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Design Trend: H&M’s unexpected designer collaboration

GP & J Baker’s iconic prints have been around since 1884. H&M have collaborated with the British brand to create a stunning new collection, marrying together iconic interior prints with fashion.

According to Vogue; Ann Grafton, Managing Director and Creative Director of GP & J Baker states, “They are some of our most iconic and most treasured designs, so to see them continuing their journey into a new arena in such an innovative and interesting way in the world of fashion is a wonderful prospect.”

As our latest post on Karl Lagerfeld shows, there is a significant interaction between fashion and interiors. H&M have tied the two together perfectly, creating wearable art that reflects a return of timeless pieces in both the fashion and interiors industry.

Pernilla Wohlfahrt, H&M’s Design Director explains “The pieces from the collection are feminine and strong with an effortless feel, and will appeal to those who love both fashion and great print design.”

See some of the stunning collection from H&M and GP & J Baker below.

H&M design collaboration 1GP & J Baker 1H&M design collaboration 2GP & J Baker 2H&M design collaboration 3GP & J Baker 3H&M design collaboration 4GP & J Baker 4

Images from Vogue and GP & J Baker

Celebrity Insider: The late Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld was best known as the creative director of Chanel. He sadly passed away this year at the age of 85, leaving quite the legacy in the design world. He created iconic, show stopping runway sets, so it is no surprise that his living spaces also reflected his iconic style.

We take a look at the contrast in his designs both on the runway and in his home furnishings.

As stated in Vogue, interior designer Andrée Putman collaborated with Lagerfeld to design the interiors of his Monte Carlo and Rome homes. Putman stated, “Each of Karl’s apartments is a perfect and closed universe, but a sincere one.”

His home designs were varied, going from traditional 18th century to Art Deco. His runway sets were also varied, from spacestations and real forests, to supermarkets and Parisian avenues.

Lagerfeld told Vogue of his Art Deco set piece apartment in Paris, “It’s more an atmosphere than anything—it is poesie, a dream.”

As stated in Vogue, ‘Change was the constant in Lagerfeld’s life; it’s no wonder he chose fashion as his milieu. “I don’t want to become attached,” he told Joan Juliet Buck, “and I detach myself when it is time.”’

Scroll down to take a look at his ever changing and evolving style from home to runway…
Lagerfeld home Paris
Lagerfeld runway Chanel A:W 2017Lagerfeld runway Chanel A:W 2018Lagerfeld home Le Mée, near ParisLagerfeld runway Chanel S:S 2015Lagerfeld home Le Mée, near Paris 2

Lagerfeld runway Chanel A:W 2014 Lagerfeld home Monte CarloImages by Vogue and


















Each year Pantone releases the highly regarded Colour of the Year.

In 2017, Pantone announced Greenery as it’s Colour of the Year and described it as “refreshing, revitalising and symbolic of new beginnings”.

In 2018, Pantone’s Colour of the Year was Ultra-Violet. A Pantone spokesperson described that it “communicates originality, ingenuity and visionary thinking that points us toward the future.”

So, what colour was chosen to be featured in 2019?

In 2019, Pantone announces it’s Colour of the Year as ‘Living Coral’, a colour that shows up frequently in nature and is commonly associated with beachside living.

Pantone’s spokesperson describes this colour as “inspired by the protection and sustenance coral reefs provide” stating, “this colour provides a sense of warmth and vibrancy”.

To us, while it is certainly a vibrant, warm colour, Living Coral suggests a sense of calm. When we imagine Living Coral we think of the beach, or a beautiful dessert hue.

Pantone describes it as the “life affirming shade of orange with a golden undertone”.

According to Vogue Living, corals pair best with the blue tones of the ocean. Scroll down to get some inspiration.

