Celine Dion’s Florida mansion‏

Do you know someone who would like a waterpark in their garden? What about a separate beach house with massage room on their property? Or even a walk-in wardrobe with automated clothes and shoe racks? You can find all this and more in Celine Dion’s Florida mansion.

Dion has just wiped US$10 million off her asking price for this huge abode bringing it down to a mere US$62.5 million dollars. The house includes two kitchens, a lift and five bedrooms, which brings us to the master bedroom. This bedroom boasts two decks with views of the Atlantic Ocean, one with a fireplace and one with a hot tub, a large ceiling-mounted flat screen tv (so as not to obstruct the view), and as mentioned earlier, the personalised walk-in wardrobe. And that’s just the interior.

The 5.5 acre waterfront property also includes three pools, one of which is part of a waterpark built for Dion’s children. In addition to the exceptional house, there are a number of pavilions in which to settle – a pool house, a four bedroom guest house, a beach house (as mentioned, with massage room), and next to the tennis court, a tennis house and simulated golf range.

The interior is painted in tones of cream and white with black and neutral furnishings and decorations (which will be included in the house when sold), making for a fresh but traditional look. The exterior is also painted in creams and white, which allows for the blues of the many pools to stand out. We’re going to be very jealous of the successful buyer of this lovely and impressive mansion!

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