Five ways to add a sense of luxury to your home

Forget having a huge house and an equally big budget to match: luxury is a matter of a few smart changes to replace the commonplace home furnishings with a touch of luxe.

1. Chandeliers

A really easy way to update a room is to change the light fittings. Often homes will come with very basic pendants or light-shades. Change these to statement chandeliers or sculptural light fixtures and choose dimmers to allow you to create simple mood lighting. Then, layer your scheme with lamps on your buffets and side tables and atmospheric wall sconces.

2. Curtains to the floor

The generous use of heavy fabric can add a sense of luxury to any room in the house. Try floor to ceiling curtains in your bedroom, living room or even bathroom in a neutral tone.

3. Velvet upholstery

The deep richness of velvet adds a luxe appeal to a space and can be used on sofas, dining chairs, occasional chairs, bedheads, drapes and more. Choose deep, jewel tones for a timeless aesthetic that will add warmth and depth to your home.

4. Dark colours

Whilst we tend to stick light, neutral tones for wall colours as a safe and airy option, dark blues, greys and black will add a luxe feel.

5. Statement furniture

Set your space apart from the rest with a special piece of furniture. Occasional chairs are a great way to do this and work in most rooms of the house – bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms and more. A tan leather or velvet upholstered style will be a timeless investment.



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Photos from Ferrari Interiors’ Pinterest profile.