Lisbon’s, Java Bar

Located in Lisbon, Portugal the Java bar is a roof top terrace bar / bistro which maximises views of the capitals harbourside whilst serving seasonal ingredients to its guests. Designed by Studio PIM the attention to detail, materials and layout creates a harmonious space that makes an unforgettable experience for its diners.

The exterior mimics the surrounding views of Lisbon with earthy terracotta tiles and creamy white walls. Whilst the interior contrasts with velvety seating, arched doorways, and curved lines.

Additionally, the interior incorporates rich woods that provide warmth, complementing the greenery and cacti that line the space. Curves are seen throughout the tiled flooring, seating, tables, doors, and lighting which visually soften the interior.

Vibrant blues are continued onto the terrace creating a cohesive and unified seating area accompanying the waterfront. Java successfully provides an atmosphere that lives up to its breathtaking location and scenery.

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Highlights from the Architectural Digest 2021 Hotel Awards

Architectural Digest has listed their top picks of exceptionally designed hospitality destinations from around the world. We have hand-picked our favourite winners to present to you.

Ace Hotel, Brooklyn

Located on the cusp of Downtown Brooklyn and Boerum Hill, The Ace hotel has been inspired by the geographical and cultural history of Brooklyn. Spacious and welcoming, the hotel incorporates communal and creative spaces for events such as intimate weddings, culinary workshops, record lunches, dinners, and receptions.

The guest rooms are fitted with floor to ceiling windows as well as original artwork by local fibre and textile artists. Rooms on the higher levels have panorama views of Brooklyn, Manhattan, and the Statue of Liberty.

Images found here
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Splendido Mare, Portofino, Italy

Tucked into the curve of Portofino harbour, Splendido Mare exudes charm whilst providing culture and endless exploring. With 14 rooms and suites to choose from, Mediterranean restaurants, bars, and ice cream parlours as well as boat excursions and water sports. Splendido Mare provides everything you could possibly need for the perfect stay.

Whimsical corridors and views of glittering sea views, luxury is highlighted throughout. Clean white and bright interiors with wooden accents provide a dream like escape. Subtle marbling details as well as Portofino’s glamorous village sprit flows thorough its doors. Guests will discover an alluring haven, chic in design and playful in nature.

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The Maker Hotel, New York

Nestled by the Hudson River and around 2.5 hours from busy New York City, The Maker Hotel is surrounded by panoramic farmland, Catskill Mountains, and a wealth of nature.

The Maker Hotel brings a bespoke experience for its guests who can immerse themselves around hand crafted and custom pieces by Hudson Valley artisans.

The level of detail and layering of textures, materials and light create a truly unique atmosphere for The Makers guests to unforgettably enjoy.  

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Hotel Les Deux Gares, Paris

Think bright colours, patterns and maximalism in the most gorgeous way. Designed by Luke Edward Hall, Hotel Les Deux Gares offers a combination of English chic and French soul in design. Touches of Art deco furniture are placed throughout with clever layering of colours and patterns.

Located in Paris’s 10th arrondissement, Hotel Les Deux Gares welcomes its guests to stay in their playful and electric hostelry.

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W – Melbourne

Want to experience an extraordinary weekend away in the heart of Melbourne? Sip a cocktail with a loved one or indulge in some delicious food? W, Melbourne will provide the goods with an elevated aesthetic.  

Marriott’s W, Melbourne was designed by Woods Bagot with NYC based architects. The exterior is inspired by New York buildings whilst the interior takes inspiration from Melbourne’s laneway culture.

W Melbourne contains 294 guest rooms that include curated design features whilst producing a sense of understated elegance. Additionally, the complex holds 29 suites that can include 40sqm balconies, gorgeous views of the Yarra River and amenities that’ll make your stay unforgettable.

Regardless of your chosen room you’ll be able to mix cocktails at your very own W MixBar and play music through your own high-quality speakers. Each room will have unique features with a stylish and futuristic design.    

The building complex contains four restaurants, Warabi, Lollo, Culprit and Curious. Curious being a stylish bar which offers nibbles and delectable cocktails.

