfresco is easy when you have a fabulous outdoor setting.  Create a comfortable and inviting space with bold lighting, and quality furniture.  Being outside amongst nature and in the fresh air will instantly brighten your mood.  Image from here.


How interior design has changed since COVID-19

Since March, COVID-19 has changed the way we think and live.  It has definitely impacted how people work and spend, but it has also impacted our home interiors.  People have been spending lots of time at home, and it is clear that our homes need to be multi-use spaces.  We will take a look at how interior design has changed since COVID-19.

East Malvern project


It is likely that during the pandemic, you or someone you know has at some point had to work from home.  Creating a space in your home for work, no matter how small, is important.  Flexible work arrangements could be around to stay, so having a designated work space can make your work/life balance a little clearer.  It will also stop your work from spilling onto the kitchen table.  Image from here.

Homes to Love 1


Cozy nooks and secret gardens are great escapes, and we all know we need a little escape from the daily grind in 2020.  Create a good indoor – outdoor flow with large open windows and bi-fold doors that flow to a patio full of greenery.  Image from here.

Screen Shot 2020-10-22 at 10.40.36 pm


The return of the mudroom.  Mudrooms are quite common in a lot of North American houses.  After the thick of this pandemic, it wouldn’t be a surprise for mudrooms to pop up in Australian homes as well.  It is a good way to dump all those items that may have come into contact with outside germs like your facemask and shoes.  This area of the house can be sleek and sophisticated when designed well.  Image from here.

Screen Shot 2020-10-22 at 10.54.19 pm


It is predicted that at home entertaining will become more popular following the COVID-19 pandemic.  Though restaurants and venues will slowly come back to life, family will stay the focus and entertaining at home will continue to be the norm.  Having a space to do so will become more important in the home.  Image from here.


Screen Shot 2020-10-25 at 10.00.56 pm


Bringing nature in will create a calm space with a spa like feel.  You can incorporate plants, flowers, and even clippings from trees (eucalyptus is great for aesthetic and scent).  Another great way to incorporate greenery is by planting vines and plants outside of big windows.  Image from here.


Screen Shot 2020-10-25 at 10.20.13 pm


Minimalism has been around for decades, but it will has made a resurgence since the start of COVID-19.  With people spending more time at home a cluttered home can feel smaller.  People are realising they can live with less, and clean lines and less stuff will lift the weight when things start to feel too crowded.  Image from here.


Time will tell how this pandemic has changed not only interior design, but home design as well.  If you are looking for a change, contact me here to discuss how I can help and read our previous blog on how previous epidemics have impacted home design.

Five Ways to freshen your house for spring

This winter in Australia has been long and lonely for many with different forms of lockdown since March.  We have all spent a little extra time at home, forcing us to look at our homes in a little more detail than usual.  The weather is warming up and our homes are likely in need of a little refresh.  I have come up with five ways to freshen your house for spring.

Spring 1_vogueBrighten It Up.  Clean bright tones will instantly freshen your home.  You can brighten things up with a fresh coat of white paint on your walls or even painting furniture.  If you want a smaller, less permanent change, try some crisp white cushions for your couch for an instant refresh or swap around the accessories for a brighter look. Image from here.

Spring 2_style

Bring the Outside In.  We already spend more time indoors through the colder months, but with the COVID lockdowns, we have spent more time inside than ever before.  Your home will instantly feel fresh and clean with some plants and natural materials.  Incorporate wooden tables, woven baskets, and green plants into your space. Image from here.

Spring 3_style

Swap Your Heavy Rugs and Throws.  Changing your rug can instantly change your room.  Jute rugs are a great staple and bring an element of easy going elegance to your space.  The neutral colour opens up an otherwise small space.  Image from here.

Spring 5_style

Lighten Your Linens.  Put away your heavy winter woolies and invest in a nice textured white or neutral tone quilt to throw over your bed.  Crisp white linens will instantly freshen your bedroom and can go with any colour theme already in use.  Image from here.

Spring 4_style

Plants and Flowers.  Spring is the perfect time to fill your space with fresh blooms.  Flowers are a great way to add pops of colour and fresh scents that are sure to brighten and refresh any space.  A vase of flowers allows you to add different colours to each room without the commitment of paint or investment of new furniture.  Image from here.

If you are looking to sell your home this spring, check out my previous post on five simple tips to get your property sale ready for spring.   Details on my refresh service, and other services available can be found here.

6 Popular Interior Design Styles to help define your personal style

Whilst we are all spending more time at home, it’s a great opportunity to find some design inspiration to plan some changes in your home.  Here, we are covering 6 popular interior design styles to help define your personal style.  Always remember that it’s important to surround yourself with things you love and you don’t need to stick to one particular design style in your home.  For example, you may really enjoy both contemporary and mid-century modern, and remember to incorporate some of those precious treasures you may have inherited or picked up on your travels.  We can help you create your own unique interior.

Please contact me to set up a virtual appointment to discuss any small changes you are considering or larger projects including renovations and new builds.

1. Scandinavian

This style is a clean, minimalist-leaning design choice with a mix of simple lines and natural colours and fibres.  If you love mixing nature into your design and minimal clutter, this is a great design choice for you.


Image from here

2. Mid-century Modern

This design style pairs well with almost every other style.  It uses lots of warm wood tones, retro furniture and accessories.  This style originated in the 50s and 60s.  Mid-century modern furniture has a retro feel to it, but also clean lines that can be incorporated seamlessly into most homes.

Mid Century Modern

Image from here

3. Contemporary

Think natural light, clean lines, and minimalist living.  This design style incorporates lots of reflective surfaces to create a chic, elegant look.  It can be a difficult design style to perfect, but choosing a feature element, like the light fixture in our Flinders Street apartment project is a good place to start.


Image from here

4. Maximalism

If you love mixing patterns, textures, and colours, this is the design style for you.  Wallpaper is a good starting point for maximalism design, just like the wallpaper here in our Abbotsford project.  The bolder the better.  If you are worried about taking the plunge with this design element, it is a good idea to contact an interior designer and start with a smaller room in your home.


Image from here

5. Hamptons/Coastal

The name Hamptons comes from the popular holiday location outside of NYC.  This style incorporates nautical design elements and often features blue to mimic the colours of the ocean.  Wicker furniture pairs well with this design style.


Image from here

6. Art Deco

Jewel tones and brass finishings shine in Art Deco homes.  This design style has made a resurgence, especially following the remaking of The Great Gatsby in 2013.  You don’t have to go as bold as jewel toned walls to create an elegant Art Deco home.  This hotel in Porto, that I stayed in last year is a beautifully restored art deco hotel.

Maison Albar

Image from here