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What’s new in the world of design: November 2017

With a theme this month of the finer things in life, we’ve looked at the most extravagant, decadent and cultural new developments from the design industry the world over. We have some treats in store for you! From headpieces that err on being outrageous to a designer chocolate shop that is chock full of 1,500 chocolate bars, sit back and enjoy our round up of life’s more extraordinary pleasures.

Yves Saint Laurent museum, Marrakech

Morocco has been on our must-visit list for a while now, but a new museum opening has shot it right to the top. The genius of Yves Saint Lauren has been celebrated in a dedicated museum, opened just a couple of weeks ago.

Yves Saint Laurent allegedly loved Marrakech so much when he first visited in 1966, that he immediately bought a house there and visited as often as he could, drawing much inspiration from the eclectic city. The new museum houses a showcase of Yves Saint Laurent’s work, a research library, temporary exhibition space, bookstore and terrace cafe.


yves-saint-laurent-museum-marrakech-05 yves-saint-laurent-museum-marrakech-17 yves-saint-laurent-museum-marrakech-02 yves-saint-laurent-museum-marrakech-01

Images from here.

Kelly Wearstler-designed chocolate factory

Interiors and chocolate are two of our favourite things, so we can’t help but love the result of Kelly Wearstler’s first retail space: Compartés. The geometric patterns, antique brass features and endless marble certainly set the scene,  but the star attraction has to be the beautifully packaged chocolate bars on display – all 1,500 of them!

kelly-wearstler-chocolate-factory-1505499662 kelly-wearstler-chocolate-factory-2-1505497456 kelly-wearstler-chocolate-factory-7-1505497456

Paper artist Asya Kozina‘s ornate headdresses

Russian-based Asya and Dmitriy Kosin’s Art Group takes inspiration from the baroque and rococo periods to create headdresses you need to see to believe. The towering pieces features violins, cherry blossoms and skyscraper sculptures – and who knows, maybe one day they’ll make an appearance at a Melbourne Cup Fashions on the Field!

asya-kozina-designboom-07 asya-kozina-designboom-01 asya-kozina-designboom-03

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International flower festival, ‘Flora’, Spain

The best floral artists from around the world put their talents on display during the last week in October in the city of Córdoba, Spain. Their brief? To create unique interventions in the city’s famous courtyards. The locals must have been impressed, with first place going to ‘Duende’ – an installation inspired by a Spanish flamenco dancer, created by Americans Natasha Lisitsa and Daniel Schultz.

flora-international-flower-festival-designboom-6 flora-international-flower-festival-designboom-1 flora-international-flower-festival-designboom-8

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The best of the 2017 Melbourne Spring Racing marquees

It might be easy to forget that the Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival is actually about horse racing – with the focus increasingly on frocks, food and marquees.

We’re not complaining though as it’s always fun to see inside what is dubbed the “the most lavish temporary facility on the planet”: The Birdcage at Flemington Racecourse.

Spanning the size of 65 tennis courts, this huge complex becomes home to marquees from brands including Myer, Mumm and Emirates, each trying to go one up on the other.

So let’s take a look at four of this year’s stand outs…


If you suffer a fear of flying or a dislike for aeroplanes, you might like to stay clear of the Emirates marquee this year. It features a fully functioning replica lounge of its A380 plane. Chat with stewardesses and sip on champagne as you check out the best in on-board service and style.1509599732363 (4)

1509679042118 (8) 1509679042118 (7)1509679042118 (9)


Set across a three level space designed by Joost Bakker, Lexus’ marquee pulls out all the stops. Have a perfume custom made by a MECCA fragrance specialist, dine on treats from famous pâtissière Nectar & Stone, and have your portrait taken by renowned Australian photographer Hugh Stewart. This one’s all about making the race-goers feel like stars. 1234660-1_og 1234668-1_og


