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Airbnb’s global-inspired and homely Parisian HQ

It is an office that feels like anything but. Each room is influenced by a unique culture, with all the comforts of a home firmly in place. This Paris HQ is home to technology disruptor Airbnb, created in a collaboration between Airbnb’s Environments Team and design firm STUDIOS Architecture.

The meeting rooms take inspiration from Airbnb listings around the world – from Morocco, USA, China and right here in Australia! The Tasmania inspired room features an old barn door as a reference to one of the company’s Hobart listings.

In the Moroccan inspired space, you’ll find mosaic tiles covering the floor and part of the walls, along with wicker baskets and colourful poufs.

Throughout this office, natural light streams through the many skylights, into the conservatory and onto the rooftop garden. The view is inspiring too – featuring none other than Paris’ most famous site: the Eiffel Tower.

In a first for Airbnb offices is the ‘hospitality lounge’: a space to welcome large and small groups for meet ups, events, debates and more. And while it references many cultures, this Airbnb HQ is distinctly Parisian with its mansard roof, giving the sense of a Parisian attic, along with furniture sourced from local flea markets and French designers like the Bouroullec Brothers and Jean Prouve.

Take a look…

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Photography by Donal Murphy from here.