Celebrity Insider: Charlize Theron’s Hollywood home

Celebrity actress Charlize Theron has always been known for her style in the fashion stakes. So it comes as no surprise that her home is equally as glamerous. Recently sold for a reported $1.75 million, Theron’s one-bedroom, two-bathroom home is far from your average single bedroom apartment.
Covering 2,350 square feet, it features a floating staircase that connects the living space with the master suite and outdoor terrace. Stand-out design features are the large steel-framed windows, glossy ebony wood floors and the high ceilings.
Theron has opted for a feminine, somewhat retro style throughout, with white and black as her base colours, offset with small touches of orange in the form of upholstered chairs and cushions. Ceiling to floor white curtains and shaggy rugs add softness, while an oversized clock, large exposed piping and an angled-shelf bookcase add quirk.

Take a look…

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Image Source: Partners Trust Beverly Hills