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Inside NBA star JJ Redicks Parisian inspired Brooklyn Penthouse

JJ Redick, currently a shooting guard for the Dallas Mavericks shows off his Parisian inspired home in his Brooklyn Duplex. Redick’s wife Chelsea and two sons Knox and Kai reside in their gut renovated Dumbo penthouse.

In 2015 the Redicks initially started apartment hunting in New York City to find a temporary home to live in during the off season. JJ was playing for the Los Angeles Clippers at the time and the couple had just recently welcomed their first child and wanted to be closer to their families on the East Coast.

The family put down a deposit on the 1913 factory building which was being converted into a residential complex. The couple were drawn to the grittiness of the warehouse and its backstory. A year later and now with their second child, Chelsea inspected their construction zoned apartment and instantly thought it was too small. She investigated the adjacent penthouse and found that it was much larger and included a 2,600 square foot terrace. She instantly knew that they had to swap.

Successful, the couple hired decorator Michael Aiduss who helped turn this initial temporary residence into a long-term home. Chelsea was inspired by European apartments and Parisian details, the opposite of the industrial Brooklyn warehouse they were in.

What started out as adding some crown mouldings, turned into a complete gut renovation. Closing off the initial open plan into more defined and designated rooms. Creating their ultimate statement kitchen in lacquered top to bottom Aegean blue cabinets with brass fixtures.

Their formal dining area includes a large round ebonized table under a 1940s Venini chandelier. Chelsea is strongly drawn too vintage furniture, Fortuny fabrics and Salvador Dali which reoccur throughout.

Their master quarters are closed off to the rest of the penthouse and holds a study/mancave for JJ, two bathrooms, one for JJ and one for Chelsea, master bedroom and walk in closets.

Upstairs holds the boy’s bedroom with a starry-night theme and a spare bedroom for guests.

The generous outside terrace wraps around the entire apartment with an abundance of space including seating, dining, and an outdoor kitchen. The perimeters are lined with a canopy of trees creating intimate pockets of defined spaces. The couple can now proudly say that they have created their dream and lifelong home for their family to grow into.

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Inside Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis’s Breathtaking L.A. Farmhouse

Sustainability and tranquillity with the use of natural, rustic materials are the highlights of Ashton and Mila’s soulful modern farmhouse. The couple wanted a home that looked like a converted barnyard with all the characteristics of raw, hard materials whilst still being current and contemporary with soft furnishings.

Architect Howard Backen from Backen & Gillam Architects steered the couple to bringing their visions to life. Kutcher and Kunis worked closely with Backen throughout the planning and construction phases from the tiny details to major structural components.

Additionally, the interior was curated by Vicky Charles from Charles & Co who is a master of mixing fabrics, patterns and textures. The furnishing choices provoke warmth and comfort with a cohesive visual language throughout.

Front of mind, Ashton and Mila wanted a sustainable property with the environment being prioritised. The home is completely powered by photovoltaics which generate power for the whole property. The couple highlights regenerative farming through their soil quality, water consumption and the food they eat.

Natural light is a reoccurring focal point throughout the home, it allows the surrounding views to hero and acts as the ultimate escape from busy L.A. Finding serenity in a home is exactly what Kutcher and Kunis achieved and has become a solid foundation for their family to grow into.

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Carla Zampatti’s Woollahra Mansion

Carla Zampatti was a legendary Australian fashion designer who launched her eponymous label in 1965. Her mission has long been celebrated for making Australian women feel confident and elegant through her tailoring and exceptional design.

Zampatti passed away recently on the 3rd of April 2021 at the age of 78. Her presence will not be forgotten along with her multicultural success story that will continually inspire businesswomen across Australia. Zampatti designed clothes for women fighting for liberation through the women’s rights movement in the 1960s whilst empowering the women of today in leadership and the workplace.

Zampatti’s lavish Woollahra mansion in Sydney was built in 1928 with a heavy influence of Italian architecture. The interior highlights 16th-century Italian Palladio in style with French and Italian antiques sprinkled throughout.

The secluded four-bedroom home is surrounded by lush gardens and sculptures. Zampatti had a love of Italian architecture which she found minimal, beautiful and solid. Drawn towards hard materials such as stone and art pieces that were big, bold and understated.

