What’s new in the world of design: October 2016

We love to explore boutiques that have highly considered interiors. Recently opened is Ginger and Smart’s new store at Pacific Fair in the Gold Coast. The concept for the store ‘a little bit of polished, a little bit of playful’ was brought to life by Flack Studio. Colour is the key feature of the space, with the unofficial colour of the past two years – blush – used heavily and contrasted with a deep emerald tone. There are also pops of coral in feature display boxes. Also offsetting each other are the plush carpet and the concrete floors along with the brightly lit entrance transitioning into the more subtly lit dressing room.

ginger-and-smart-store-gold-coast-by-flack-studio-yellowtrace-13ginger-and-smart-store-gold-coast-by-flack-studio-yellowtrace-01 ginger-and-smart-store-gold-coast-by-flack-studio-yellowtrace-03 ginger-and-smart-store-gold-coast-by-flack-studio-yellowtrace-06 ginger-and-smart-store-gold-coast-by-flack-studio-yellowtrace-07 ginger-and-smart-store-gold-coast-by-flack-studio-yellowtrace-08 ginger-and-smart-store-gold-coast-by-flack-studio-yellowtrace-09 ginger-and-smart-store-gold-coast-by-flack-studio-yellowtrace-10 ginger-and-smart-store-gold-coast-by-flack-studio-yellowtrace-11
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2. Laurent Craste knows how to turn everyday decorative pieces into objects of quirk, humour and emotion. The Montreal-based, French artist has released his new collection, titled ‘Abuse’, where he takes his ceramic pieces and ‘ruins’ them with features like a tongue, axe and bat. The deliberately caused “accident” changes the appearance of the vases: soiled, covered with graffiti, trampled, cracked, nailed to the wall, yet still recognisable. Craste says he sees his work as instruments of political power, ideological vehicles and demonstrations of economic power.

laurent-craste-porcelain-art-yellowtracelaurent-craste-porcelain-art-yellowtrace-10 laurent-craste-porcelain-art-yellowtrace-11 laurent-craste-porcelain-art-yellowtrace-12


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3. Featherston is an iconic furniture brand that people scour antique stores for and attend auctions just hoping to get their hands on an original piece. Recognising the ongoing demand for the decades-old brand, ‘Featherston 2016‘ is an attempt to meet this demand and create many more fans in the process. A collaboration by Gordon Mather, Mary Featherston and Grazia & Co, Featherston 2016 revilaises the classics in contemporary, yet timeless fabrics and colours. This includes the famous b150 obo chair – first created in 1974 – which is today made in a flexible high density moulded polyurethane foam ball with reflex memory and a removable upholstered zipper cover.

B150_Obo_Chair_1 B150_Obo_Chair

Photos: Andrew Curtis.

4. Melbourne has a brand new hotel – and it reminds us of St Jerome’s rooftop glamping we covered last year. ‘Notel‘ – a play on ‘not a hotel’ – is home to six Airsteam caravans perched on the roof of a laneway carpark. These caravans are far from your typical home away from home – they have been kitted out with all the luxuries we’d expect from a high end hotel, including premium linen, pillows and throws,  ensuite bathroom, a bar fridge stocked with local craft beer, bubbles and snacks and a virtual concierge run through an iPad that helps visitors find and book the best spots in Melbourne’s CBD to eat, drink and play. Visitors even enter using their smart phones, with an app that acts as a virtual key for the building.

notel-melbourne-3816-copy notel-melbourne-4049-copy notel-melbourne-4215-copy notel-melbourne-4231-copy


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5. Wallpaper can turn a wall into an art-piece. Murals Wallpaper’s new ‘Industrial Chic‘ range of ‘Rough Luxe’ wallpapers allow you to bring industrial elements into your home with minimal effort. It doesn’t matter if your home or office space doesn’t have beautiful brick or wood panelled walls – create the look with digitally printed wallpaper to make a huge statement.

crumbling-brick-web oil-spill-web white-paint-brick-web