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Four Christmas decorating trends of 2016

December is here, which means the organised ones among us are busily wrapping gifts, decorating the house and planning the Christmas meals. For the rest of us, it’s that time when it sinks in that Christmas really is just around the corner.

To help you with whatever stage you’re at, we’ve pulled together this year’s key Christmas decorating trends to bring you ideas from the gift wrapping, to the table, to the tree. There really is a theme to suit everyone – from traditional and moody greens, to fresh and youthful mint, to sophisticated and modern monochrome, and finally, the angelic all-white aesthetic. Enjoy finding the look that’s right for you this Christmas.

1. Moody Greens

Bring this trend into your home using generous amounts of foliage, luxe, olive-coloured fabrics such as linen and velvet, matte stoneware plates and – if you’re brave – a moss-coloured, painted feature wall.


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2. Modern Mint

Have fun with mint tones through your wrapping paper and ribbons, table top accessories, and baubles for the tree. This is a colour that can add energy and freshness to a room, so consider it as a feature paint colour too. For an Australian twist on your mint theme, make your own gum leaf wreath.

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3. Sophisticated Black and White

Bring this classic look into your home through black and white table decorations, wrapping paper and tree accessories. You can also use what you already have at home to add to the look, such as white throws, candles and graphic prints. This is a perfect theme for those who don’t like the traditional green and red Christmas styling.

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4. White Wonderland

Create this look by taking away any colourful decor that you normally have on display around your home. Then add subtle, soft colours to complement the white, such as silver, gold, recycled paper and twine. Make the most of texture too, with embossed wrapping paper, embellished baubles and fur throws.

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