Images: Vogue Living and Conde Nast Traveler

Pantone Colour of the Year 2019 Living CoralRob Tilley Positano, Italydamla karacabay Istanbul, TurkeyLiving Coral_2019 Pantone Color of the YearPintai Suchachaisri Rajasthan, IndiaPantone Color of the Year_Living Coralby wildestanimal Misool, Indonesia


Style tips to hosting this year’s Christmas Party at home

Finding the right theme to decorate your home in for the big Christmas gathering can be anxiety inducing. You want a perfect combination of style without going over the top with seasonal features. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the options available to you and difficult to even know where to begin.

Cue this guide.

We hope it’ll help guide you in the right direction for your party. You’ll always have the following year to try a different theme!

Focus on the table

The family dinner is a quintessential part of Christmas festivities and one of the easiest ways to spread Christmas décor. Feel free to deviate from the standard red-and-green colour scheme. “Rather than the traditional red and green scheme, try something new like a fabric in malachite and hot pink peonies,” says designer Grant Gibson. “Layer in black and white for a graphic pop. The plates [below] are antique French.”

B. 1

For a more natural take on Christmas, dress up a dinner party with lush garland, silver candle holders, and wood chargers. Complete each setting with gold flatware and a cinnamon stick, as Lauren McBride did here, for a warm and inviting Christmas setting.

B. 2

Make white your base

In this holiday vignette styled by Craftberry Bush, a white Fir tree, white walls, and plenty of fake snow make for a wintery wonderland and make the bold pops of red even more dazzling. This can be used in any room. Try a white table runner topped with green foliage in the kitchen, or cluster white candles near mirrors to spread light.

B. 3

Opt for modern ornaments

Classic baubles in red, gold and green can sometimes come across as dated. Spruce it up (excuse the pun) with varying shapes, colour or texture. Have fun with a minimalist twist, such as the candle lights and geometric gold ornaments pictured below (styled by My Scandinavian Home).

B. 4

Ornaments are not solely reserved for the tree! Use bookshelves as an opportunity to inject a bit of holiday flair!

B. 5

Go natural

For lovers of floral accessories, Take inspiration from nature for your decorating scheme. “Use fresh evergreen boughs, garlands and wreaths combined with in-season citrus like lemons, tangerines and oranges,” says designer Tobi Fairley.” It will give your home a beautiful natural look, and it smells heavenly.”

B. 6

Don’t be afraid of artificial trees

If a real tree leaves a mess in your living room, don’t feel married to it. Besides, artificial trees often have wires that are easy to curve and bend to better hold ornaments. Not to mention they last much longer. Miss the scent of pine? A few scented candles (just not too close to the tree!) should do the job, or try out our natural pine needle idea above.

B. 7

Don’t shy from green décor

If filling bowls with pinecones is beginning to get boring, check crafts and home stores for natural ornaments, and display them with seasonal greenery. Added perk: The greenery, such as pine needles, will add a fresh aroma to the room, a must-have if you have opted for an artificial tree.

B. 8

Think in threes

For a beautiful statement decor piece, follow this easy formula. “Christmas means three things to me: paperwhites, citrus and magnolia. I go to the flower market (or the backyard) and cut magnolia and place it on mantles,” says designer Miles Redd. “I intersperse lemons or clementines (sometimes studded with cloves), and paperwhites — either the individual bulb — or just mossy pots of 6 bulbs. The smell of the combination is wonderful.”

B. 9

Make it last

Reduce, reuse, recycle! Save ribbons from previous presents you have received, or reuse old fabric as a unique wrapping for presents. Or even make a custom wreath from different materials, fabric bows, small baubles… you get the idea. Making some DIY decorations can also be a fun way to spend some quality- time as a fun activity with little ones.

B. 10

Make it magical with light

Spruce up both indoor and outdoor areas with some hanging lights. Weave in some natural evergreens and fabric straps to a staircase and hang strings of lights to have a magical floating effect.

B. 11

For a warm climate, adding sparkle to unexpected places also makes for gorgeous outdoor entertaining. Play around with some scented candles, hanging fairy lights, or solar lanterns for varying strength of lights and different ambience.

B. 12

Images above from here. By ELLE DECOR Editors Dec 5, 2017