1509679042118 (1) 1509679042118


The Mumm marquee this year was certainly the talk of the town, with its $2.2 million yacht on show. Themed on the French Riviera, this marquee is all about the art of celebration. Inside the vessel, guests can enjoy private tastings of Mumm’s specialty Melbourne Cup cocktail ‘Le Mistral’, while singers, dancers, acrobats and DJs will perform a specially curated show, ‘Voyage Nautique’. 59faaa03137c8_gettyimages_869183552_59faa92465e3e

59faaa027a0dc_mumm_shanina_shaik_preview_day_1_59faa9291166b1509679042118 (2)Lavazza

Taking inspiration from its Italian heritage, the Neale Whitaker-designed Lavazza marquee is all about the romance and sophistication of mid 19th century Italian design. The white facade, archways, grand staircase, velvet furniture and of course the brands’ signature espresso martinis, provide an opulent experience for discerning race-goers.

Header image from here. All other images from here, here and here.

1509679042118 (4) 1509679042118 (5) 1509679042118 (3)

Inside Goop’s new retail space – inspired by a country home

Walking into goopLAB, you might be mistaken for thinking you accidentally walked into someone’s home. But there’s no embarrassment to be had.

The interior of the first permanent store for Gwyneth Paltrow’s behemoth online blog and shopping hub, goop, takes inspiration from her own homes.

Designed by New York studio Roman and Williams (who worked with Gwyneth on the interiors of her own residences), the Los Angeles store guides shoppers through all the rooms you’d expect in a ‘real’ home.

First is the greenhouse, full of products from Goop’s gardening range, displayed on vintage French metal shelves. From there, you’ll enter the fully functioning kitchen – which will be the cooking hub for demos and events.  You’ll also find the pink-tiled bathroom, with a 360-degree vanity stocked full of Goop’s very own beauty products, which you’re not only allowed to try, but encouraged to do so.

Next up is the living room – full of vintage finds and custom made items, including the chandelier cast from actual tree branches. However, what is sure to be a star attraction in this new store, is the Christian Louboutin limited-edition capsule shoe collection, created in collaboration with Goop.

It’s clear that goopLAB is leveraging the trend of retail stores being more than just a place to shop, and instead an experience in and of themselves. There’s no doubt Goop fans will feel right at home.

Celebrity Insider: Whitney Port’s relaxed LA home

‘Bohemian’ is a word that comes to mind when looking at actress-turned-fashion designer Whitney Port’s home. It is full of global influences, texture and laid back charm.

With high vaulted ceiling, skylights and big windows overlooking the back garden and pool, the Studio City home is light, airy and very inviting.

But it wasn’t love at first site for Whitney. As she told Joss & Main:

We first saw this home and thought it was OK, but weren’t in love. We had our work cut out for us, but we’ve loved making this space our own.

This work included replacing the vinyl floors with hardwood and knocking down walls to make a more open plan layout. Plus, with a baby on the way when they moved in, a nursery was needed. Without knowing the gender of her baby, Whitney chose neutral tones with the same Moroccan vibe that carries through the rest of the house.

But the renovations aren’t over yet! The Ports have plans to update the kitchen and breakfast room as well as landscape the backyard.

However, once complete, Whitney hopes to enjoy her new-look home for years to come – unlike the more seasonal fashion pieces she built a business around. As told to Joss & Main:

Designing a home is different [to fashion designing] in that it requires you to think about your everyday life and the environment you want around you. With clothing, you can be a little riskier and more playful, because you don’t have to wear the same thing every day. Every morning I wake up to the same house, and I never want it to go out of style.

Take a look…

1228926-1_og 1228927-1_og 1228928-1_og 1228929-1_og 1228924-1_og 1228919-1_og 1228918-1_og 1228923-1_og 1228922-1_og 1228917-1_og 1228916-1_og 1228921-1_og 1228920-1_og 1228915-1_og 1228914-1_og 1228909-1_og 1228913-1_og 1228912-1_og1228910-1_og

Photography by Nicole Gerulat for Joss & Main.