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L.A.’s very cool new Museum of Ice-Cream

Who said museums had to be serious? Los Angeles’ latest museum is far from it. The Museum of Ice Cream pays homage to all things sweet and features 10 rooms each with a unique dessert theme. Its mission? To “design environments that bring people together and provoke imagination”.

The first stop of the tour will see you in a room full of phones, where you’ll receive a call from none other than Seth Rogen to give you a run down of the experience ahead. From there, you’ll work room by room through the exhibit, where you’ll experience the ‘mint chocolate’ room, with its mint planters growing in cacao chip soil; a pool of sprinkles for you to dive into to; and the banana room with giant, scratchy, sensory walls to reveal that unmistakeable confectionary banana smell, to name a few.

With admission limited to 20 people per half-hour and tickets frequently selling out, you’ll need to be quick to experience this unconventional museum, and we’re certain it’s something you won’t forget in a hurry! Take a look…

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Images by Jennifer Chong from here.