Design Trends of 2013

Celebrate the start of the New Year by experimenting with some hot new trends in your home. Creating a more vibrant and inspiring space could be what you need to take charge in 2013.

Here are some of the upcoming trends we love:

retro botanicals

Retro botanicals

Colourful plant-inspired patterns paying homage to the 1950s will remain a strong design feature in 2013. This will be seen in upholstery, wallpapers and art pieces. It’s in stark contrast to the bold colour-blocking which was such a hit in 2012.

Raw Vintage_Chair

Raw and earthy

Simple, raw wooden surfaces are set to be a daring design feature of 2013. Stripped of any embellishments, furniture with no visible vanish of paint will be a big talking point. It takes the hard edge industrial look to a whole new level.


Bring brass back

If you’ve got some antique brass items in storage – now is the time to pull them out. Metallic materials are being embraced by designers at the moment in a bid to brighten up a dull room. Bring this theme in with lamps, vases and candleholders.

Cool cooktops

Cool cooktops

Induction cooktops are literally cooler than other types of conventional cooktops. The induction system heats only magnetic materials, and not hands, aprons, potholders, or anything else that customarily gets burnt in kitchen accidents.  And that’s not the only advantage. Induction cooktops allow chefs to control heat precisely and instantaneously, meaning you won’t steam up the kitchen on hot summer days. More and more home owners are incorporating these spacey cooktops into their kitchen design.



Incorporating transparent materials and glassworks into your home is yet another one of 2013’s fun trends. From simple lamp bases to a large transparent coffee table, the sky’s the limit! Fill transparent or glass furnishings with new items to freshen up an existing look.

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