What’s new in the world of design: January 2018

It’s our first global design wrap of 2018, and we have brought you three progressive, commercial interior concepts, from Toronto to Beijing.

We know that art can serve as an emotionally-charged movement – and this month we’ve found an installation in France that certainly makes a statement

Read on and explore the latest and best in design in our ‘What’s new in the world of design’ January 2018 edition…

1. Campari’s new Canadian office

Campari Canada has a new Toronto office – and it’s inspired by the drink brand’s ingredients and iconic advertising posters – both past and present. The 150-year-old Italian drink brand – with spirits, wines and soft drink labels – wanted a space that captured the essence of their company.

Design studio I-V took on the challenge, and the result is a pastel space, with pale green flooring, blush pink terrazzo bar and light grey and blush furniture.

Images below from here.

KE-ZU-Blog-Campari-Office-Sancal_5 KE-ZU-Blog-Campari-Office-Sancal_2-1 KE-ZU-Blog-Campari-Office-Sancal_3 KE-ZU-Blog-Campari-Office-Sancal_4

2. Grand Central Terminal’s new restaurant: Agern

Agern, meaning “acorn” in Danish, is the newest restaurant in New York’s Grand Central Terminal.

Headed by chef Claus Meyer, the eatery takes inspiration from Claus’ Icelandic heritage. The menu and interiors are decidedly Nordic, with a calming and warm atmosphere, giving stark contrast to the frantic pace outside of its walls.

Images below from here.

KE_ZU-BLOG_AndreuWorld-Aghern_04 KE_ZU-BLOG_AndreuWorld-Aghern_03 KE_ZU-BLOG_AndreuWorld-Aghern_01


3. Public installation:  ‘The plastic we live with’

Spanish artist collective Luzinterruptus took a stance at the 2017 Festival International des Arts
de Bordeaux Métropole

The group say that their idea was to “graphically visualise, in a way that could be understood by all, the plastic excess that is around us”. The installation filled the windows of the old Virgin Megastore building with 6,000 bags, to make it look as though it was ‘exploding’ with and from plastic.

Images below from here.

plastic-we-live-with-designboom-1 plastic-we-live-with-designboom-6 plastic-we-live-with-designboom-2

4. Beijing’s spectacular Tianjin Binhai Library 

China’s Tianjin Binhai Library in Beijing is a memorising, one of a kind design. The 33,700 sqm centre features an undulating bookshelf that wraps the walls from floor to ceiling, has stairs and room to sit, and holds 1.2 million books.

In the middle sits a spherical auditorium. The library took three years to create, from initial sketch to opening the doors, and was built according to China’s ‘Green Star Energy Efficiency’ label.

Images below from here.

Tianjin-Binhai-Library-in-China-by-MVRDV-with-TUPDI-Yellowtrace-01 Tianjin-Binhai-Library-in-China-by-MVRDV-with-TUPDI-Yellowtrace-02 Tianjin-Binhai-Library-in-China-by-MVRDV-with-TUPDI-Yellowtrace-08

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Celebrity Insider: Serena Williams’ Beverly Hills home

‘Serene’ is the word that comes to mind when looking inside the $6.6 million Beverly Hills home recently purchased by Serena Williams – how fitting is that?!

The internationally-famous tennis star, along with fiancé Alexis Ohanian, put their Bel Air home on the market late last year. It didn’t take long for the couple, and their baby daughter, to find their new dream home: a five-bedroom, seven-bathroom Spanish revival style mansion.

Sitting behind an exclusive gated community, the three-storey home is contemporary and bright, with Mediterranean references and was built in 2017.

Interior designer Sharon Taftian was responsible for the interiors, introducing Moroccan tiles, unlacquered brass finishes, brushed-oak hardwood floors,  and a Moroccan-esque rug in the main bathroom.

The kitchen features warm-toned cabinetry, which is a trend we’re seeing in interiors this year, while throughout we can see the focus on soft lines and plush furnishings – another popular trend in interior design.

Outside, the home features a layered garden and an open air pool complete with a swim-up bar that we have no doubt the tennis pro will enjoy after her gruelling training sessions, along with the yoga and massage room!