Carla Zampatti’s opulent home is refreshing, dreamlike and oozes character from the outside in. Zampatti’s legacy and achievements will continue to shape the women of today and the future.

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Inside Arielle Charnas’s New York Apartment

We take a glimpse into social media guru and influential fashion blogger Arielle Charnas New York city apartment. With breathtaking views onto Madison Square Park, the mother of two shows off her traditional yet modern aesthetic.

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The four-bedroom apartment combines high ceilings and generously sized rooms that are open and striking. Favouring neutral colours, beige and greys are seen with energetic pops of colour scattered throughout pairing the combination of neutral and vibrancy.

The bedrooms of daughters Ruby and Esme have a foundation of neutral greys and whites with playful additions of pink leopard-print carpet and glowing pink neon sign.

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The master bedroom entails bold greys, warm creams, blacks and whites. A chrome four-poster bed acts as a centre piece complementing the low-lying pendants above the bedsides.

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Inside Pretty Little Liars star Shay Mitchell’s LA Oasis

After first encountering the glamorous 1920’s home via photos in her 20’s, Pretty Little Liars star Shay Mitchell instantly fell in love on her first real life visit to the warm Mediterranean inspired villa.

With several remodelling  attempts Mitchell describes how this latest incarnation, brought about to welcome her partner Matte Babel and their daughter Atlas, finally feels like her.

Interior decorator and friend Chad Wood guided the process, starting by bleaching the old redwood floors and lightening up the palate with monochrome and warm whites plus a pop of dusky pink in Atlas’s luxurious new room. The mostly neutral palate lets Mitchel’s second hand and antique finds shine including a Moroccan lantern found in Marrakesh in lieu of a more typical chandelier in the formal sitting room.

A speakeasy inspired living room and wall to ceiling bookshelves in pewter grey with bold floral wallpaper completes the look and creates the perfect relaxed yet sophisticated home, designed for entertaining (when she ever finds the time!)
20191205_JennaPeffley_AD_ShayMitchell_0005_trt 20191205_JennaPeffley_AD_ShayMitchell_0166_trt 20191205_JennaPeffley_AD_ShayMitchell_0192_2_trt 20191205_JennaPeffley_AD_ShayMitchell_0081_trt 20191205_JennaPeffley_AD_ShayMitchell_0147_trt 20191205_JennaPeffley_AD_ShayMitchell_0177_trtImages from here

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Kylie Jenner’s Hidden Hills Home

I think we can all agree that during these trying times, being stuck at home during a worldwide pandemic, pops of colour in our home can really brighten the mood.  Kylie Jenner’s hidden hills home has an abundance of light, colour, and drama.  Jenner spoke with Architectural Digest, “… I wanted a fresh, fun vibe to match the way I was feeling. Color was essential. I love pink, and I wanted a lot of it!”.

Colour is something that can be added and changed easily in any home with paint, decor, throw cushions etc… Jenner’s use of colour has a very Andy Warhol feel about it, including artwork by the artist himself.  The mix of monochrome design in black and white with colour has a dramatic effect.

Join us as we take a look and get inspiration from this beautiful, bright space.

Kylie Jenner

Images from Architectural Digest

Kylie Jenner 1

Kylie Jenner 2

Kylie Jenner bedroom

Kylie Jenner Cali home

Kylie Jenner designer home

Kylie Jenner house

Kylie Jenner LA home

Kylie Jenner Hills Home

Jenner Hills Home

Jenner house

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Ellen Pompeo’s small trailer redesign

When it comes to small spaces, a trailer on set is not super roomy.  It is also a space that actors spend a lot of down time. Ellen Pompeo spends hours in her trailer on set of the ongoing popular TV drama, Greys Anatomy.  She made a decision to update her space with the help of designers at My Domain.  Join us as we discover Ellen Pompeo’s small trailer redesign and little details that open up the space dramatically.

This trailer started as dark and dingy with lots of wood and not a lot of storage.  The space looks very small and claustrophobic as you can see from the before picture here.  Scroll down to see the stunning after…

Ellen Pompeo trailer before


Every inch of this space was thought out, using bright whites to open the space and metallics to add a sense of high-end luxury.

