Inside the most expensive suite at The One & Only Palmilla Resort

The Baja California Peninsula in northwestern Mexico has long been a popular getaway spot for party seekers. However, the location is becoming home to more and more five star resorts and with that, attracting a different type of holiday maker.

One such resort is the One&Only Palmilla. The One&Only brand is synonymous with refined and relaxed luxury, privacy and exclusivity. This new resort is all that and more, particularly Villa One, the most expensive suite in the vicinity.

Nestled on the peninsula, Villa One has generous views of the Sea of Cortez from almost every room along with access to one of the only swimmable beaches in the region.

Designed by Anderson Miller, the villa boasts 14,000 square feet of living space, which includes a butler’s suite, a private infinity-edge pool, fire pit, movie room, spa treatment room and lush tropical gardens.

Inside, there is a strong link to the villa’s natural surrounds, with wooden furniture crafted from Mexican timber along with an organic neutral colour palette of browns, beige and whites.

Take a look…

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