In the Spotlight: Shutters

shuttersNo matter how imaginative your architect was, no matter how unique your decorative windows and doors, chances are they can be enhanced by the addition of custom-made shutters.

Many of my customers request blinds and curtains because they believe quality shutters are out of their price range. Not true. Shutters are increasingly more affordable and have many design and functionality benefits. It is also important to note shutters are the only window treatment that can be considered a capital improvement.

Shutters can be completely customised to fit the style of your property as they come in a range of beautiful finishes and colours. In lighter shades they can lift and brighten up a room, while richer timbers can add to the warmth and elegance of a lounge or study.

Functionality benefits of shutters:

  • provides properties with privacy without obstructing the natural light and view
  • offers protection from the heat and sun
  • allows control of room ventilation
  • provides good insulation during the chilly winter months

What we recommend…
At Ferrari Interiors we recommend Basswood, Western Red Cedar and PVC shutters which have a range of benefits.

Basswood Shutters:

Basswood shutters are hardwood, ideal for interior window shutters as it has a fine uniform texture and an indistinct grain.

  • wood does not warp
  • wood is lightweight yet very strong
  • wood has a uniform grain, perfect for a beautiful stain finish
  • wood is low in resin and tannin which may bleed through finish
  • wood has superior gluing and finishing properties

It is also important to note that hardwood forest management ensures tree harvesting is done responsibly, balancing wood growth with wood removal.

Western Red Cedar Shutters:

Cedar wood works wonderfully for exterior shutters. Western Red Cedar comes from a plant in North America. Its outstanding durability and resistance to decay makes it ideal for exterior use where moisture is present.

  • Cedar is a soft, light wood with a stunning grain
  • Suitable for clear or stained finishes
  • Highly stable timber

PVC Shutters:

  • PVC is a moisture resistant material with aluminum core support
  • Suitable for areas of high humidity or moisture
  • Appears the same as wood but is much lighter
  • Economical, most affordable option

Painted Shutters:

Painted shutters are sealed, sanded, primed, re-sanded, and covered with two satin finish topcoats for a deep, smooth, satin sheen finish.
Shutters are allowed to dry for a minimum of 48 hours before further handling. Custom colours are also available for painted shutters, along with matching hinges, hardware and magnetic catches.

Louver width: The louver width is a matter of personal preference and generally your choice will be from 2-1/2″ (65mm), 3-1/2″(89mm) and 4-1/2″ (115mm).

Blades: The timber slats within the shutter frame can be either;

a) aerofoil shaped – gently curved at front and back like a plane wing (best light block-out)
b) flat traditional blade, straight cross section

At Ferrari Interiors we are experts at designing customised shutters that will add sophistication and value to your home or rental property. We manage the entire process from the design, creation and finally the installation of your stylish shutters. For a complimentary consultation please call Bernie on 0417 088 602.