In the Spotlight: Popular Design Concepts in 2010

Ferrari Living turns the spotlight on popular design concepts that are making headlines in 2010, from eco design and a love for the past to resort-like outdoor living spaces and stylish home offices.

Outdoor Living ExampleOutdoor living areas: Today you flow effortlessly from indoors to the outdoors in your home without realizing it. With a huge selection of furniture and décor to choose from, the homeowner now can extend their living space to the deck and garden. Homeowners are creating a resort-like feel in their backyard by including kitchens, dining areas, flat screen plasmas and lounges. Here at Ferrari Interiors, we particularly like ‘Light Feature Panels’ which can effectively blur the lines between indoor and outdoor rooms, creating a truly cohesive design.

Eco Friendly Wallpaper TilesEco design: Products that are both stylish and good for our planet are increasingly coming to the forefront. For instance take the new 3d wallpaper tile made from 100% post and pre-consumer waste paper. You can create your own pattern variation by rotating the tiles or painting them to colour match as they come in their natural form.

Stylish home offices: These days more and more people are working from home and consequently we’ve seen a rise in functional, ergonomic, chic, stylish, unique and inspiring offices in the home. These spaces are a far cry from the home office of yesteryear, and even a further departure from the cubicle. They contain personal touches, ergonomic furniture, splashes of colour and smart storage solutions.

Florence Broadhurst WallpaperNostalgia for the past: Antiques and vintage pieces are being injected into homes to add a bit of soul, from reupholstered pieces of classic furniture to treasures found at the markets. Florence Broadhurst wallpaper has also become very popular again. The eccentric Australian designer’s whimsical prints are being used on feature walls and framed as wall hangings.

Texture: Designers are spending a great deal of time researching new natural materials and unusual techniques with a lot of rich, textural interest. New products include a woven natural bamboo headboard, a crocheted floor cushion, recycled glass candleholders and storage made of kooboo. An environmentally friendly material, Kooboo is used in the manufacturing of rattan and wicker furniture. It is a grey colour as it is produced from very natural processes.

Textured Outdoor Screen