Colours From Around The World

Actress Ellen Pompeo has a soft spot for Tuscany and Morocco. Is there a particular culture that you feel connected to? If so, Bernie recommends injecting a splash of colour from that country’s traditional palette into your home. Whether it is Japan, Spain or Morocco…

Chinese Colour Palettes

In Chinese culture red is thought to ward off evil, so you will find red throughout most homes in China including the exterior. Apply red to create a striking feature wall or hunt down a traditional Chinese cabinet painted in this bold hue. You’ll also find that Chinese include soft greens and deep shades of blue in their homes to calm the palette down.

Japanese Colour Palettes

Japanese style embraces minimalism and naturalism so incorporate neutral earthy tones. Add dramatic splashes of glossy black that emulate Japan’s rich black lacquered furnishings – it’s also a great way to help ground the décor. Red is also common in Japanese colour palettes and it works very well with the calming neutral colours.

Moroccan Colour Palettes

Moroccan décor is hugely popular at the moment and has had a significant influence on global interior design. The colour palette is bright and exuberant. It helps to create an inviting living space that makes you feel happy. Think hot fuchsia pinks, vivid blues, rustic oranges and tropical greens as well as metallic finishes.

Spanish Colour Palettes

Warm golds, deep blues and hot spicy reds can be found in a typical Spanish colour palette. This cultural style remains extremely popular and to complete the look Bernie recommends adding a touch of wrought-iron, whether it is a dramatic candelabra in the dining room or a magnificent bed frame.

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