In the Spotlight: Mirror Magic

“It’s all smoke and mirrors” as the saying goes.

The wonderful thing about mirrors is that they have a multitude of aesthetic and mood enhancing properties. Mirrors can create amazing illusions of space and light. They can act as a piece of artwork, creating an ever-changing picture in the room.

Mirrors aren’t just for the bathroom anymore. Decorating with mirrors is a great way to bring style to any room. They can also help to create ambience. For instance place a lit candle in front of a mirror – it will give off a soft light of romance and calm. There are mirrors in styles to fit in with virtually any décor from the most traditional to the ultra modern.

Lighter and Brighter

Mirrors are a wonderful substitute for windows as they offer the additional benefit of adding light to any room.

Tip: if there is a window that offers good light, place the mirror on the wall opposite the window. This will cause the mirror to reflect that light. If there is no window, place a brightly burning lamp on the mantle or on a shelf directly in front of the mirror. As it does with natural light from a window, the mirror will reflect the light.

Create the Illusion of Space

When selecting a mirror for your room, think big!  The bigger the mirror, the more light it can reflect. Also, careful placement of large mirrors can not only increase the brightness of a room, but can also make the room look much larger. Try hanging identical mirrors on either side of a window or fireplace to maximize this effect.

Also, try hanging a large mirror on the wall that is most visible upon entering the room. This will maximize the effect of making the room appear larger.

A Focal Point

Large mirrors also provide the room with a focal point, and will help to anchor all of the other decorative elements of the room. When choosing a mirror that is intended to be a focal point, you will want to be sure that the frame complements rather than overpowers the other elements in the room. Also be sure that the style of the frame and the shape of the mirror blend in well with the décor.

A Major Statement

As much as any piece of art for your wall, mirrors can make a statement about your individual style. Whether you choose a traditional looking wood framed mirror, or an ultra hip round or metal framed mirror, you can use this decorating feature to help bring your style dreams to reality.

According to the principles of Feng Shui, placing a mirror inside the front door will confuse any “evil spirits” attempting to enter your home.

Experiment with mirrors, you might be surprised what a difference they can make to your room.

Must Have Mirrors – Hardy-Booth Mosaics

Here at Ferrari Interiors we are big fans of the stunning mirrors produced by the talented folks at Hardy-Booth Mosaics. Made in Melbourne, these glamorous pieces are sure to add style to any home.

Please contact Bernie at Ferrari Interiors on 0417088602 for further information or to order one of these fabulous mirrors.

square recess$950$1250$1380$1580

LINEAR700 x 1400mm900 x 1200mm800 x 1600mm
rectangle recess$1980$1980$2180

square recess (alternate Black & Mirror)$1080$1390$1560$1760
LINEAR700 x 1400mm900 x 1200mm800 x 1600mm
rectangle recess (alternate Black & Mirror)$2160$2160$2380

circle recess$850$1050$1320$1580

circle recess (with Red Detail)$880$1120$1400$1690

circle recess (with Ruby Red)$800$1030$1300$1560

square recess$1060$1350$1500$1680
square recess (with Black Detail)$1120$1420$1620$1790

HELIOS700 x 1400mm1200 x 900mm
dress/rectangle recess$2120$2120
HELIOS700 x 1400mm1200 x 900mm
dress/rectangle recess (with Black Detail)$2160$2160