Take a look inside Serena Williams’ new Beverly Hill home…

serena-williams-beverly-hills-mansion-05-1509568659 serena-williams-beverly-hills-mansion-06-1509568659 serena-williams-beverly-hills-mansion-08-1509568995 serena-williams-beverly-hills-mansion-09-1509569200 serena-williams-beverly-hills-mansion-10-1509568963 serena-williams-beverly-hills-mansion-11-1509568637 serena-williams-beverly-hills-mansion-12-1509569254 serena-williams-beverly-hills-mansion-13-1509568636 serena-williams-beverly-hills-mansion-14-1509569267 serena-williams-beverly-hills-mansion-20-1509659552 serena-williams-beverly-hills-mansion-21-1509659579 serena-williams-beverly-hills-mansion-22-1509659553 serena-williams-beverly-hills-mansion-23-1509659555 serena-williams-beverly-hills-mansion-24-1509659545 serena-williams-beverly-hills-mansion-26-1509659582 serena-williams-beverly-hills-mansion-28-1509659577 serena-williams-beverly-hills-mansion-29-1509659559 serena-williams-beverly-hills-mansion-30-1509659577 serena-williams-beverly-hills-mansion-31-1509659588 serena-williams-beverly-hills-mansion-32-1509659580 serena-williams-beverly-hills-mansion-02-1509568660Images: DustyLu Photography and Nest Seekers International from here.



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What’s new in the world of design: December 2017

Continuing our travel theme this month – as it is the holiday season after all – we have pulled together the latest and most stylish in design for the jet setters among us. From high end airport lounges to luxurious camper vans, we’ll have you travelling in style. Take a look…

1.Cathay Pacific’s The Pier Business Lounge in Hong Kong

Newly opened in Hong Kong is ‘The Pier’ by Cathay Pacific. Modelled after iconic Hong Kong experiences, you can enjoy a teahouse, noodle bar, market-like Food Hall, and – a must for long haul travellers – a relaxation zone complete with low upholstered loungers and footstools and the ‘Bureau’, where workaholics can access iMacs, printers and other business tools. The design is based on warm natural materials and subtle touches of oriental detail.

slow_lane_2 relaxroom slow_lane bar

2. Airstream Globetrotter

New from travel trailer company Airstream is their luxe ‘Globetrotter’ edition. Sophisticated, clean and modern – this isn’t your normal camper. Stretching 27-foot long and featuring a shower, and double bed, and a choice of natural elm or dark walnut interiors, this van will have you hitting the open roads in class.

Images below from here.

Globetrotter-Inside-889x459 Globetrotter-Journey-889x688 Globetrotter-Lounge-889x688 Globetrotter-Bedroom-889x463


3. Qantas’ London Lounge at Heathrow Airport

Early next year, Qantas will be launching its much anticipated direct 787 Dreamliner flights between Australia and London. So, it’s only fitting that they open a stylish new lounge to match!

The multimillion dollar lounge was designed by global design firm, Woods Bagot and took more than a year to build.

But the result is beautiful: a combination of stone, marble, timber, leather and brass finishes with forest green fabrics. That’s what we call first class travel!

1237435-1_og 1237426-1_og 1237432-1_og 1511915574074

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Celebrity Insider: Robert Downey Jr.’s quirky Hamptons home

‘Kaleidoscopic’ seems a fitting word to describe the home of actor and singer Robert Downey Jr. and his wife, film producer Susan Downey.

You know this isn’t going to be your traditional Hamptons home right from the start, with the larger than life praying-mantis sculpture by Andrius Petkus greeting you in the front yard.

Then there’s the exterior of the home itself: a late–19th century windmill, originally built for show and later converted into a functional residence.

So what inspired the decision behind this far from normal home?

The Downeys told Architectural Digest they didn’t want something they had seen “a million times”:

We didn’t set out to do something conspicuously wacky. We just enjoy a bit of whimsy and fun. And we definitely don’t like boring.

Boring it’s certainly not. The home revolves around collaborations with many artists. There are tens of original artworks, from the likes of Ati Sedgwick, Pascó The GreatStan Ynry and Osgemeos. Then, there’s the colourful wallpaper by Phillip Jeffries, custom upholstery by Clarence HouseToyine Sellers, and Fishman’s Fabrics, and the amazing full wall-size artwork – reminiscent of Japenese Ukiyo-e art – by German painter Thomas de Leliwa. We even spy some pendants by legendary lighting designer Tom Dixon.

The colour continues into the Downeys’ three-year-old daughter Avri’s bathroom: custom polka dot Pratt & Larson tiles cover the floor and walls and there’s even a blush pink ceiling!

