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Simple Stylish Easter Decor for your Home

Easter can be a very colourful time of the year between plastic eggs, jelly beans and bright furry characters. Your house doesn’t have to become an Easter explosion. There are some simple updates you can make to bring some Easter cheer while staying stylish and understated.

Below we explore colour themes from light pastels to dark greys, and how they can be incorporated into your space this Easter.

Pinks, whites and teals are a great choice to update your space and bring in some pops of subtle colour. Doing so with items you already have around the house or purchasing items that can be used year round will save money and storage space.

pastel Easter decor


If you love colour and want to add some bright pops, try keeping your brightest pops of colour in your flowers. It will save you having to keep an entire storage container with Easter decor stored away 11 months of the year. You can even dye your own eggs in bright pops or add some gold leaf to match your cutlery.

Teal and Pink Easter


If you prefer more muted tones, stick with earthy tones for a linen tablecloth, simple branches, and pastel tableware. Tying some pastel ribbon in the branches can create an Easter themed centrepiece.

pink and grey Easter


The whites and greys of Scandinavian style work in almost any space. Simple branches, speckled eggs, and a grey linen tablecloth completes the below look.

grey Easter


Accent grey walls with a bright white table scape and include babies breathe flowers for a delicate and romantic touch.

grey and white Easter


For a more masculine feel, stick to a focal piece like the brown ceramic bunny below, and accent with native branches and metal and ceramic dinnerware.

Dark Grey EasterImage sources: Italian BarkStyle at HomeMy Scandinavian HomeScandinavian Feeling

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Style tips to hosting this year’s Christmas Party at home

Finding the right theme to decorate your home in for the big Christmas gathering can be anxiety inducing. You want a perfect combination of style without going over the top with seasonal features. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the options available to you and difficult to even know where to begin.

Cue this guide.

We hope it’ll help guide you in the right direction for your party. You’ll always have the following year to try a different theme!

Focus on the table

The family dinner is a quintessential part of Christmas festivities and one of the easiest ways to spread Christmas décor. Feel free to deviate from the standard red-and-green colour scheme. “Rather than the traditional red and green scheme, try something new like a fabric in malachite and hot pink peonies,” says designer Grant Gibson. “Layer in black and white for a graphic pop. The plates [below] are antique French.”

B. 1

For a more natural take on Christmas, dress up a dinner party with lush garland, silver candle holders, and wood chargers. Complete each setting with gold flatware and a cinnamon stick, as Lauren McBride did here, for a warm and inviting Christmas setting.

B. 2

Make white your base

In this holiday vignette styled by Craftberry Bush, a white Fir tree, white walls, and plenty of fake snow make for a wintery wonderland and make the bold pops of red even more dazzling. This can be used in any room. Try a white table runner topped with green foliage in the kitchen, or cluster white candles near mirrors to spread light.

B. 3

Opt for modern ornaments

Classic baubles in red, gold and green can sometimes come across as dated. Spruce it up (excuse the pun) with varying shapes, colour or texture. Have fun with a minimalist twist, such as the candle lights and geometric gold ornaments pictured below (styled by My Scandinavian Home).

B. 4

Ornaments are not solely reserved for the tree! Use bookshelves as an opportunity to inject a bit of holiday flair!

B. 5

Go natural

For lovers of floral accessories, Take inspiration from nature for your decorating scheme. “Use fresh evergreen boughs, garlands and wreaths combined with in-season citrus like lemons, tangerines and oranges,” says designer Tobi Fairley.” It will give your home a beautiful natural look, and it smells heavenly.”

B. 6

Don’t be afraid of artificial trees

If a real tree leaves a mess in your living room, don’t feel married to it. Besides, artificial trees often have wires that are easy to curve and bend to better hold ornaments. Not to mention they last much longer. Miss the scent of pine? A few scented candles (just not too close to the tree!) should do the job, or try out our natural pine needle idea above.

B. 7

Don’t shy from green décor

If filling bowls with pinecones is beginning to get boring, check crafts and home stores for natural ornaments, and display them with seasonal greenery. Added perk: The greenery, such as pine needles, will add a fresh aroma to the room, a must-have if you have opted for an artificial tree.

B. 8

Think in threes

For a beautiful statement decor piece, follow this easy formula. “Christmas means three things to me: paperwhites, citrus and magnolia. I go to the flower market (or the backyard) and cut magnolia and place it on mantles,” says designer Miles Redd. “I intersperse lemons or clementines (sometimes studded with cloves), and paperwhites — either the individual bulb — or just mossy pots of 6 bulbs. The smell of the combination is wonderful.”

B. 9

Make it last

Reduce, reuse, recycle! Save ribbons from previous presents you have received, or reuse old fabric as a unique wrapping for presents. Or even make a custom wreath from different materials, fabric bows, small baubles… you get the idea. Making some DIY decorations can also be a fun way to spend some quality- time as a fun activity with little ones.

