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How to: 5 ways to style a luxurious bedroom

We spend half of our time in our bedrooms, so it’s important that they are a space we enjoy and feel good in. Yet while a lot of fun can be had decorating kids’ rooms, sometimes the adults’ bedrooms can get a little forgotten. Not to worry – we have put together our five best tips to help you bring some love back into your room and create a hub of luxury and class.

1. Layer the bed

A fantastic way to add a sense of sophistication to a bedroom is to carefully layer the bed with complementary throws and cushions in rich fabrics, colours and textures. Plush, velvet cushions are always high end, as is a touch of faux fur across the bed.

2. Add soft lighting

The best way to kill the mood is to have bright lighting, and in bedrooms in particular, soft lighting is a must. If you can, install a dimmer setting onto your main lighting in the room, and regardless, be sure to add a beautiful, statement lamp or two. Mirrored bases look really glamerous, as do metallic versions, so have some fun.

3. Be bold with patterned wallpaper

Another way to introduce an extra level of luxury to the bedroom is the use of wallpaper, and in particular, textured or patterned wallpaper in dark tones. Wallpaper really does add a sense of drama to a room that paint just can’t quite achieve.

4. Opt for darker colours

While we can often be scared of using darker colour tones in the fear that they might make a room feel smaller, that rule goes out of the window when it comes to styling a luxurious bedroom. Dark greys, blacks, coffee and chocolate tones are much more sophisticated and warm compared to whites and pastels. So don’t be afraid of going all out with rich dark colours in your bedroom – after all it is a place to unwind and let the head fall heavy.

5. Choose an upholstered bedhead

Compared to a timber frame, an upholstered bedhead gives another element of depth and layering, and creates an added softness to the bedroom. Try a velvet or linen finish, and add studs for an extra touch of luxe.

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