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His and Hers: The Art of Compromise

compromiseWhen designing your living space don’t leave your partner out in the cold. The best designed homes reflect both partners’ personalities. If you wish to create a harmonious living environment the magic word is ‘compromise’.

It is common to come across couples butting heads, over colours, furniture etc, and I often see one partner dominating which leads to tension. As the designer, it is my role to guide them, make recommendations and ultimately play the part of expert negotiator. I believe I could talk a man down from a ledge after my years in interior design.

Wish List: Bedroom Bliss

muted-bedroomTransform your bedroom into a sanctuary, with soft mood lighting, luxurious textured layers and quality bed linen. Bernie shares her favourite bedroom accessories.

In the Spotlight: Shutters

shuttersNo matter how imaginative your architect was, no matter how unique your decorative windows and doors, chances are they can be enhanced by the addition of custom-made shutters.

Many of my customers request blinds and curtains because they believe quality shutters are out of their price range. Not true. Shutters are increasingly more affordable and have many design and functionality benefits. It is also important to note shutters are the only window treatment that can be considered a capital improvement. (more…)

Wish List: Winter Warmers

candlesTransform your living space into a cosy haven and hibernate this winter with a hot chocolate and good book in-hand. From mood lighting, to luxe throw rugs and bed linen. Bernie shares her favourite winter accessories.

Wish List

  1. This winter create a cosy ambiance with a little mood lighting. Bernie suggests installing a dimmer light, burning some scented candles or treating yourself to a stylish new floor or table lamp.
  2. Snuggle up with your nearest and dearest under a beautiful throw rug in rich hues.
  3. On chilly winter mornings, we’ve all been guilty of hitting the snooze button a few times before hopping out of bed. Make the most of every minute between the sheets with luxurious bed linen.