Deck the Halls

The festive season is a great opportunity to have some fun transforming your home into a warm, inviting holiday haven that’ll delight your family and friends. In this article Bernie shares some creative Christmas decorating ideas with you.

Hanging decorations:

Create a spectacular visual focal point in your hall or lounge room by making a bauble chandelier. For step-by-step instructions on how to create your own dazzling Christmas light display click here.

Cut out stars also look lovely hung from light fixtures so find some pretty silver or gold cardboard and get crafty. The trees in your garden are also the perfect place to string up assorted decorations such as dazzling crystals that reflect the sunlight.

Chrissy Lights:

Summer is the perfect time of year for outdoor entertaining – think BBQs and poolside parties with friends. Create a festive atmosphere by hanging fairy lights and lanterns in your trees. Bernie loves the idea of making your own lanterns by taking a glass jar, filling the bottom with sand and then sitting a candle in it. All you then need to do is wrap a piece of wire around the lip to make a handle and viola you have yourself a beautiful handmade lantern. Tiki torches are also a fantastic way to light up the garden, and you can inject colour by burning tea-light candles in colourful Moroccan glasses and setting them on your table. A great lighting solution for outdoor parties is electric candles which are operated by remote and don’t blowout no matter how windy it is.

Sweet treats:

The festive season is also the time of year when you can blissfully indulge in all your favourite treats. Here are a few ways you can incorporate yummy chocolates, lollies and cookies into your decorations.
A favour tree: Find three pretty bottles and place a branch in each, then wrap your favourite chocolates in muslin paper and tie them to the branches of the tree with pretty ribbon.

Yummy dinner plates:

Whip up cookies in the shape of Christmas trees, candy canes, bells, stars or snowflakes and place one on each guest’s dinner plate – this little gift is sure to make your friends feel special.

Choccie wreath:

You’ll have to use all your willpower not to devour this delicious wreath before Christmas. You can buy one or make your own with your favourite chocolates and lollies.

Festive colour schemes:

Your Christmas colour scheme doesn’t have to be traditional green and red. If you’ve got kids Bernie recommends incorporating lots of fun bright colours but if you want to achieve a more sophisticated look select two complementary colours such as silver and white, or red and gold.

Magical table settings:

To create a sense of occasion, bring out all your best china and glassware for your festive meal. Choose your colour scheme and have some fun with it. Bernie suggests placing baubles in wine glasses, a cone or cookie on each dinner plate, and tying a ribbon with a decoration on the back of each chair. Check-out these gorgeous festive table-setting images for more ideas.

Your Christmas tree:

If you’ve got kids then they’ll enjoy your Christmas tree being an explosion of colour.  But if you’re after a more stylish look Bernie suggests sticking to a couple of colours. Websites like Zazzle even allow you to customise your decorations!