Famous Fashion Designers’ Homes

They are creative visionaries that set worldwide trends and their flair for style extends from the catwalk to their homes. In this article, Bernie reveals how fashion designers’ living spaces are just as enviable as their clothing ranges.

  1. Giorgio Armani
    The rustic exterior of Giorgio Armani’s two-story farmhouse in Italy was not altered when it was renovated 20 years ago. The living room boasts an intimate fireside sitting area and white panels on the walls and ceiling lend the room a fresh nautical air.
  2. Yves Saint Laurent
    With many luxurious residences dotted around the globe, Yves Saint Laurent calls his Paris home his favourite. He feels happiest amongst his paintings ‘Goya and Juan Gris’ and in his dining room which boasts an 18th Century mirror and a Louis XV chandelier.
  3. Donatella Versace
    The Milan apartment of Donatella Versace was designed by Luigi Scagliotti and pays homage to Neoclassicism. You will find objects d’art scattered around the living room including a pair of 19th-century horses, a Roman terra-cotta head and ‘Allegory of Peace and War’.
  4. Donna Karan
    Fashion designer Donna Karan collaborated with her sculptor husband, Stephan Weiss, in designing their East Hampton beach house. Donna adores incorporating different textures in her homes – you will find lace, linen and shawls layered on her furniture.
  5. Collette Dinnigan
    In Collette Dinnigan’s home you fill find an abundance of natural light as she enjoys luxurious indoor/outdoor living. We particularly love how she enjoys taking something simple like rose petals and transforming it into art.