Forget stocks and bonds – it’s time to invest in furniture

Quality furniture is a statement about you and your home, how you live and who you are. Investment pieces can be expensive but they embrace the essential qualities of longevity and provenance. They will look as good in 2030 as they do today.

Bernie suggests selecting superior pieces of furniture that are stylish, yet practical in design, perhaps a classic desk or stylish dining setting.  By investing in quality pieces you will not have to replace furniture over and over again.

When making an expensive purchase it is also advisable to steer towards timeless traditional pieces that will always be in fashion rather than modern fads. If you like a contemporary touch splurge on smaller items such as cushions and lampshades that can easily be updated.

Furniture often represents more to people then they sometimes realize. There is an emotional investment made when buying a piece of furniture that you see being a part of your future for a long, long time. Over the years the furniture’s familiarity provides comfort and it becomes a part of your family history and can be passed on to generations to come.

Quality furniture is not cheap and Bernie suggests mixing truly special items such as a beautiful armchair with more affordable pieces. Selecting furniture for your home is never easy. The keys to design success are selectivity, judgment and a refined eye – all this comes with experience.

Investment furniture can also be a special piece of history that adds interest to your home. At Ferrari Interiors we adore Watershed Union’s American White Oak Factory Carts that have been transformed into unique coffee tables. Priced at $2700 they are a wonderful talking point in your home.

For those in need of advice, Ferrari Interiors offers an affordable personal shopping service that ultimately saves you time and costly dollars. Through Ferrari Interiors you will gain access to showrooms that are not open to the public, allowing Bernie to source quality, unique furniture that is just right for your property.

At Ferrari Interiors we believe every home should have at least one special piece of furniture you love and makes you feel good every time you use it.

To find out more about Ferrari Interiors’ Personal Shopping Service or to arrange a complimentary design consultation please call Bernadette Ferrari on 0417 088 602.