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What’s new in the world of design: February 2018

This month, there are lots of new experiences to be had in the space where fashion and interiors meet. Join us as we take a global tour: from Paris, to Miami, Soho and back to Italy. Some of fashion’s biggest names have created new spaces for us to explore, while a late fashion icon has a new tribute, which we can all enjoy – if we’re brave.

Louis Vuitton’s new Paris home

There is a new ‘must-see’ if you are travelling to Paris: after four years of renovations, Louis Vuitton’s Place Vendôme store is now open. It holds huge sentimental and historical value, being the place where the brand’s founder first opened the doors to his business 160 years ago. Now, the two-storey boutique is light-filled, and designed to feel more like a home than a retail store. Inside are more than 30 arts pieces and sculptures, and a staircase that connects the two levels made from 18th century stone.
lv_0004_place_vendome_store_-_other_2_clouis_vuitton_stephane_muratet lv_0005_place_vendome_store_-_other_1_clouis_vuitton_stephane_muratet lv_0006_place_vendome_store_-_ground_floor_3_clouis_vuitton_stephane_muratet lv_0010_place_vendome_store_-_travel_floor_1_clouis_vuitton_stephane_muratet lv_0011_place_vendome_store_-_ground_floor_2_clouis_vuitton_stephane_muratet lv_0012_place_vendome_store_-_travel_floor_2_clouis_vuitton_stephane_muratet

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The Villa Casa Casuarina

Once home to famous fashion designer Gianni Versace, The Villa Casa Casuarina in Miami Beach is now a luxury hotel.

The 1930 building was purchased by Versace in 1992, and become the place where he was dramatically assassinated.

Providing that dark history doesn’t put you off, you can now stay at the boutique hotel, restaurant and event space.

Opulent, erring on over the top, features include 24-karat gold tiles lining the pool, one room covered entirely in seashells and animal print (almost) everywhere.

Gianni-Vesace-Miami-Mansion-Is-Now-A-Luxury-Hotel-02 Gianni-Vesace-Miami-Mansion-Is-Now-A-Luxury-Hotel-03 Gianni-Vesace-Miami-Mansion-Is-Now-A-Luxury-Hotel-04 Gianni-Vesace-Miami-Mansion-Is-Now-A-Luxury-Hotel-05 Gianni-Vesace-Miami-Mansion-Is-Now-A-Luxury-Hotel-06 Images above from here.

Gucci’s interactive ‘Gucci Garden’, Florence

Florence, Italy, is now home to ‘Gucci Garden’ – a unique museum that tells the story of the legendary brand.

Featuring six rooms across two floors, visitors can explore historic collections, a retail store offering exclusive products, and a restaurant by three-Michelin-star chef Massimo Bottura.

gucci-garden-florence-italy-01 gucci-garden-florence-italy-3 gucci-garden-florence-italy-4 gucci-garden-florence-italy-5 gucci-garden-florence-italy-6 gucci-garden-florence-italy-7 gucci-garden-florence-italy-8 gucci-garden-florence-italy-9 gucci-garden-florence-italy-10Images above from here.

Chanel’s women’s only The Coco Club

In celebration of its BOY∙FRIEND watch collection, Chanel created a private women’s club at Soho’s The Wing. ‘The Coco Club’ was a place to unwind, recharge, and entertain – in style of course. With black, white, cream and gold the central colours of the space, members could take their pick from the games room (complete with ping-pong table, pool table, and shuffleboard), library, Coco Café and beauty room.


Chanel-CocoClub-Social locjer-rooms THE-COCO-CLUB_BOY.FRIEND-Bar THE-COCO-CLUB_Cafe the-coco-club-game-room the-coco-club-library Images above from here.