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Australia’s lavish commercial interiors

Commercial interiors can be extremely exciting and unique. The principles of design can be used to create interesting environments and memorable atmospheres in our public spaces. Ambiance and quality materials are key for attracting clientele and repeat business.

Below we explore some of Australia’s most creative communal and interior design orientated spaces and venues.


Located in Melbourne’s South Fitzroy, Poodle Bar blends old and new with its materials, shapes and tones. A sense of nostalgia is created with layers of marble and leather that draw from Art Deco design. Rich dark wood panelling exudes character along with the deep colour pallet that creates a sense of intimate warmth.  

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Located in Coogee, New South Whales, Shutters is a restaurant that explores French-Italian inspired food and beverages. Placed next to Coogee Beach the venue allows patrons to export themselves to a Mediterranean oasis. Bright, luxurious and comfortable, the interior is designed to easily transition from day to night. Pale blues, whites and creams are scattered throughout in various materials and fabrics creating a harmonious space.

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BLACKSMITH, Lake Mulwala

Situated in Mulwala New South Whales, Blacksmith is a trendy bar with Mid-century characteristics. Southern Californian vibes are projected from the materials and light wood tones. Lush greenery is scattered throughout creating the ultimate destination for a cocktail or two. Classic and timeless with a touch of rock’n’roll makes a playful and desirable atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.

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THE CALILE HOTEL, Fortitude Valley

Positioned in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley, The Calile Hotel produces a sense of luxury and escapism. Luxurious materials of stone, marble and expressed concrete are seen throughout the building’s interior and exterior. The hotel allows its guests to escape to a tropical resort whilst still being situated in an urban area. Dusty, earthy tones are used to contrast against shiny metallics such as brass and copper creating an extravagant sanctuary.

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