Set your imagination free and a take a look…

1217-AD-COVR01-02_sq 1217-AD-RDJR03-01_sq 1217-AD-RDJR03-02_sq 1217-AD-RDJR03-03_sq 1217-AD-RDJR04-01_sq 1217-AD-RDJR04-02_sq 1217-AD-RDJR05-01_sq 1217-AD-RDJR07-01_sq 1217-AD-RDJR07-02_sq 1217-AD-RDJR08-01_sq Images: Architectural Digest

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What’s new in the world of design: November 2017

With a theme this month of the finer things in life, we’ve looked at the most extravagant, decadent and cultural new developments from the design industry the world over. We have some treats in store for you! From headpieces that err on being outrageous to a designer chocolate shop that is chock full of 1,500 chocolate bars, sit back and enjoy our round up of life’s more extraordinary pleasures.

Yves Saint Laurent museum, Marrakech

Morocco has been on our must-visit list for a while now, but a new museum opening has shot it right to the top. The genius of Yves Saint Lauren has been celebrated in a dedicated museum, opened just a couple of weeks ago.

Yves Saint Laurent allegedly loved Marrakech so much when he first visited in 1966, that he immediately bought a house there and visited as often as he could, drawing much inspiration from the eclectic city. The new museum houses a showcase of Yves Saint Laurent’s work, a research library, temporary exhibition space, bookstore and terrace cafe.


yves-saint-laurent-museum-marrakech-05 yves-saint-laurent-museum-marrakech-17 yves-saint-laurent-museum-marrakech-02 yves-saint-laurent-museum-marrakech-01

Images from here.

Kelly Wearstler-designed chocolate factory

Interiors and chocolate are two of our favourite things, so we can’t help but love the result of Kelly Wearstler’s first retail space: Compartés. The geometric patterns, antique brass features and endless marble certainly set the scene,  but the star attraction has to be the beautifully packaged chocolate bars on display – all 1,500 of them!

kelly-wearstler-chocolate-factory-1505499662 kelly-wearstler-chocolate-factory-2-1505497456 kelly-wearstler-chocolate-factory-7-1505497456

Paper artist Asya Kozina‘s ornate headdresses

Russian-based Asya and Dmitriy Kosin’s Art Group takes inspiration from the baroque and rococo periods to create headdresses you need to see to believe. The towering pieces features violins, cherry blossoms and skyscraper sculptures – and who knows, maybe one day they’ll make an appearance at a Melbourne Cup Fashions on the Field!

asya-kozina-designboom-07 asya-kozina-designboom-01 asya-kozina-designboom-03

Images from here.

International flower festival, ‘Flora’, Spain

The best floral artists from around the world put their talents on display during the last week in October in the city of Córdoba, Spain. Their brief? To create unique interventions in the city’s famous courtyards. The locals must have been impressed, with first place going to ‘Duende’ – an installation inspired by a Spanish flamenco dancer, created by Americans Natasha Lisitsa and Daniel Schultz.

flora-international-flower-festival-designboom-6 flora-international-flower-festival-designboom-1 flora-international-flower-festival-designboom-8

Images from here.


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Inside Goop’s new retail space – inspired by a country home

Walking into goopLAB, you might be mistaken for thinking you accidentally walked into someone’s home. But there’s no embarrassment to be had.

The interior of the first permanent store for Gwyneth Paltrow’s behemoth online blog and shopping hub, goop, takes inspiration from her own homes.

Designed by New York studio Roman and Williams (who worked with Gwyneth on the interiors of her own residences), the Los Angeles store guides shoppers through all the rooms you’d expect in a ‘real’ home.

First is the greenhouse, full of products from Goop’s gardening range, displayed on vintage French metal shelves. From there, you’ll enter the fully functioning kitchen – which will be the cooking hub for demos and events.  You’ll also find the pink-tiled bathroom, with a 360-degree vanity stocked full of Goop’s very own beauty products, which you’re not only allowed to try, but encouraged to do so.

Next up is the living room – full of vintage finds and custom made items, including the chandelier cast from actual tree branches. However, what is sure to be a star attraction in this new store, is the Christian Louboutin limited-edition capsule shoe collection, created in collaboration with Goop.

It’s clear that goopLAB is leveraging the trend of retail stores being more than just a place to shop, and instead an experience in and of themselves. There’s no doubt Goop fans will feel right at home.

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Celebrity Insider: Whitney Port’s relaxed LA home

‘Bohemian’ is a word that comes to mind when looking at actress-turned-fashion designer Whitney Port’s home. It is full of global influences, texture and laid back charm.

With high vaulted ceiling, skylights and big windows overlooking the back garden and pool, the Studio City home is light, airy and very inviting.

But it wasn’t love at first site for Whitney. As she told Joss & Main:

We first saw this home and thought it was OK, but weren’t in love. We had our work cut out for us, but we’ve loved making this space our own.