A fitness centre and pool are at your disposable with an indoor pool accompanied by a poolside bar and DJ booth.  

W Melbourne is a must see! Indulge and unwind in one of the coolest hotels in the heart of Melbourne. It’ll surely have you coming back again and again.

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Australia’s lavish commercial interiors

Commercial interiors can be extremely exciting and unique. The principles of design can be used to create interesting environments and memorable atmospheres in our public spaces. Ambiance and quality materials are key for attracting clientele and repeat business.

Below we explore some of Australia’s most creative communal and interior design orientated spaces and venues.


Located in Melbourne’s South Fitzroy, Poodle Bar blends old and new with its materials, shapes and tones. A sense of nostalgia is created with layers of marble and leather that draw from Art Deco design. Rich dark wood panelling exudes character along with the deep colour pallet that creates a sense of intimate warmth.  

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Located in Coogee, New South Whales, Shutters is a restaurant that explores French-Italian inspired food and beverages. Placed next to Coogee Beach the venue allows patrons to export themselves to a Mediterranean oasis. Bright, luxurious and comfortable, the interior is designed to easily transition from day to night. Pale blues, whites and creams are scattered throughout in various materials and fabrics creating a harmonious space.

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BLACKSMITH, Lake Mulwala

Situated in Mulwala New South Whales, Blacksmith is a trendy bar with Mid-century characteristics. Southern Californian vibes are projected from the materials and light wood tones. Lush greenery is scattered throughout creating the ultimate destination for a cocktail or two. Classic and timeless with a touch of rock’n’roll makes a playful and desirable atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.

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THE CALILE HOTEL, Fortitude Valley

Positioned in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley, The Calile Hotel produces a sense of luxury and escapism. Luxurious materials of stone, marble and expressed concrete are seen throughout the building’s interior and exterior. The hotel allows its guests to escape to a tropical resort whilst still being situated in an urban area. Dusty, earthy tones are used to contrast against shiny metallics such as brass and copper creating an extravagant sanctuary.

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Inside Ladurée’s whimsical Tokyo tea salon

It’s one of those spaces that must be seen to be believed. Ladurée’s new salon de thé in Tokyo is a whimsical display of colour, candy and cutesy.

With stores in Geneva and Los Angeles, the macaron and pastry specialist India Madhavi poured her creative vision into this new dessert cafe.

The interior details see grey and white chequered marble flooring, bespoke scalloped velvet furniture, blown glass lamps, and generous serves of lime-green and candy pink throughout.

One things’s for sure: if we had all the money (and time) in the world, we’d fly mum here for Mother’s Day high tea. But for now, we can dream on by exploring the images of this quaint Parisian cafe in thriving Tokyo…


Images from here.embed_laduree 001_laduree-050_retouche


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Inside the vibrant new Hoxton Hotel, Paris

The Hoxton hotel brand is designed for the style savvy. With offerings in Shoreditch, Holborn and Amsterdam, the doors have now opened to Hoxton’s Paris incarnation.

It’s the largest of all the Hoxton hotels yet, and comes complete with a brasserie, a cocktail bar and 172 guest-rooms. History and modern living come together in this 18th century building. In fact, the facade is so exemplary of rococo architecture that the French state have declared it a ‘monument historique’.

Inside, two 300-year-old staircases sweep your eye updates towards exposed timber beams and intricate cornices. There’s a strong sense of indoor-outdoor flow, with an internal courtyard’s cobbled ground juxtaposed with plush velvet lounges in punchy colours.
Graphical artwork and bedspreads, the tangerine tones repeated throughout and the leather bedheads lend a modern feel to the hotel, while the parquetry floors and wall panelling remind us of the building’s past. Take a look…

hoxton-hotel_2 hoxton-hotel_4 hoxton-hotel_5 hoxton-hotel_6 hoxton-hotel_7 hoxton-hotel_9 hoxton-hotel_10 hoxton-hotel_11 hoxton-hotel_12 hoxton-hotel_17

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Inside the colourful Room Mate Emir, Turkey

Room Mate Hotels’ latest property is certainly intriguing. The entrance of Room Mate Emir, in Istanbul, is bathed in a candy neon glow, which evaporates as one moves through to the softer-toned in-house restaurant and soothing suites. This contrast between daringly new and old is played on throughout the 27-room boutique hotel.

