Inside fashion designer Tory Burch’s office

Fashion icon Tory Burch is one of those people whose style you can’t help but adore. Sophisticated and stunning, we can’t get enough of her look and her self named fashion brand, Tory Burch.

Since the label’s launch ten years ago, it has experienced nothing but success, growing from a boutique store in Manhattan to over 120 stores and stockists worldwide. In addition to this, the brand no longer only stocks clothing but also home accessories, cosmetics and more, with watches being introduced later this year. It is clear that the reason for this success is Tory’s beautiful and original style. With elegant patterns and gracious combinations of colour, it is hard to overlook her pieces.

Tory’s unique taste is not only seen in her fashion, but also her creative office space and waiting area. Upon entry one is greeted with a positive and welcoming vibe that Tory accredits to her Feng Shui specialist, and with wood panel walls and touches of blue throughout, it makes for a classy but cozy space. Decorations across the rooms combine modern with traditional, with features such as mirrored walls and porcelain china as wall hangings.

Tory partnered with architect and designer Daniel Romualdez to design these rooms, an artist who has been a big part of Tory’s journey, also assisting her with the design and layout of her stores. “Tory is a dream. She knows exactly what she wants, but she also let’s you run with an idea” he says of working with her.

So go on, take a look inside Tory’s professional ‘hub’…
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