Our favourite interior decorating trends this Christmas

Christmas is the time of year where you can go a little bit crazy with your interior decorating.

Add that little bit more to the table dressing than you normally would, forget about choosing between your candles – light them all, or hang a wreath in every room of the house.

But normal design rules still apply even during Christmas. Choose one key colour and add to the timeless white and black.

This year, the popular colours for Christmas are red (of course!), grey-blues and lots of organic brown.

With websites like Etsy and increasing design markets, handmade decorations are also a large part of this year’s decorating.

But you don’t have to have lots of time to do your own DIY. Head out into your backyard or your local florist for some greenery, place it into a vase and add some hanging ornaments for a fresh centrepiece or curl the greenery and secure into a garland.

Wrap gifts with brown paper and tie with ribbon or stamp with Christmas stamps for simple, handmade wrapping paper.

Take a look at some of our favourite images for interior decorating inspiration this Christmas…

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Images from our Pinterest ‘Christmas Styling’ board. Take a look.