This work included replacing the vinyl floors with hardwood and knocking down walls to make a more open plan layout. Plus, with a baby on the way when they moved in, a nursery was needed. Without knowing the gender of her baby, Whitney chose neutral tones with the same Moroccan vibe that carries through the rest of the house.

But the renovations aren’t over yet! The Ports have plans to update the kitchen and breakfast room as well as landscape the backyard.

However, once complete, Whitney hopes to enjoy her new-look home for years to come – unlike the more seasonal fashion pieces she built a business around. As told to Joss & Main:

Designing a home is different [to fashion designing] in that it requires you to think about your everyday life and the environment you want around you. With clothing, you can be a little riskier and more playful, because you don’t have to wear the same thing every day. Every morning I wake up to the same house, and I never want it to go out of style.

Take a look…

1228926-1_og 1228927-1_og 1228928-1_og 1228929-1_og 1228924-1_og 1228919-1_og 1228918-1_og 1228923-1_og 1228922-1_og 1228917-1_og 1228916-1_og 1228921-1_og 1228920-1_og 1228915-1_og 1228914-1_og 1228909-1_og 1228913-1_og 1228912-1_og1228910-1_og

Photography by Nicole Gerulat for Joss & Main.

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Three breath-taking runway sets from the Spring 2018 shows

As you well know, the interiors and fashion worlds are closely related. What we see on the catwalk – and indeed on the runway sets too – often reflects what is happening in the interiors industry, and vice versa. With this in mind, we have explored the very best sets from the Spring Summer 2018 Fashion showings to bring you three standouts – two that are futuristic and edgy in design, while the third is quintessentially Spring-themed.

If we think about how these looks will play into how we style our homes in the coming months, we expect to see lots of metallics and sequins along with bright, bold floral prints. Take a look…

Dior Spring Summer 2018

Taking inspiration from the space age, Dior’s runway set for Spring Summer 2018 was simply ‘mirror everything’. Assembled in mosaics, the mirror fragments reflected the bold colours of the couture on show and, according to Dior, took 80 people 20 days to create, using 80,000 pieces of mirror. The result is literally dazzling.

fashion-week-sets-dior-1506522441defile-pap-printemps-ete-2018-best-of Dior-Spring-Summer-2018-Collection-Runway-Pictures

Images: Getty & Dior

Coach Spring Summer 2018

Also inspired by all things that glitter, Coach’s runway set for the 2018 Spring Summer season looked like a floor to ceiling galaxy of sparkling stars. The couture brand engaged set designer Stefan Beckman to create a runway inspired by the evening lights of New York city, complete with rooftops, mailboxes and a car. The set complemented the apparel shown on the catwalk perfectly, with its metallic, sequins and burnished hardware features.


Coach RTW Spring 2018coach-10Images: WWD and New York Times

Tory Burch Spring Summer 2018

In stark contrast with the dark and mysterious New York night-inspired set of Coach, Tory Burch’s 2018 Spring Summer collection was shown outdoors in the garden of the Smithsonian Design Museum. The foliage backdrop was designed in collaboration with landscape designer Miranda Brooks and was the perfect way to showcase the bold floral prints on show in the apparel. Tory says she was inspired by the celebrated interior decorator David Hicks, borrowing his floral and geometric motifs for prints across her dresses and tunics.

We wonder if this set was also inspired by Tory’s Hamptons manor and gardens


Tory Burch RTW Spring 2018tory-burch-rs18-3931 (1)

14REVIEW-INYT4-superJumbo tory-burch-rs18-3988 maxresdefaultImages: The Fashion Spot & Tory Burch

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What’s new in the world of design: October 2017

This month, playfulness and exploration is on our mind – and it seems the minds of many others in the design industry. As we look to what is new and exciting in the design industry, we explore a space that is all about imagination and one of the world’s most popular toys. We also see how one Melbourne-based company took inspiration from the circus for its latest range, explore paints inspired by pushing the boundaries and question “is fashion modern?”. Dive in…

1. Haymes launches Artisan collection

Haymes Paint’s new Artisan collection is designed to inspire bold use of paint. The range features textured finishes, which imitate concrete and stone, and can be used across a range of surfaces – both inside and out.

As Haymes Colour & Concept Manager Wendy Rennie explained:

“We want to offer exciting alternatives to our commercial segment offering up finishes that challenge and push the status quo by using these unique effects through texture, surface and colour.”

Haymes-Artisan-Collection-Metallic-Matt-Polish-Yellowtrace-03 Haymes-Artisan-Collection-Metallic-Copper-Yellowtrace-02a Haymes-Artisan-Collection-Surface-Bloom-Yellowtrace-12

Images from here.

