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How to: Hamptons kitchen with a modern take

The Hamptons style is one of our most requested from clients. The beauty of this aesthetic is that it doesn’t date. Sure there are updates to be made from time to time, but if you get the basics of the Hamptons style right, your space will stay current for years to come.

To help you identify some key ‘must haves’ when designing your Hamptons-style kitchen, we’ve put together our four biggest tips. Take a read then explore some of our favourite Hamptons-inspired kitchens below.

1.Go all out on white

White is the colour palette of the Hamptons look and should be the foundation for your kitchen. Choose white cabinetry, white walls and white window frames. However, you can add in elements of black or very dark timber – perhaps on your island bench – to provide even more sophistication and a boldness to the design.

2. Choose your pendant lights carefully

As Hamptons-style kitchens are simple in style, choosing statement pendant lights can add personality to the space. Copper is a great option to contrast the white, while steel is a look that is very current and black works well to balance darker cabinetry. Choose a series of pendants in the same size equally positioned along the top of your island bench for the best result.

3. Have fun with your furniture

A must-have for a modern Hamptons kitchen? Beautiful upholstered or timber stools and dining chairs. Because a Hamptons kitchen is very minimal in aesthetic and doesn’t rely on intricate timber or tiles, bringing in some texture and pattern through your furniture adds depth and detail to the room (as well as comfort!).

4. Contrasting timber floors

Our final must-have for Hamptons-inspired kitchens are timber floors in a mid to deep timber tone. As you scroll through the images below, look carefully at the different floor options and you’ll see that the darker tones really pop and add a wow factor to the space. Consider the rest of the timber throughout your home and be sure to match the tones so that your new kitchen complements rather than clashes with your existing designs.

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All images from our Kitchen Pinterest board.

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Four ways to turn your home into a winter haven

As we reach mid-winter, long summer days become a distant memory as we bunker down and spend more time indoors. So let’s take a look at how we can make winter more bearable with some of our favourite cool-weather decorating tips.

1. Invest in beautiful throws

We all love a leather sofa but they can be cold and less inviting in the winter months. A simple way around this is to invest in beautiful throws, which can be draped across your sofa to cozy-up the space and give you something to snuggle up to on those cold winter nights.


2. Reconsider your window dressings

In summer, our main concern for window dressings is to provide privacy in the evenings when it’s still light outside. This can see us choose options that are little more than screens. However, window panes, particularly the over-sized varieties in modern homes, can be a huge heat vacuum in winter, so we want to be choosing window dressings to insulate our homes. Ferrari Shutters have great thermal properties – to keep your home cool in summer and warm in winter, while being a timeless choice. Curtains can also be installed over shutters to add an extra layer and further insulate your home.


3. Fool yourself with lighting

When we imagine a cosy, warm space, soft lighting often comes to mind. Indeed, lighting is one of the best ways to create ambience in a room. So this winter, as night falls, consider turning on lamps and lighting candles to create a cocoon in your home or install dimmers.


4. Explore gas log fire options

Sometimes, central heating just doesn’t do the job. If you’re after something a little more, a gas log fire can be a great option to add a focal point to your living space as well as a whole lot of warmth. There are a huge range of options on the market, but the ‘floating’ variations, as seen below, are one of the boldest statements you can make.



Images from our Pinterest account.

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Three fabulous table settings for you to try this Easter

Easter is just around the corner, so it’s a perfect time to gather your friends and family and enjoy good food. In celebration of this, we’ve found three favourite table settings to inspire you to try something a little special this Easter. Take a look..

1. Scandinavian cool

The Style Files has used blonde timber, white accessories and relaxed linen to create a calm, fresh and modern space. Using raffia to create nests with monochrome speckled eggs placed in the middle, the colour theme is consistent to the finest detail.

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2. Feminine glamour

Blogger Julie Blanner has created a feminine yet glamerous table setting with special Easter touches. She filled eggcups with pinches of moss and cuttings from her redbud tree to create individual place settings for each guest, finished with relaxed linen and a huge glass chandelier.

easter-entertaining1 entertaining-expert3 pretty-easter2

3. Bright and whimsical

Minty House blog has focused on childhood delights to create a cheerful Easter dining scene. Cakes, floral crockery and striped straws take center stage, accompanied by ‘flying’ fabric birds and speckled eggs for decoration. The yellow spotted tablecloth adds fun and colour to the magical setting.

DSC_9035-kopia DSC_9058-kopia DSC_9064-kopia

See more of our favourite Easter images on our Pinterest board.

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A modern take on a Hamptons weekender

When a young Manhattan couple purchased their weekend home in the Hamptons, they had a vision in mind, but they also wanted their interior designer to bring new ideas.

The couple – a real estate investor and early education teacher – tasked James Huniford of Huniford Design Studio with creating a new identity for their 1910 shingled farmhouse in the town of Water Mill.

