DesignEX 2014 wrap up

During the last weekend of May, I travelled to Sydney for the 2014 ‘designEX‘.

The stands this year were visually stunning, with KE-ZU a standout with its hot air balloon style pendant lights (below). In fact KE-ZU along with Karndean Designflooring and Work-Shop by MGDC took out top honours in the 2014 designEX Stand Awards.


Karndean Design Flooring even enlisted two parkour experts to run, jump and flip off their multi-level stand on top of their range of flooring!



The Carl Hansen & Son Café by CULT was a fresh, bright, welcoming space to take a quick break.

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Our friends at In The Sac were on show, with their 100% all natural linen, grown in the Netherlands and woven exclusively for In The Sac.


Corporate Culture’s ‘CULT HOUSE’ was a calm, dreamy combination of plush fabrics, straight lines and mint…


…whilst their ‘CULT STORE’ was full of accessible, youthful products.
Dezion Studio was another standout space, with its simple, natural products with a focus on functionality and sustainability. These KAV’ pendant lights are a clean, minimalist lamp made of two distinct and contrasting materials: ceramic and cork in one version and ceramic and wood in another version. An elementary wooden peg placed through the neck of the lighting body locks the suspended light cable in place, in a simple, bold gesture. 


And Dulux created an aspirational, paint-inspired space!