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Celebrity Insider: the exquisite L.A. home of Alexandra Von Furstenberg and Dax Millers

What happens when an architectural designer and furniture designer combine their talents to design and furnish their very own home? You get a fabulous, unique and effortlessly well-styled space.

Dax Miller of Dax Design and Alexandra von Furstenberg of her namesake acrylic furniture and home accessories brand had three key principles for designing their home together:  harmony, stability and serenity.

Von Furstenberg apparently had only one rule for the layout of the home: it must have a classic ‘H’ shape.

The home itself is expansive, with 18,000-square-feet, five bedrooms and a double-height living room.

Pop art features throughout, contrasted with vintage finds and modern classic furniture. There are of course acrylic pieces from Von Furstenberg’s collection, notably the bright yellow bookcases in the study and the vibrant blue cocktail table in the living room.

There is plenty of luxury introduced to the home such as the gold leaf details on the library’s shelving and the white leather in Von Furstenberg’s closet.

Circular shapes are a theme carried throughout the residence, from the spherical chrome fountain in the front garden, to the circular stainless-steel detail on the front doors and the circular ceiling light by Sattler in the living room. These shapes contribute towards the home’s tranquility and balance, despite the bursts of colour throughout.

Other designers who feature in the home include Milo BaughmanGary Lang, Minotti and Takashi Murakami. Take a look…

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