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Inside “The Wing”: a female-only New York co-working space

Co-working spaces are popping up the world over, with WeWork recently expanding to Australia, opening three locations in Sydney and one in Melbourne with another on the way. Over in America, the second edition of a popular female-only co-working space has opened, after an 8,000-strong waitlist response to the first.

The Wing‘ describes itself as a ‘home base and social club for women’. Brooklyn’s outpost is due to open soon, with Washington, Los Angeles and San Francisco believed to be next, adding to the original Flatiron location and the new SoHo base.

The loft-style SoHo space was put together by a female team of designers, makers and artists. Decorator Chiara de Rege and architect Alda Ly directed the interiors, choosing a colour palette of rich hues paired with fresh, whitewashed walls and textured fabrics, including lots of velvet and plush layered rugs, while a female team at Pentagon were in charge of the branding, drawing on the history of suffrage graphics and vernacular design. They created a series of 30 different ‘W’s, which they say is “a nod to the eclectic makeup of the membership and its diversity of perspectives and different voices”.

Meanwhile, the “busy women of New York” wallpaper was hand-drawn by Joana Avillez, with artwork by Leanne Shapton, Laurie Simmons, and Gia Coppola adding character and colour to the walls. Even the bookcase is filled with female authors’ works.

Members can make the most of the in-house cafe, ‘The Perch’, the fully equipped beauty room, a pump room for new mothers, bookable conference rooms, private phone booths and a calendar full of events. Plus, The Wing has now added a print edition to their line up: ‘No Man’s Land’, “for women with something to say and nothing to prove.”

Take a look at The Wing, SoHo, below and let’s stay tuned for a possible expansion into Australia!

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