Light It Up

LightingLighting is an integral part of interior design. It greatly contributes to the look and feel of a room and is therefore an excellent investment. In this article Bernie looks at a variety of stylish and clever lighting techniques that can transform your space.

LightingDramatic: Make a bold statement in a room with an oversized shade or sculptural light such as this dramatic geometric shaped wire fixture. It makes a strong impact and provides an excellent visual focal point.


Task Lighting: Many interesting light fixtures can be used to effectively illuminate daily work areas for activities such as cooking, reading and studying etc. In this modern kitchen a sleek pendent light is used to light up bench space and enhance the minimal design. Task lights are unobtrusive and prevent sore eyes. We adore these small pendant lights suspended over a comfy reading chair. Task lights are not only practical; they can also produce beautiful effects and be a stylish addition to a home or office.

Ambient Lighting: This form of lighting washes the room in a soft glow and is very flattering. Adding a dimmer to your ordinary lights is a simple way of achieving this effect.

LightingAccent Lighting: Use spotlights or cleverly positioned table and floor lamps to accentuate an architectural feature or piece of furniture.

LightingColour: To rejuvenate a room, one cost effective method is simply changing your lampshades or adding a striking colourful light fixture such as this elegant light which perfectly ties in the Victorian chair upholstered in green velvet.

LightingTexture: Add a quirky touch to a room with a textured shade such as the shaggy reading pendant lights above. A recent trend in lighting is lamps made of wood such as Alex MacMaster’s Iris floor and pendant lamp.

Natural Light: Ensure the layout of your room maximises the position of the sun throughout the day, to give it a nice light and breezy feel. Take advantage of Australia’s glorious sunshine and be on the lookout for eco-friendly solar powered pendant lights.

Bernie recommends using multiple lighting techniques to create a desired mood in a room. Many combinations are possible from uplights, downlights, wall lights, table lamps, pendants, tiny LEDs hidden in joinery, all working in perfect harmony at the touch of a button.

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