B. 10

Make it magical with light

Spruce up both indoor and outdoor areas with some hanging lights. Weave in some natural evergreens and fabric straps to a staircase and hang strings of lights to have a magical floating effect.

B. 11

For a warm climate, adding sparkle to unexpected places also makes for gorgeous outdoor entertaining. Play around with some scented candles, hanging fairy lights, or solar lanterns for varying strength of lights and different ambience.

B. 12

Images above from here. By ELLE DECOR Editors Dec 5, 2017

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How to: Style print and pattern in the home interior

Have you always wanted to experiment with vivacious prints and elegant patterns in your home but don’t know how to begin? 

We are in an amazing new age of production when it comes to textiles and wall coverings. Wallpapers are not just for your Grandma’s sitting room anymore and nor should they be. You can now achieve detailed ornamental patterns or gorgeous subtle textured patterns with high quality digital printed wallpapers.

So whatever your design vibe is, whether a lush flocked damask, or a minimal Japanese pattern, these new methods of production can cater to all tastes. Take a look at our five tips below to get you on your way to styling print and pattern confidently.





(Image credit: Homes & Gardens via Desire to Inspire)

Fabrics needn’t just be for upholstery. Think outside the box to create a bespoke feature. You can create a gorgeous wall hanging from textured patterned linens – simply cut a rectangle of fabric and get it professionally framed. Think of a luxurious textile as a piece of art and the options are endless.


Mix it up.

Select a bold pattern and support it with complementary elements. This could be a basic plain textured linen in a muted tone, used as a supportive element to a vibrant Moroccan pattern or Turkish rug.

Don’t match.

Avoid matching pieces, unless done in an ironic intentional fashion, it looks awkward, dowdy and old fashioned. If you’re going bold, choose one pattern to be the star of the show.


Try before you buy.


Samples are your friend. Order the largest size sample possible or invest in a small quantity of fabric or wallpaper. If you don’t end up using it for a feature wall, I’m sure you can find a use for it later on. Place it in different areas of your home and see how it changes a room at different times of the day. Then, when you finally make your purchase, you will have peace of mind that it 100% works in your space.


Don’t be afraid.


Pattern and print are amazing features when styled correctly, adding instant visual value. They may take a little more workshopping to get right, but when done well, you won’t regret it and you’ll only get better at it with more experience.  Don’t fear big or busy patterns in small spaces, they can take you into another world.

Are you ready to launch into the world of pattern? Contact us to see samples of our latest pattern and print swatches in a variety of styles to suit your individual style.

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The Essential Guide To Sofas

The perfect living room starts with the perfect sofa. Interior designers are perpetually on the hunt for the ideal sofa, the kind of piece that outlives fads in the same way that a classic tailored coat does. There is no other piece of household furniture that you spend countless hours using, so this staple purchase deserves attention.
A  good sofa is a piece of furniture that extends beyond aesthetics. It goes without saying that it must be an object of beauty, but it also has to work hard. Choose something simple and top quality. But most importantly, make sure it’s comfortable. If it’s not comfy now, it never will be and you’ll be stuck with it. So just how do you go about securing the ideal sofa?


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The Definitive Guide to Layering in Interior Design (What it means and how to do it right)

Some spaces are instantly engaging. They tell a story with every meticulously placed element – a trinket sitting on the edge of a mantle or an intricately patterned rug placed atop a seagrass mat. On first inspection, it’s difficult to pinpoint just what exact details make such a space so special. This is the magic of layering, the secret weapon of interior design.


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Shopping for interior accessories: What to look for and how to do it

Finding the right accents to accessorise your interior can be a tiresome task. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the options available to you and difficult to even know where to begin. This guide will give you clarity in finding the right pieces that define your interior style.


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Five simple ways to make your room look more luxurious

Decorating is an expensive process which adds up quickly. Flicking through luxury interior magazines and blogs it feels like you need an endless budget to achieve luxe styling. Luckily with a little thoughtful design, this needn’t be the case. Read on for a few of our favourite ways to make the room of choice look more luxurious.


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Before And After: Redefining A Bleak Master Bedroom

Master bedrooms are a hub of stylistic expression, and a well-designed, inviting master bedroom can steal away the centerpiece crown held by your living room.  If your master is lackluster, redefining it via interior design from a dismal, colourless space into a dramatic hotel-esque quarter adds an essential layer of eloquence to your home.

Interior Design Melbourne’s design aficionados recently rehabilitated a dreary master bedroom, and outlined are each step we took in improvements—feel free to use them as a guide to liven your space into a notable retreat commensurate with those high in the Hollywood hills.


Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 11.22.48 AM

Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 11.22.36 AM

Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 11.22.42 AM




Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 11.26.54 AM

Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 11.26.46 AM

Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 11.26.35 AM



Changed orientation of the room

Squared off main wall (removed boxed-out obstruction) with minor plaster work

New carpet installation

Pearlised paint to feature wall behind bed as budget didn’t allow for wallpaper

Custom bedhead in feature fabric

Custom block-out curtains and sheer installation

New bedsides and lamps

New desk and tallboy

Upholstered chair and bench ottoman in luxe fabrics

TV reallocated to side wall

New bedding and duvet

Artwork and accessories

The result of the above blossomed the space from a dull, unlively room to one with a grander appearance, giving a sumptuous, restful feel with soothing-coloured luxe fabrics combined with a warm and inviting atmosphere.  The textural, eye-catching finishes and increased space efficiency adds the finishing touch to this finely crafted, creatively remodelled master bedroom.

