Five tips for a sophisticated Christmas table setting

This year, it’s all about pared back, classic decor at the Christmas table. Forget the tinsel and tack and opt for muted colours and nature-inspired decor.

1. Forget the brash reds and greens and choose soft colours such as whites, silvers and gold

2. Avoid any decorations that are overly plastic or synthetic and replace with sprigs of greenery, wooden placemats, or floral centrepieces

3. Go the extra mile and dig out your special linen napkins – if you only use them once a year, now is your time!

4. Be generous with candles – there’s no better way to add atmosphere to a room

5. Don’t keep adding things. Often less is more, and you need to make sure that among all the decorations, there’s room for that glorious Christmas lunch!

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