Something silly for the ‘Silly Season’… because who doesn’t love a sleeping baby?

California artist, children’s illustrator and mother Queenie Liao created a series of sleepscapes after her first son, Wengenn, was born.

She used linen, household items and stuffed animals to create the narratives called ‘Wengenn in Wonderland‘ – a compilation of more than 100 photos.

They remind me of Anne Geddes‘ and Adele Enersen‘s photography with whimsical scenes set up around a child – but in this case it’s a peacefully sleeping baby.

Wengenn says she drew on fairytales from her own childhood and before Wengenn’s nap each day she would set up a scene ready to place him into when he fell asleep. Then off to work she went with her camera.

The series of photos have been made into a Chinese book – with an English-language version on the horizon.

Take a look as three-month-old Wengenn travels to far-away lands as a prince, cowboy, scarecrow and more, all while he sleeps… and I challenge you not to smile!

baby-and-birdcage-600x400 baby-artist-600x446 baby-as-a-lion-600x414 baby-as-a-mouse-600x854 baby-as-flower-600x455 baby-carousel-600x432 baby-gulliver-600x401 baby-in-a-claw-machine-600x829 baby-interviews-obama-600x401 baby-king-600x782 baby-on-a-broomstick-600x422 baby-piano-player-600x420 baby-reaches-for-the-stars-600x805 baby-snake-charmer-600x401 baby-tarzan-600x422 baby-toy-soldier-600x401 baby-trapeze-artist-600x409 baby-with-books-600x829 baby-with-bunny-600x424 baby-with-owl-600x453 castle-on-a-cloud-600x869 romantic-baby-date-600x401 spooky-baby-ghost-600x401

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