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Design Trend: H&M’s unexpected designer collaboration

GP & J Baker’s iconic prints have been around since 1884. H&M have collaborated with the British brand to create a stunning new collection, marrying together iconic interior prints with fashion.

According to Vogue; Ann Grafton, Managing Director and Creative Director of GP & J Baker states, “They are some of our most iconic and most treasured designs, so to see them continuing their journey into a new arena in such an innovative and interesting way in the world of fashion is a wonderful prospect.”

As our latest post on Karl Lagerfeld shows, there is a significant interaction between fashion and interiors. H&M have tied the two together perfectly, creating wearable art that reflects a return of timeless pieces in both the fashion and interiors industry.

Pernilla Wohlfahrt, H&M’s Design Director explains “The pieces from the collection are feminine and strong with an effortless feel, and will appeal to those who love both fashion and great print design.”

See some of the stunning collection from H&M and GP & J Baker below.

H&M design collaboration 1GP & J Baker 1H&M design collaboration 2GP & J Baker 2H&M design collaboration 3GP & J Baker 3H&M design collaboration 4GP & J Baker 4

Images from Vogue and GP & J Baker