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Five tips for a successful Spring clean

Isn’t it always a delight when Spring rolls around each year, and the mornings become milder, the evenings longer and the days generally feel brighter?

As we shed our thick jumpers and jeans and clear out our wardrobes to make way for Spring fashions, Spring is also a perfect time to clean out our homes.

We have put together five tips for those looking to undertake a Spring clean this year:

1. The one year rule

If you love something, you should always keep it, but many of us hang onto things that we don’t care for anymore and that are simply taking up space. So if you haven’t used something during the past 365 days, perhaps it’s time to let it go.

Whether it’s that tablecloth in the cupboard that you were gifted and have never used, or the lamp that you don’t love quite enough to take it out of the garage and into a room, why not send these pieces off to a new home via the local op shop, sell them online or put on a garage sale? Don’t they always say that “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”? A good tip is to sort room by room so you don’t end up overwhelmed or distracted.

2. Embrace change

As the weather changes, we can benefit from the different energy that is created by changing things up at home. Try moving around your couch and TV, rethinking the orientation of your dining table and the placement of your outdoor furniture. Little or large changes to our homes can reinvigorate and inspire us.

3. Visit the dry cleaner

Many of us use heavier doonas for winter, and swap these over to lighter ones – or even just sheets – for the warmer months. Don’t put that winter doona back into the cupboard just yet though – make a visit to your dry cleaner to freshen it up in time for when the cooler months come back around. While you’re there, why not take your pillows, mattress protectors and comforters too? Setting up routines each season helps to keep us on our best cleaning behaviour year-round!

4. Lemon fresh

Here’s one we learnt the other day: wiping the cut side of a lemon over chopping boards can help remove stains and smells. If we can get into the habit of doing this at least every Spring, our boards will last longer. That’s not the only use for lemon though: slice a lemon and put it in a bowl of water, then microwave this for 45 seconds and it will not only make the microwave smell better, but make stains easier to wipe too. You can also keep chopped up lemon in your fridge to keep smelly odours at bay.

5.  Recycling fun

If you have little ones in your life AND a pile of magazines that you know you’re not going to read again, why not plan a ‘crafternoon’? With some scissors, glue and notebooks, the kids can have fun creating their own ‘magazines’ from yours. Or, get creative yourself and put together a mood board with your favourite clippings to inspire your next interiors project!

If you have a great Spring cleaning tip, let us know in the comments below!

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