Melbourne design company Bonnie & Neil’s new winter range

Melbourne design company Bonnie & Neil recently launched their new range: Winter Garden. But it’s not the muted, cool tones you’d expect of a typically wintry collection.

Instead, Winter Garden features a vibrant collection of screen printed cushion covers and hand painted plywood tiles.

Bonnie Ashley and Neil Downie say that their new designs are inspired by historical conservatory gardens.

The collection is full of geometric designs, abstract florals and lush plant life – a look that has quickly become synonymous with the Bonnie & Neil brand.

There are strong hues of emerald, indigo, blue and mustard, as well Bonnie and Neil’s signature pink.

Excitingly, Bonnie and Neil have now added ceramics to their range, in a collaboration with Robert Gordon. The new products are stoneware ceramics featuring bold botanical shapes.

Shop online here and explore the range below.

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