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What’s new in the world of design: June 2017

This month, we look at a unique collaboration between one of the biggest names in haute couture and the art ‘masters’; a collaboration in the name of women’s rights, the quirkiest shop front we’ve seen in a long time and the most beautiful new washbasins designs, by a company right here in Melbourne. Take a look…

Designing Women exhibition

Egg Collective is a New York-based design company established in 2011 by three female designers — Stephanie Beamer, Crystal Ellis, and Hillary Petrie. In May, they ran a benefit show to raise funds for ‘Girls INC NYC’: a charity with the mission of inspiring “all girls to be strong, smart, and bold.” The show featured work by top New York-based female artists and designers – including textile artist Hiroko Takeda, sculptor Maria Moyer and jewellery designer Caroline Ventura. Housed in Egg Collective’s West SoHo showroom, the show was full of soft colour tones, the aged metals that are a key trend of 2017, and structured textiles.

Egg-Collective-Designing-Women-Exhibition-Yellowtrace-03 Egg-Collective-Designing-Women-Exhibition-Yellowtrace-04 Egg-Collective-Designing-Women-Exhibition-Yellowtrace-07

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Louis Vuitton x Van Gogh

New York-based artist Jeff Koons is the latest collaborator with Louis Vuitton. The fashion house engaged Koons to present iconic works, by the likes of Van Gogh, Leonardo da Vinci, Titian, Peter Paul Rubens and Jean-Honoré Fragonard, in a new way.

This saw the launch of a capsule range of handbags, shawls, purses, clutch bags, backpacks and keyholders, each featuring a piece from one of the artists. The bags are pieces of art themeselves, and have the name of each of the masters on the front. And for the first time, the Louis Vuitton monogram has been reconfigured: for this collaboration into Koons’ initials.

louis-vuitton-monogram-shawl-light-masters-lvxkoons--M70610_PM2_Front view louis-vuitton-ipad-folio-masters-lvxkoons--M64639_PM2_Front view 040_089VanGogh_v4_QC_R300_SIMP_R300-reg

090_208Rubens_v3_QC_R300_SIMP_R300-reg 010_057Titian_v3_QC_R300_SIMP_R300-reg 070_173DaVinci_v3_QC_R300_SIMP_R300-reg louis-vuitton-clutch-masters-lvxkoons--M64702_PM2_Front view

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Caldera by Rogerseller

Melbourne-based Rogerseller has been a go to for premium quality fixtures and fittings. This year, the family business launched a new range, ‘inspired by the irregular shapes of collapsed volcanic craters’.

Caldera by Rogerseller‘ comprises sculptural washbasins that boast ‘expressed crisp peaks that plunge into elegant depressions below the surface’ and are perfect for semi-inset installations.

Inspired by nature, the range comprises of two shapes: one very organic in shape being an elongated asymmetrical oval, and the other more conventional in shape, being rectangular. Either way, the pieces provide a chance to introduce another Rogerseller beauty into our homes.

Rogerseller_Caldera_Blog_3 Rogerseller_Caldera3.3 Rogerseller_Caldera_Blog_hero

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Czech showroom covered in 900 plastic chairs

Well this is certainly a sight you don’t see every day! Architecture studio Chybik + Kristof have used 900 plastic chairs to form the outside of a former car showroom in Czech’s Brno. Now a furniture store, the exterior is a fitting reference to what’s within. When the furniture company MY DVA Group jokingly asked the design studio to do it “do it cheap, ideally for free,”  Chybik + Kristof took on the challenge, sourcing the black plastic chairs for £2.50 each.

gallery-furniture-chybik-kistof-architecture-retail-czech-republic_dezeen_2364_col_2 gallery-furniture-chybik-kistof-architecture-retail-czech-republic_dezeen_2364_col_1

Images above from here.