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Inside the vibrant new Hoxton Hotel, Paris

The Hoxton hotel brand is designed for the style savvy. With offerings in Shoreditch, Holborn and Amsterdam, the doors have now opened to Hoxton’s Paris incarnation.

It’s the largest of all the Hoxton hotels yet, and comes complete with a brasserie, a cocktail bar and 172 guest-rooms. History and modern living come together in this 18th century building. In fact, the facade is so exemplary of rococo architecture that the French state have declared it a ‘monument historique’.

Inside, two 300-year-old staircases sweep your eye updates towards exposed timber beams and intricate cornices. There’s a strong sense of indoor-outdoor flow, with an internal courtyard’s cobbled ground juxtaposed with plush velvet lounges in punchy colours.
Graphical artwork and bedspreads, the tangerine tones repeated throughout and the leather bedheads lend a modern feel to the hotel, while the parquetry floors and wall panelling remind us of the building’s past. Take a look…

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Celebrity insider: Kelly Wearstler’s Beverly Hills home

It’s a Hollywood mansion with equal measures of old world glamour and contemporary style. That’s no surprise, as this home belongs to style powerhouse Kelly Wearstler.  The American designer and businesswoman has designed homes for celebrities including Cameron Diaz and Gwen Stefani.

When it came to her own home, the 1.3 hectare estate in Beverly Hills, Wearstler was careful to respect the heritage of the home. She introduced signature furniture pieces from her self-named Kelly Wearstler store, including her black leather-and-bronze Elliott chairs and striped Durant sofa, both which highlight the home’s grand proportions.

Outside, the pool area has the feel of a resort: plush lounge chairs, manicured gardens and oversized umbrellas. It’s a home fit for a style queen of the modern era, while still feeling very much old world Hollywood. Take a look…


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Celebrity Insider: Nicky Hilton Rothschild’s Manhattan home

The first thing that strikes us about Nicky Hilton and husband James Rothschild’s home is the extensive use of colour. Blues and reds are confidently used throughout the Manhattan penthouse.

The sitting room sees painted red walls paired with a red fabric lounge suite and tens of art-pieces covering the walls, while the drawing room has a blue rug, blue lounge suite and blue de Gournay cherry-blossom wallpaper, again with art-pieces across most of the walls. Both spaces are examples of the ‘more is more’ maximalist approach to design.

Nicky says she gave her husband the lead when it came to the interiors; herself just adding small touches along the way. However, there was one room where Nicky took charge: her daughter’s nursery, which includes Pottery Barn furniture, a colourful felt-ball rug and sky-blue walls.

A home for their two children, Lily-Grace and Teddy Marilyn – the design needed to be practical enough for little ones. While there are many family heirlooms from James’ English family home, no room is ‘off limits’ to the kids.

Stand-out decor pieces include the Holland & Sherry wool-covered Howard sofa – a piece handed down from James’ family and upholstered by the couple, a bright turquoise oval gesso-and-kaolin painting by Elliott Puckette and an antique marble mantelpiece.

Take a look…

0318-AD-HILT03-01_sq 0318-AD-HILT04-01_sq 0318-AD-HILT05-01_sq 0318-AD-HILT06-01_sq 0318-AD-HILT02-01_sq0318-AD-HILT06-02_sq 0318-AD-HILT06-03_sq

Images from Architectural Digest, from here.


How to: three steps to Hamptons styling

Hamptons is one of those styles that just never dates. It’s loved by young and old – and all different tastes. The beauty of the ‘Hamptons’ look is that it can be used very subtly, or applied to an entire room or home.

We are sharing our top tips to bring the relaxed-yet-sophisticated Hamptons style into your home in five simple steps.

Step 1 – Colour Palette

The first thing to be considered when taking on the Hamptons look is your colour palette. When you think of a Hamptons interior, what do you see? The colours used are cool tones, weathered naturals, and lots of white. So create that neutral colour palette with off-white walls, perhaps some off-white panelling, and timber floors either in a very dark brown or a pale, bleached tone.

Step 2 – Furniture Choice

Hamptons-style furniture is durable, practical and natural. It’s not embellished pieces or intricate designs. Opt for simple and practical, with a sense of organic. Perfect choices are linen upholstery, wicker and rattan. You can also consider built-in furniture, like a window seat or bookshelves, to make the space feel even more simple and streamlined.

Step 3 – Decor & Styling

Again, neutral-coloured decor pieces that tie in with other pieces in the room are key to this look. Think about just one ‘wow’ piece in each space. Beach-style pendant lights or lamps work well, with shell details or wood or ceramic beads. Finally, give some new life to your existing decor or furniture pieces, or scout some vintage stores for rustic accessories. The Hamptons home has a ‘lived in’ feel that instantly creates a sense of being at home.

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Images from here