Often people dream of a white beach house, but the end result can feel quite sterile. In this home, the subtle use of patterns, timber features and the introduction of beige, grey and blue tones bring warmth and calmness to the space. It was this approach that enabled Huniford to establish a contemporary take on the traditional beach retreat; one that emphasised the home’s coastal location but also the sophisticated aesthetic that his clients desired.

Huniford set to work removing walls and built-in cabinetry along with ripping off wallpaper and tearing out carpets. During this stage, he discovered wooden beams across the full length of the living room ceiling and made the decision to keep these exposed as a design feature. Other quirks of the home are the sliding barn door, the claw foot bath and a 1940s rocker, which was found at a local antiques shop and re-upholstered in floral fabric.

These design features offer great inspiration for updating a home in the ever-popular Hamptons style. So, take a look at this chic, light-filled and character-rich family home…















Images from here.

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What exactly is ‘Hamptons’ style?

There is often confusion between the two popular interior styles: French Provincial (which we have covered here) and Hamptons. Both styles are elegant and refined with their soft, neutral colour palette and timber floors, which is why they often work well together.

Coastal and casual, the Hamptons interior design style – originally inspired by a group of villages called The Hamptons on Long Island, New York – has come to represent elegant and relaxed coastal living.

Some classic architectural Hamptons design features include the use of timber panelling, high coffered or pitched ceilings with exposed beams, timber floors, neutral and ocean inspired colours, natural materials and lots of natural light.

Here are some typical characteristics of the popular Hamptons style, which can be seen on our screens with the TV series Revenge and movie Something’s Gotta Give:

  • Large picture windows with ocean views
  • Sheer fabrics in sandy taupe, soft grey or white for relaxed draped curtains
  • Cane or wicker furniture and accessories for indoors or outside
  • Distressed timber furniture in limed oak, washed grey and milk paint or dark timber as a contrast
  • Blue and white striped rugs or soft neutral sisal or carpet
  • Big comfy sofas in relaxed linen fabrics with plenty of throw pillows
  • Large glass pendant lights with brass touches
  • Blue and white china and accessories scattered throughout.

Take a look at these Hamptons-style interiors:
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Images from our Pinterest page. 

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Five ways to ‘Spring-ify’ your home

As winter dies out and Spring engulfs us, it’s natural to feel restless in our homes; as though they don’t quite ‘fit’ us anymore. Fall back in love with your home with our simple ways to ‘Spring-ify’ it.

1. Add indoor plants. Spring is all about nature coming back to life after winter. What better way to embrace this than with new plants for your home. Choose a mixture of foliage and floral for the best effect.

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2. Introduce pastel colours. Pastel shades are very ‘in’ this Spring. Think dessert-inspired colours like pistachio, fairy-floss and lemon pie and introduce these with simple accessories like throws and cushions or be bold with a feature wall.


3. De-clutter with a Spring clean. Spring cleaning always comes to mind this time of year and it’s a rewarding habit to get into. Clear out whatever you don’t believe to be useful or beautiful and you’ll free up valuable space.


4. Change up your artwork. Art and nature photographic prints are so affordable and accessible these days. Add a floral or nature photographic print to bring the outdoors in.


5. Invest in outdoor furniture. You’ll be spending more time outdoors from now on so you want to be able to relax, dine and entertain in comfort and style. Invest in a new deck chair, table setting or stylish shade-cloth.



Images from our Pinterest page.

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Five ways to add a sense of luxury to your home

Forget having a huge house and an equally big budget to match: luxury is a matter of a few smart changes to replace the commonplace home furnishings with a touch of luxe.

1. Chandeliers

A really easy way to update a room is to change the light fittings. Often homes will come with very basic pendants or light-shades. Change these to statement chandeliers or sculptural light fixtures and choose dimmers to allow you to create simple mood lighting. Then, layer your scheme with lamps on your buffets and side tables and atmospheric wall sconces.

2. Curtains to the floor

The generous use of heavy fabric can add a sense of luxury to any room in the house. Try floor to ceiling curtains in your bedroom, living room or even bathroom in a neutral tone.

3. Velvet upholstery

The deep richness of velvet adds a luxe appeal to a space and can be used on sofas, dining chairs, occasional chairs, bedheads, drapes and more. Choose deep, jewel tones for a timeless aesthetic that will add warmth and depth to your home.

4. Dark colours

Whilst we tend to stick light, neutral tones for wall colours as a safe and airy option, dark blues, greys and black will add a luxe feel.

5. Statement furniture

Set your space apart from the rest with a special piece of furniture. Occasional chairs are a great way to do this and work in most rooms of the house – bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms and more. A tan leather or velvet upholstered style will be a timeless investment.



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Photos from Ferrari Interiors’ Pinterest profile.

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Five ways to improve your office space

For the amount of time we spend at our desks, it’s surprising how little effort we put into making our work space a place we actually want to be.

