In the Spotlight: Diez

Rodrigo FernándezWe recently caught up with Rodrigo Fernández, Creative Director of Diez – a luxurious Mexican lighting company. Diez’s stunning creations are made of hand blown glass, nickel, resin, acrylic, wood and clay. The lights can also be fully customised which is another reason why we adore this company.

Who or what inspires your lighting designs?

Everything is inspiring to me. Travelling is one of my biggest passions I believe experiences create character and that is one of my biggest inspirations. My country is so rich in culture, places, materials, objects. I think inspiration can come at anytime and anywhere, you just have to observe closely!

Can you tell us some of your favourite materials to work with? 

I love glass, resin, wood, leather. Our collection is very complete in that sense. All our materials are produced in Mexico and that is something we as a company are very proud of. We provide qualified artisans with work and we are very grateful to have such talented hands behind our designs.

We are developing a new line more cutting edge that is using eco-friendly materials like 3Form- we know the market needs other styles, and even when our collection has been transitional, we want to move forward to other technologies in lighting and to high-performance materials.

We adore Diez’s miniature lamp collection which commemorates your favourite designs over the years.  Did you find the majority of your lamp designs could be successfully scaled down?

Not all of them, but funny enough the bestsellers were. This has been our cherry in the cake and it has been successful so far. We think it suits perfectly in design and museum stores and in small spaces or children’s bedrooms.

We have a chandelier called the Ducasse that we scaled down and it is the cutest! Everybody loves it, and it can also be a beautiful bathroom sconce if we wanted to develop something else around it.

The Diez Pendant Program is also a clever idea. Please explain to us how your clients can customise their lights?

The Pendant Program is very unique worldwide I think. We realized our customers were mostly architects and designers, and as a creative person you always want something you can’t have.

The designers would come into our showroom and try to modify our collection or get something “a little bigger” or “a little smaller” or with a hint of blue, or with a pattern.

Considering this we decided it was best to offer them a product they could fully personalize.

In seven easy steps you can design your own pendant. We have jewellery like chains in different designs and finishes, you can choose your height and shade size and shape. Also you can choose your decorative finial and finally the fabric you want your shade to be covered with.

In the end after 7 steps you end up with a pendant shade that suits your project and client’s needs. We have made many designers very happy.

How important is it for designers to consider the environment when creating their collections?

We believe today caring about the environment is not an option but an obligation. International regulations are requiring manufacturers to rethink their production processes to offer materials that can be recycled or biodegradable.

In the lighting business we are also worried about energy consumption and we offer our clients options for low consumption energy bulbs. We also proudly represent Plumen bulbs all over Mexico as a design option for the environmentally minded.

One of our contributions has been the creation of our Serrucho by DIEZ collection. We take pieces from nature and turn them into lamps.

We have partnered with a local furniture manufacturer called Serrucho, they rescue organic pieces of wood from natural disasters like floods or hurricanes, and they turn them into wonderful pieces. With these pieces in mind we have created a beautiful lighting collection.
I believe the aesthetic will prevail in time, nature is beautiful and we want to admire it in a different way.

Diez has created custom lighting solutions for a number of luxury hotels in Mexico and the US. What has been one of your favourite projects to work on?    

Definitely Hotel Brick in partnership with the interior designers Muro Rojo has been an outstanding opportunity and my favourite so far.

Any project is a challenge, but in this case we had a blank piece of paper, we wrote the story of each space with the lighting in mind. Even when the designers had a strong concept and a design direction they trusted us and we delivered a very risky project.

Everyone loved it, and it was a big challenge also time wise. As a designer you have to think of fast and affordable solutions, not just beautiful. Not having the correct lead time can make you lose a project.

In the Hotel Brick we were able to go in many directions and most important, we had fun. I think design should be about having fun! And I definitely do.

Another beautiful project and even more recent is the Hotel Matilda, a 35 room hotel in the beautiful town of San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico. We designed in collaboration with MBF interiors and produced the lighting collection for the entire hotel.

How many countries do you now export your stylish products to?

We have participated in projects in different countries, and we also have distribution of our lines in many others. In America we export to the United States, Canada, Guatemala, El Salvador, Panama, Colombia and Venezuela.

We have recently brought our collection to Australia and our products can be purchased through Ferrari Interiors.

For further information about Diez’s lighting designs please ring Bernadette Ferrari on 0417 088 602.