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Interior Trends for Spring

Image: Anson Smart

With spring in the air it is time for a fresh start when it comes to your interiors. It might be all the fresh air, new blooms in the garden, or the vitamin D, but it seems to inspire a change in your interior space. We are exploring Vogue’s interior trends for Spring.

While minimalism has been on trend for quite some time, this spring is taking a look at the opposite. Take all those colourful throw pillows out of the cupboard, hang that bold statement art piece, and embrace all things shiny and big.

8 interior trends_2

Image: Pierre Augustin Rose

A trend in fabric this spring, according to Lauren Keenan of  Lauren Keenan Home is boucle. Boucle fabric has an irregular loop style to it, creating a bold texture in upholstery.

8 interior trends_3

Image: Kasia Gatcowska

Straight lines are out and curves are in. A good way to break up a space is to add a round mirror, semi circle accessories, or arched designs.

8 interior trends_4

Image: Nathalie Krag

Making a big comeback this spring is bold statement tiles inspired by Spanish and Italian design. This goes well with the idea of maximising your space. Look for tile with lots of colour, pattern, and warmth to incorporate into your space.

8 interior trends_5

Image: Stephan Julliard

The go to colour this spring is mustard. It is a great colour that can go with many neutrals. Think grey, pale pink, white, or navy… mustard will make a statement without taking away from the space.

8 interior trends_6

Image: Prue Ruscoe

Marble has alway had a place in any space to create a luxurious look, but this spring ditch the traditional and go with dark marble. You can add touches of marble without breaking the bank with a statement dining or coffee table or even a lux vase.

8 interior trends_7

Image: Sharyn Cairns

Biophilia is on trend. Try to merge nature with your interior space by using styling items similar in your indoor and outdoor space, or add greenery and botanical prints.

8 interior trends_8

Image: Prue Ruscoe

Modern Art Deco is a spin on the traditional Art Deco, still using jewel hues and bold patterns, but pairing things back with more matte finishes and sandy tones.


We are loving the interior trends for spring 2019.

A colourful pop-up at Bergdorf Goodman

British interior designer Kit Kemp created a colourful pop-up at Bergdorf Goodman.  A beautiful light-filled loft space on the seventh floor of Bergdorf Goodman was transformed into a whimsical space with the designer’s creations and collaborations.

The ‘Mythical Land’ wallpaper found throughout the space is a collaboration with Andrew Martin.

The fabric covering the cushions, furniture, and curtains in the space are from collaborations with Christopher Farr and Chelsea Textiles.

The rugs throughout the space come from Wilton Carpet’s Kit Kemp Collection.

Kemp uses colour in the three different spaces, changing from pastels to stronger bold tones. She is known for mixing prints and colours and in this space she does so seamlessly, creating a cohesive space that is appealing to the eye.

According to Vogue Living, she added one off pieces in the space that once sold will be replaced with something new.

Kemp is known for her work in boutique hotels and this space is indicative of her work with various artists who create stunning painted furniture (Melissa White), multi-media mobile (Daniel Reynolds), embroidered and applique pieces (Kumi and Pippa Caley), artworks (Jo Waterhouse) and (Ruby Keane), and framed decorative plates (Robina Jack).

Kemp is certainly one to add a touch of witty and whimsical to her designs, making her style iconic. See images from the colour-filled pop up below.

Kit Kemp 3


Kit Kemp 2


Kit Kemp 4


Kit Kemp 5


Kit Kemp 7


Kit Kemp 6


Kit Kemp 8


Kit Kemp 10


Kit Kemp 9


Kit Kemp 11




Images from here

A Fairytale Swim Club in Shanghai

A Shanghai based architectural design firm, x-living has created a dream like space for parents, children and infants. The fairytale swim club in Shanghai is not only an interior designers dream, it is the ideal play space for parents and children alike.

The amount of detail taken to create this pastel paradise is exceptional. The reception desk is made to look like a boat in water leading into the next space. The reception space leads into a shoe-changing room that focuses on pops of bold pattern in a pastel pink room.

The next space is a stunning reading room, which features round lampshades that are also featured throughout the club. According to designboom, “the round lampshades are meant to be sprays of water splashing in the sky.”

The round lampshades are also present in the swimming area, with the blue water contrasting with the pink pastel walls and bold black and white patterns throughout.

The innovative design firm, x-living has thought of everything when it comes to both design and convenience for parents, from the window between the pool and the parents area so parents can keep a watchful eye, to the stunning restaurant with a playful ‘pastel egg palace’ surrounded by tables for the parents to relax while watching their children play.

Mirrors are used throughout, included in the hallways, creating a playful and maze-like space.

There is a wonderful play on space, shapes, pattern and colour in this fairytale swim club in Shanghai. Take a look for yourself below and dive into this well crafted and curated space.

Images from here.

Loong Swim Club reception


Loong Swim Club shoe changing area


Loong Swim Club restaurant


Loong Swim Club reading area


Loong Swim Club pool


Loong Swim Club colours


Loong Swim Club hallway


Loong Swim Club party room


Loong Swim Club infant baths



Modern Dune-like Golf Clubhouse in Jordan

The design of this modern dune-like golf clubhouse in Jordan by Oppenheim Architecture blends right into the surrounding area. The clubhouse sits on a leisure development that includes an 18 hole golf course designed by Greg Norman and will house commercial space, as well as residential apartments, and a hotel.

The clubhouse itself will include luxuries such as a spa, retail space, dinning, shopping, and a golf analysis area. The stunning design is composed of a concrete shell that has been sprayed on to suit the undulating curves of the building.

According to designboom, “the construction of the project is the result of a knowledge exchange program between the european office of oppenheim architecture and local workforce.”

This would be the perfect place to send your dad to relax. I am sure he could imagine himself sitting back after a round of golf and admiring the architecture and workmanship put into the build.

Dune-like golf clubhouseimages from here
Golf clubhouse
Golf clubhouse Jordan Jordan golf clubhouse Oppenheim Oppenheim Architecture