Creative office space design in Dublin

We’re quite jealous of this office space, which makes our own look very drab in comparison!

The employees at Verve in Dublin are treated to a cut-out free in the middle of their reception area, a classic car parked inside their foyer and colouful graffiti in their office space.

But then again, the team are event managers, marketers and designers, who ‘believe in the power of live experience to engage audiences’. So to rather than talk the talk, Verve decided to make their headquarters an experience in itself.

The former candle factory was converted into a contemporary art gallery in the 90s, before becoming the inspirational and influential work space it is today. Throughout, the theme of ‘living in the now’ is prevalent, with ‘We Are Live’ lit up in oversized letters in the entrance.

Even the boardroom is eclectic and tagged with motivational phrases, with a collection of colorful stripes behind a ‘Live and Plugged In’ sign.

The playful and carefully designed office interior reinvents the corporate office in an exciting way.

Verve-Dublin-office-space-design-3 Verve-Dublin-office-space-design-4 Verve-Dublin-office-space-design-5 Verve-Dublin-office-space-design-6 Verve-Dublin-office-space-design-7 Verve-Dublin-office-space-design-8 Verve-Dublin-office-space-design-9 Verve-Dublin-office-space-design-13 Verve-Dublin-office-space-design

Images from Freshome.