The period facade of the building has been retained, while the interiors – designed by Spanish designer Lázaro Rosa Violá – see a mix of avant-garde and classical influences.

Parquet floors contrast with kaleidoscopic black and white tiles; exposed brick walls counter the glossy subway tiles; ornamental painted ceilings juxtapose the mirrored ceilings; and the plush, candy pink furniture is the antithesis of the strong, black leather pieces.

The result is an unusual and chic space, with the hotel describing it as offering “the warm hospitality of a friend”. Take a look…

Emir_2 Emir_6 Emir_9 Emir_12 Emir_40 Emir_41 Emir_42 Emir_64 Emir_65 Emir_68room-mate-emir-5room-mate-emir-4room-mate-emir-3room-mate-emir-2


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Inside Bobbi Brown’s latest project: George Inn

We have explored the coastal retreat of make up artist turned entrepreneur Bobbi Brown, and now we have the chance to see inside her newest project. Partnering up with husband Steven Plofker, the couple have opened a 32-room hotel called the George Inn.

The property was built in 1902 as a private home for Charles Van Vleck and was later converted into ‘The Georgian Inn’: a hotel for short-term stays. After purchasing the Montclair, New Jersey, property, Bobbi and Steven set to work reimagining the interiors.

The rooms are eclectic, with a decidedly international appeal. Red and navy are used as colour accents – and this is by no accident.
British and American memorabilia decorate the space – including cushions covered in Union Jack fabric, tartan-covered headboards and images of Shirley Temple and J.F. Kennedy.
Pairing high end pieces with quirky finds, and brick walls left exposed to create an industrial vibe, the result is a chic and inviting home away from home. Take a look…

Images from here, here and here by Lesley Unruh for One Kings Lane.


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The best eateries to indulge at this Easter

Easter has become synonymous with indulging. Whether it’s a chocolate egg hunt, a pavlova shared among family or seeking out the most extravagant desserts around the world, we all have our favourite way to celebrate. To inspire you this Easter, we have explored three of the most memorable dessert destinations from around the world. Take a look…

Elan Cafe, London

An Instagrammer’s heaven, Elan Cafe is chic and contemporary. Across the two London locations, pastel tones and plush velvet make up the basis of the interiors, with brass accents and white wash floors. When it comes to the menu, take your pick from options including ‘Chocolate Tonka Tartlet’ and ‘Millionaire Shortbread’.

21191948_166046610637343_8108846922894072187_n 21230989_167529227155748_2348379864769661441_n 21231242_167532313822106_9009306258230565240_n 21231707_167546570487347_1601165976860235307_n 24993585_197766167465387_5922432888968906720_n 26195725_203700700205267_9199356994614731671_n

Images above from here.

Compartes, Los Angeles

LA-based chocolatier Jonathan Graham worked with architects AAmp Studio to create this little slice of heaven. Taking inspiration from the brand’s packaging and the chocolate bars themselves, the team created an interiors concept that focusses on the use of triangles.

The triangular marble counter is decorated in black and white triangular tiles. The interiors are kept black and white in colour, which allows the colourful packaging to do all the talking. The shelves display the colourful edges and fronts of the chocolate bars, which look more like graphical artworks.

Compartes-Chocolate-AAmp-Studio-1 Compartes-Chocolate-AAmp-Studio-3-600x409 Compartes-Chocolate-AAmp-Studio-4-600x398 Compartes-Chocolate-AAmp-Studio-11-600x416 Compartes-Chocolate-AAmp-Studio-12-600x406 Compartes-Chocolate-AAmp-Studio-14-600x447

Images above from here.

Tiny Temptress, Malaysia

Lucky Malaysians have the Tiny Temptress to fix their sweet cravings this Easter. With two locations, this artisan patisserie serves up macarons, cakes and sweet treats full of novelty and playfulness. The interiors are equally sweet: lots of blush pink and marble that looks like it could almost be swirls of icing.

