Home Office Harmony

Home OfficeWith more and more people escaping their cubicles and corner offices to work from home, Bernie shares how to create an attractive and efficient workspace within your living environment.

When planning your home office space, choose an area in your house where you will have minimal distractions. The very concept of a home office is set upon discipline. It is also important that your work is not an impediment to other family members and guests. Besides if your office is removed from the general living area, you are free to add creative touches that will not hinder the overall look and flow of the home.

As you will be spending a great deal of time in this space, it is recommended that you choose a neutral colour. Your office space should also be organised and inspirational, so add splashes of colour with bright storage boxes, folders and other stationery accessories.

If you don’t have the luxury of a separate office or study create a nook. A desk installed inside a cupboard with slide back doors, or a flip down table are excellent solutions. Alternatively add a desk in a bedroom or lounge room, preferably under a window where you will enjoy lots of natural light. Ensure your desk faces away from any distractions such as the television and bed.

Home office essentials:

  • A desk clear of clutter.
  • Ergonomic chair that protects your back.
  • Printer/Scanner/Copier/Fax: nowadays, single ‘All-In-One’ machines perform these tasks, saving you space consumption and countless dollars.
  • Telephone line and internet connection: keep the cables tidy by taping them together and camouflaging them with furniture such as a desk with a faux back. Better still go wireless!
  • Storage: to optimise efficiency and productivity, ensure your workspace is not cramped or cluttered. Sort everything away in labelled boxes, containers or folders, and invest in a proper filing cabinet or shelving.
  • Good lighting: a well lit work environment is essential so purchase a beautiful table or floor lamp.
  • “Bin it”: if you don’t need it, toss it straight into a wastepaper bin, an essential item in any office.
  • Wall planner: will help you stay organised.
  • Inspiration: you should feel good about entering your work space each day, so add a little inspiration with fresh flowers, an oil burner or candles. A stunning piece of furniture such as a beautiful desk will also help lift your mood.