Ellen Pompeo trailer makeover


A carefully placed mirror adds some depth to the space.  The black light fixtures pop against the white walls bringing the space together with a cohesive look.

Ellen Pompeo trailer details 2


Adding a bold green couch and pops of greenery around the trailer bring some outside in which can also create a sense of space in a small area.  Images from here.

Ellen Pompeo trailer details

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Inside Meghan Markle’s former L.A. home

Meghan Markle is now best known around the world as the Duchess of Sussex, residing in Frogmore Cottage with her husband Prince Harry.

Before she became a Duchess she was living in L.A. and staring in well known TV dramas, best known for her role on Suits.

As the Duke and Duchess of Sussex start their journey as a “financially independent” couple splitting their time between North America and the UK we take a look inside Meghan Markle’s former L.A. home.

The home was recently listed at $1.8 million USD and has 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms.

I’m sure we are all wondering what their new home in Canada will look like.

Images from here.

Meghan Markle 4

Meghan Markle 1

Meghan Markle 9

Meghan Markle 6

Meghan Markle 5

Meghan Markle 3

Meghan Markle 10

Meghan Markle 8

Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle 7

Meghan Markle 11



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Inside the Hamptons home of Hugh Jackman and Deborra-lee Furness

In honour of Father’s Day, we are taking a look at one of the impressive homes of celebrity dad Hugh Jackman and his partner Deborra-lee Furness. Together they have had quite the property portfolio from Melbourne to New York and Bondi to the Hamptons. We are taking a look inside their Hamptons home which has taken years to perfect.

According to Vogue Living the perfectionist couple has taken over four years to perfect the house. Jackman, Furness and their kids Oscar and Ava moved into the homes guesthouse, a 435 square metre wooden cabin, while it remained in design phase during that long stretch. The guest house has been restored and painted black, with the main house being done in white. As stated in Vogue, “I love opposites — I’m very into black and white,” says Furness.

The home is off the beaten track and incorporates natural materials, mainly wood. Deborra-lee Furness worked closely with Stelle Lomont Rouhani Architects to design and create various aspects of the house, including the custom platform bed with integrated lighting, indoor-outdoor shower, and the bespoke vanity.

Let’s take a look inside the stunning architecture of this modern minimalist home.

Hugh Jackman NY home

Hugh Jackman and Deborra-lee Furness

Jackman NY home

Jackman Hamptons home

Hugh Jackman Hamptons home

Jackman and Furness home

Hugh Jackman home

Hugh Jackman and Deborra-lee Furness NY home

Hamptons home

Hugh Jackman Deborra-lee Furness

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Inside the rumoured New York apartment of Gisele and Tom Brady

The views from this stunning apartment in New York’s trendy Tribeca neighbourhood are nothing short of amazing. We take a look inside the rumoured New York apartment of Gisele and Tom Brady.

The couple are synonymous with luxury and their previous homes are a good example of that. We have previously looked inside their LA home and their Manhattan Loft, which both show the couples expensive taste. This nearly 5,000 square foot apartment with panoramic views was apparently purchased by the couple for $35.3 million late last year.

The five bedroom five bath home features a large a luxurious outdoor space with panoramic views of Manhattan and the Hudson River. According to Vogue, the apartment complex was designed by Robert A.M. Stern Architects with the interiors designed by Daniel Romualdez Architects, including rich accents like hand-sawn oak, bronze and marble.

The complex not only features the best in design but the service and common areas are just as impressive. It includes an expansive lobby, a wellness level, and an impressive kids play area designed by award winning firm Roto. There is also a beautifully furnished entertainment area, pool room and cafe.

Giselle and Tom Brady New York home

Giselle and Tom Brady home library

Giselle and Tom Brady bedroom

Giselle and Tom Brady NYC home

Giselle and Tom Brady NYC

Giselle NY home bathroom

Tom Brady and Giselle home

Giselle and Tom Brady NY home

Giselle and Tom Brady New York home lobby

Giselle and TB common area

Giselle and Tom Brady pool room

Giselle NY home common area

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