Make a statement with a wall mural

Wall murals may have been around for some time, but we’re seeing more and more of them as a way to decorate homes and transform spaces.

When we say wall murals we’re talking big, colourful and impressive. The best we’ve seen are beautifully realistic, with nature-inspired images differing from jagged snow-capped mountains to fields of sunflowers illuminated by streaming sunlight. The images cleverly draw the viewer’s eye into the distance, allowing them to open up a small space and transform a plain space into one that impresses and inspires.

Wall murals are an increasingly popular trend of interior design, and it’s not hard to see why – they are easy to install and can freshen up and expand any interior. Here are our favourites…

Grand-Canyon-Wall-Mural-by-PIXERS Great-Wall-of-China-Wall-Mural-by-PIXERS Majorca-Wall-Mural-by-PIXERS Mountains-Wall-Mural-by-PIXERS New-Zealand-Wall-Mural-by-PIXERS Seychelles-Wall-Mural-by-PIXERS Wooden-Pier-Wall-Mural-by-PIXERS

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