2. Porcelain Bear’s Acrobat pendant light series

Melbourne-based lighting studio Porcelain Bear has launched its latest range: the ‘Acrobat pendent luminaire series’. The pieces are reminiscent of circus shows, where skilled performers swing from and balance at gravity defying heights. With names like ‘Back Flip’, ‘The Double Act’ and ‘The Forward Bend’, these pendants bring style and quirk.

Acrobat-Lighting-Collection-by-Porcelain-Bear-Yellowtrace-01 Acrobat-Lighting-Collection-by-Porcelain-Bear-Yellowtrace-07

3. LEGO House launches

The Danish town of Billund – which is the home of the very first LEGO brick – can now make claim to a new attraction: the 12,000 square metre ‘LEGO House‘, filled with a staggering 25 million LEGO bricks.

The building is structured as 21 ‘bricks’ stacked on top of and across each other, creating spaces for ‘experience zones’. LEGO House took four years to build and measures 12,000 meters square.

LEGO-house-bjarke-ingels-group-big-museum-billund-denmark-designboom-02 LEGO-house-bjarke-ingels-group-big-museum-billund-denmark-designboom-04 LEGO-house-bjarke-ingels-group-big-museum-billund-denmark-designboom-10

4. ‘Items: is fashion modern‘ at MoMA

While we have our own impressive fashion exhibition, ‘The House of Dior‘, currently showing at the National Gallery of Victoria here in Australia, the Museum of Modern Art in New York is also focussing on fashion.

MoMA hasn’t held a fashion-centric exhibition since 1944, when architect Bernard Rudofsky curated the ‘Are clothes modern?’ show.

Now, 111 fashion items have be brought to the museum, to explore the present, past and, at times, the future of the clothing and accessories that have had a strong impact on the world in the 20th and 21st centuries.

According to MoMA:

“Driven first and foremost by objects, not designers, the exhibition considers the many relationships between fashion and functionality, culture, aesthetics, politics, labor, identity, economy, and technology.”

moma-fashion-items-designboom-04 moma-fashion-items-designboom-06 moma-fashion-items-designboom-09

Images by Martin Seck


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Celebrity Insider: Tory Burch’s grand Hamptons home

Tory Burch may have made a name for herself as a fashion designer, but one of her lesser known passions has helped turn her Gatsby-era Southampton manor into an inviting family home.

As a young adult, Tory studied art history at Penn University, which included a ‘Semester at Sea’ program, where she travelled the world for five months from Spain to Japan, collecting locally produced art, textiles and decor. It was this introduction to different cultures and ethnic craftsmanship that influenced Tory in her designs and started her love for collecting.

So, taking ownership of this 1929 neo-Georgian manor, it was time for Tory to set about on some serious collecting missions to fill the rooms. Tory brought in architect and designer Daniel Romualdez and decorator Eve Hood to help her transform the once very formal interiors, which featured heavy chintz and needlepoint-covered English furniture.

The team wanted to create an inclusive, entertainer’s home, and to embrace the house’s history while also making it feel more relaxed and inviting. Tory scoured auction houses and estate sales for antique furnishings, and combined her finds with twenty first century pieces, including Pottery Barn rugs and Garrison Rousseau coffee tables.

The grand ballroom has been transformed into a welcoming living room, and throughout the home we can see hand-blocked Fortuny cottons; custom Iznik-inspired panels by France’s Iksel, Karl Springer and John Dickinson pieces and Burch’s collection of Imari porcelain.

The home is set among expansive landscaped grounds, which – thanks to Tory – now feature a sunken tennis court, a basketball court and a pool, with a skateboard ramp and outdoor pizza oven supposedly in the works to help entertain her three sons. The arched white trelliswork was restored and original photographs were dug out to help reinstate the formal garden.

So, take a look at this very grand, but very inviting Hamptons home, with images by Architectural Digest..


1017-AD-BURC01-01_sq 1017-AD-BURC03-01_sq 1017-AD-BURC04-01_sq 1017-AD-BURC05-01_sq 1017-AD-BURC06-01_sq 1017-AD-BURC09-01_sq 1017-AD-BURC10-01_sqAD_Burch_Southampton_Gili_10572 AD_Burch_Southampton_Gili_10640 AD_Burch_Southampton_Gili_10842 AD_Burch_Southampton_Gili_11035 AD_Burch_Southampton_Gili_11249 AD_Burch_Southampton_Gili_11295

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