14908183_1182150345140721_1547890265698098367_n 15241233_1210888742266881_4823765483862022330_n 22046573_1512286622127090_7209116076765239441_n 22089689_1511419118880507_1891430511115772712_n 22140990_1514198165269269_7383339883142849435_n

Images above from here.

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What’s new in the world of design: February 2018

This month, there are lots of new experiences to be had in the space where fashion and interiors meet. Join us as we take a global tour: from Paris, to Miami, Soho and back to Italy. Some of fashion’s biggest names have created new spaces for us to explore, while a late fashion icon has a new tribute, which we can all enjoy – if we’re brave.

Louis Vuitton’s new Paris home

There is a new ‘must-see’ if you are travelling to Paris: after four years of renovations, Louis Vuitton’s Place Vendôme store is now open. It holds huge sentimental and historical value, being the place where the brand’s founder first opened the doors to his business 160 years ago. Now, the two-storey boutique is light-filled, and designed to feel more like a home than a retail store. Inside are more than 30 arts pieces and sculptures, and a staircase that connects the two levels made from 18th century stone.
lv_0004_place_vendome_store_-_other_2_clouis_vuitton_stephane_muratet lv_0005_place_vendome_store_-_other_1_clouis_vuitton_stephane_muratet lv_0006_place_vendome_store_-_ground_floor_3_clouis_vuitton_stephane_muratet lv_0010_place_vendome_store_-_travel_floor_1_clouis_vuitton_stephane_muratet lv_0011_place_vendome_store_-_ground_floor_2_clouis_vuitton_stephane_muratet lv_0012_place_vendome_store_-_travel_floor_2_clouis_vuitton_stephane_muratet

Images above from here.

The Villa Casa Casuarina

Once home to famous fashion designer Gianni Versace, The Villa Casa Casuarina in Miami Beach is now a luxury hotel.

The 1930 building was purchased by Versace in 1992, and become the place where he was dramatically assassinated.

Providing that dark history doesn’t put you off, you can now stay at the boutique hotel, restaurant and event space.

Opulent, erring on over the top, features include 24-karat gold tiles lining the pool, one room covered entirely in seashells and animal print (almost) everywhere.

Gianni-Vesace-Miami-Mansion-Is-Now-A-Luxury-Hotel-02 Gianni-Vesace-Miami-Mansion-Is-Now-A-Luxury-Hotel-03 Gianni-Vesace-Miami-Mansion-Is-Now-A-Luxury-Hotel-04 Gianni-Vesace-Miami-Mansion-Is-Now-A-Luxury-Hotel-05 Gianni-Vesace-Miami-Mansion-Is-Now-A-Luxury-Hotel-06 Images above from here.

Gucci’s interactive ‘Gucci Garden’, Florence

Florence, Italy, is now home to ‘Gucci Garden’ – a unique museum that tells the story of the legendary brand.

Featuring six rooms across two floors, visitors can explore historic collections, a retail store offering exclusive products, and a restaurant by three-Michelin-star chef Massimo Bottura.

gucci-garden-florence-italy-01 gucci-garden-florence-italy-3 gucci-garden-florence-italy-4 gucci-garden-florence-italy-5 gucci-garden-florence-italy-6 gucci-garden-florence-italy-7 gucci-garden-florence-italy-8 gucci-garden-florence-italy-9 gucci-garden-florence-italy-10Images above from here.

Chanel’s women’s only The Coco Club

In celebration of its BOY∙FRIEND watch collection, Chanel created a private women’s club at Soho’s The Wing. ‘The Coco Club’ was a place to unwind, recharge, and entertain – in style of course. With black, white, cream and gold the central colours of the space, members could take their pick from the games room (complete with ping-pong table, pool table, and shuffleboard), library, Coco Café and beauty room.


Chanel-CocoClub-Social locjer-rooms THE-COCO-CLUB_BOY.FRIEND-Bar THE-COCO-CLUB_Cafe the-coco-club-game-room the-coco-club-library Images above from here.

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