How to style a sophisticated black and white bathroom

Black and white are always in style, especially when it comes to bathrooms. A monochrome colour scheme creates a sense of timeless luxury and sophistication. We have compiled our top tips (and a gallery of photos for inspiration) to help you create the perfect black and white bathroom – whether you are planning a full renovation or a simple tile update. 

1. Art work 

Add some character and style to your room. If you want a minimal touch of colour you can incorporate it through our choice of art or you may decide to add large mirrors as statement pieces instead.

2. Tiles. 

There are many textures and styles of tiles available and each combination will create a very different space. Ask for expert help if needed to select complimentary tiles for all those spaces in your bathroom – floors, splash-backs and so on. My favourite tiles for the bathroom are white marble, hexagonal tiles in white or black and patterned white and black tiles for the floor. Avoid using overly-patterned tiles on all walls as this can make a space feel small and claustrophobic.

3. Taps
Introducing black tap-ware can create a huge impact. Experiment by using black for your basin taps and shower heads. Choose matt black and position against white tiles for maximum impact.

4. Window shutters

Shutters add such a relaxed feel to your space: you can open them and let the sunshine in or leave them closed and light a candle. If you’re looking to add an extra feature, swap the traditional white shutters for statement black.

5. Black baths

Invest in a black bath and it will become the centrepiece for your bathroom  A black bath is very chic in white-based bathroom. Then pair with touches of black, oak, or metal accessories to finish the space or be bold with extravagant black on black.

6. Accessories

Bathrooms are not a place for clutter: think simple, complimentary, and functional when it comes to your accessories. Bath mats, soap and dispensers, lighting, vases, candles, and towels. Darker back drops with lighter accessories, charcoal shades can work well or golds/silvers, or a deep colour with your black and white theme.

Here are some of our favourite black and white bathrooms from our bathrooms Pinterest board – take a look:

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Images from Ferrari Interior’s bathrooms Pinterest board.