Ferrari Interiors manages projects of all sizes and will polish and revive your commercial or residential space with detailed sophistication. Call 0417 088 602 or fill in the form below for a customised quote.

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How to: three steps to Hamptons styling

Hamptons is one of those styles that just never dates. It’s loved by young and old – and all different tastes. The beauty of the ‘Hamptons’ look is that it can be used very subtly, or applied to an entire room or home.

We are sharing our top tips to bring the relaxed-yet-sophisticated Hamptons style into your home in five simple steps.

Step 1 – Colour Palette

The first thing to be considered when taking on the Hamptons look is your colour palette. When you think of a Hamptons interior, what do you see? The colours used are cool tones, weathered naturals, and lots of white. So create that neutral colour palette with off-white walls, perhaps some off-white panelling, and timber floors either in a very dark brown or a pale, bleached tone.

Step 2 – Furniture Choice

Hamptons-style furniture is durable, practical and natural. It’s not embellished pieces or intricate designs. Opt for simple and practical, with a sense of organic. Perfect choices are linen upholstery, wicker and rattan. You can also consider built-in furniture, like a window seat or bookshelves, to make the space feel even more simple and streamlined.

Step 3 – Decor & Styling

Again, neutral-coloured decor pieces that tie in with other pieces in the room are key to this look. Think about just one ‘wow’ piece in each space. Beach-style pendant lights or lamps work well, with shell details or wood or ceramic beads. Finally, give some new life to your existing decor or furniture pieces, or scout some vintage stores for rustic accessories. The Hamptons home has a ‘lived in’ feel that instantly creates a sense of being at home.

b7e4de35d7055804e2d72aff7a61570e b4eb21b83107eb2bb5f427bdc9dae8a7 a27a0c19a45985dfc064ed522d3c6b26 60129b5d7f47448936574de5f64b8379 690f484935f5fb8c06d1d862a59518b2 80f1bbc376ad07ed48ac6032e8118ea1 34ea815eddb395947361f8051d8d247a 3e069fcb8f4c5850557f611ee2d725ff

Images from here


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Our five key style predictions for 2018

We’d like to preface this piece by sharing what we always say to our clients:

Go with what you love, rather than focussing on trends.

However, we do see trends in the design industry as inspirations that can be interpreted and edited for use in our own homes, if we so desire.

Explore the five key style predications we’re making for the year ahead, all centered around warmth, detail and a sense of the finer times.


Image above from here.

1. Curved lines

Just like we see in this month’s Celebrity Insider feature of Serena William’s home, curved and soft lines are being favoured at the moment in the design world. Think plush chairs with rounded arms, circular lighting options and curved mirrors and coffee tables.

ff4-1-575x869Image above from here.

2. Wallpaper as art

We are pleased to see wallpaper on the ‘hot list’ because it really does add sophisticated glamour and personality to a space. Wallpaper is now being introduced as an art piece or mural, spanning walls or entire rooms.


Image above from here.

3. Velvet

In a similar vein to curved lines, velvet is making a return into homes and commercial spaces as consumers seek more softness and comfort.

2018 will be all about tactile furniture and surface finishes, and as trend forecaster Allyson Rees told Interior Design:

“Everyone around the world is looking for extra comfort and reassurance. The home as a safe haven in a world that is so politically and ecologically turbulent.”

Easy ways to bring velvet into your home is with a beautiful velvet armchair or plush footstool as seen in our cover image.

Terracotta_Valspar_Rustic-WickerImage above from here.

4. Darker woods and warmer hues, particularly terracotta

Blonde timbers, particularly through the modern interpretation of Danish design, have been a feature in interiors for a long time.

However, the more traditional timbers, like rosewood, mango wood and walnut are on the return. These darker grains are also being coupled with beige or equally dark timber cabinetry, rather than white, that has dominated in recent times.

Terracotta continues to rise in popularity: used in its physical sense with tiles, along with terracotta as a decorative accent particularly with painted walls.

interior designer melbourne

Image above from here.

5. Maximalism

We have all heard of minimalist interiors, but 2018 is the year that more really is more.

Think LaDoubleJ‘s tabletop collection, featuring contrasting prints and patterns, and you’ll get a sense of this year’s extravagant interiors trend.

This is a move away from the Scandinavian-inspired interiors aesthetic, that has taken centre stage in recent years and a backlash against ‘cookie cutter’ interiors.

It’s refreshing to see colour, pattern and personality back.

If you would like to discuss your project and how we can introduce what you love to your space, get in touch.

Cover image: Ferm Living.

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