Whether at home or in a corporate environment, the feel we get from the space we work in is innately linked to our productivity. Of course, there are exceptions: some people can work in cluttered spaces, places with no natural light, or sit on an uncomfortable chair without thinking too much about. But for most of us, the more comfortable the place we work in, the easier and more enjoyable it is to be our most productive.

Here are our tips for creating an environment that will improve your work life.

1. Invest in a quality chair. If you’re suffering from back or neck ache, straining to reach your desk or generally uncomfortable when sitting, it’s worth every penny to buy a chair that’s comfortable and ergonomically fitted to the height of your desk.

2. Add greenery. There’s research to prove that flowers, plants and general greenery can enhance a person’s sense of wellbeing. Called ‘restorative environments’, psychologists are exploring nature’s impact on people’s mental functioning, social relationships and even physical well-being. They are also putting this research into practice by working with interior designers, architects and city planners to create psychologically healthy buildings and cities. So consider a pot plant or a gorgeous bunch of peonies, vibrant lilies or Australian natives as an investment in your wellbeing.

3. Make the most of natural light. Just like plant life makes for a conducive workspace, so too does natural light. A study by the University of Surrey found that ensuring we receive adequate light levels at the appropriate time of day benefits our alertness, mood, productivity, sleep patterns and many aspects of our physiology. So move your desk closer to that window, pull down those heavy blinds and get rid of those fluorescent lights.

4. Clear your desk. Try a magazine rack, pin-board or floating shelves to organise and display your work and inspiration. Anything that will encourage you to regularly clear your desk, keep what’s important, display what’s inspiring or useful and throw out what’s no longer needed is a helpful activity to keep your office clutter-free.

5. Hang artwork. A beautiful photo or painting adds interest and life to a space. It shows off your personality and turns a generic room into your own sanctuary. If you’re unsure about your own personal style and don’t want to make a big investment straight away, choose an affordable print, then you can upgrade to a similar limited-edition version once you know the piece is right for you.

Take a look at some of our favourite office spaces below…


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All images from our Pinterest page.

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How to style a sophisticated black and white bathroom

Black and white are always in style, especially when it comes to bathrooms. A monochrome colour scheme creates a sense of timeless luxury and sophistication. We have compiled our top tips (and a gallery of photos for inspiration) to help you create the perfect black and white bathroom – whether you are planning a full renovation or a simple tile update. 

1. Art work 

Add some character and style to your room. If you want a minimal touch of colour you can incorporate it through our choice of art or you may decide to add large mirrors as statement pieces instead.

2. Tiles. 

There are many textures and styles of tiles available and each combination will create a very different space. Ask for expert help if needed to select complimentary tiles for all those spaces in your bathroom – floors, splash-backs and so on. My favourite tiles for the bathroom are white marble, hexagonal tiles in white or black and patterned white and black tiles for the floor. Avoid using overly-patterned tiles on all walls as this can make a space feel small and claustrophobic.

3. Taps
Introducing black tap-ware can create a huge impact. Experiment by using black for your basin taps and shower heads. Choose matt black and position against white tiles for maximum impact.

4. Window shutters

Shutters add such a relaxed feel to your space: you can open them and let the sunshine in or leave them closed and light a candle. If you’re looking to add an extra feature, swap the traditional white shutters for statement black.

5. Black baths

Invest in a black bath and it will become the centrepiece for your bathroom  A black bath is very chic in white-based bathroom. Then pair with touches of black, oak, or metal accessories to finish the space or be bold with extravagant black on black.

6. Accessories

Bathrooms are not a place for clutter: think simple, complimentary, and functional when it comes to your accessories. Bath mats, soap and dispensers, lighting, vases, candles, and towels. Darker back drops with lighter accessories, charcoal shades can work well or golds/silvers, or a deep colour with your black and white theme.

Here are some of our favourite black and white bathrooms from our bathrooms Pinterest board – take a look:

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Images from Ferrari Interior’s bathrooms Pinterest board.

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Easter interior tips that will last all year-round

Entertaining at home this Easter? We’ve put together some quick and simple ideas to create a warm and inviting space, which will last long after the Easter eggs are gone.

melbourne interior designer - easter styling tips


Rugs can soften a room and are great for creating zones in large spaces. Buying a rug can be a smart investment as they create an entirely new look and feel for a room.


Books and magazines

Decorate your side and/or coffee table with some interesting reads. These not only make a great conversation starter, but can show off your personality too.


Snack station

Not just for parties or weddings, snack stations or lolly bars add that sense of occasion and create a focal point for guests. Choose items in complimentary flavours and colour shades, such as pastel macarons, cupcakes and biscuits.



Lawn bowls, board games, cards, chess – all those old fashioned games are great for keeping the younger relatives and friends entertained during long lunches or dinners.



Throws and cushions are a perfect way to add colour and texture to a room and are easy to change seasonally. They also provide comfort for guests. Add a touch of fun this Easter with an bunny-themed cushion.

See more Easter styling inspiration on the Ferrari Interiors Easter Pinterest Board and see our favourite living rooms here. 

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